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Zipair Review: Is Japan’s New Budget Airline Worth Trying?

Zipair is Japan’s newest budget airline, offering low fares and high-quality services. Whether you’re a budget traveler or simply looking for an affordable way to explore Japan, Zipair provides a convenient and comfortable travel experience. In this in-depth review, we will explore the various aspects of flying with Zipair and help you determine whether it’s worth trying.

Economy Class Seats (Standard Seats)

Zipair’s economy class seats offer a comfortable experience with ample legroom and reclining seats. While the seat pitch of 79cm (31 inches) may not be as generous as some other airlines, the seat layout allows for some room even when the seat in front is reclined. The adjustable headrests and personal overhead screens add to the overall comfort and convenience of the economy class seats. They are suitable for both leisure and business travelers who are looking for a cost-effective option.

Super Cheap Business Class ‘Lie Flat’ Seats

One of the highlights of Zipair is its business class ‘lie flat’ seats, which offer a luxurious and comfortable flight experience at an affordable price. These seats allow passengers to fully recline and stretch out, making long-haul flights more enjoyable. Compared to other airlines, Zipair’s business class fares are significantly lower, starting at just 33,660 yen on the Tokyo to Seoul route. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to travel in style, Zipair’s business class seats are worth considering.

Inflight Entertainment

Zipair sets itself apart from other airlines by not providing traditional in-flight entertainment screens. However, they make up for it by offering free WiFi access to passengers. This allows you to stream movies, music, and other forms of entertainment directly to your personal devices. The online inflight entertainment system offers a selection of movies, music, magazines, and books for download. While the entertainment options may not be as extensive as other airlines, the free WiFi connection ensures that you can stay entertained during your flight.

Quality of Food

Despite being a budget airline, Zipair surprises passengers with its quality food offerings. The selection of Japanese dishes is excellent, catering to various tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer hot meals or snacks, you’ll find something to satisfy your appetite onboard. The quality of the food is top-notch, with dishes that rival those found in local restaurants. Zipair stands out from the competition by providing such good food options at an affordable cost.

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Zipair offers two sets of amenities for purchase, A-set and B-set. The A-set includes a blanket, earplugs, eye mask, neck pillow, and slippers, all of which are of high quality. For an additional fee, the B-set provides a stylish tote bag in addition to the amenities included in the A-set. The blankets provided by Zipair are notably larger than those offered by other airlines, ensuring a more comfortable and cozy experience. Both A-set and B-set offer great value for money and are worth considering if you desire extra comfort during your flight.

Inflight Service

Although Zipair is a new airline, their inflight service is commendable. The flight attendants are friendly, helpful, and attentive to passengers’ needs. Despite our limited experience due to a flight that did not leave the ground, the flight attendants answered our questions promptly and politely. The seating arrangements on board allow the crew members to quickly attend to passengers, and the relatively spacious and comfortable seats contribute to a relaxing flight experience. Zipair has put in the effort to ensure a pleasant and comfortable journey for its passengers.

On-time Arrival Rate of Zipair

Zipair prides itself on providing punctual flights, and their on-time arrival rate is impressive. In 2020, they achieved an on-time arrival rate of 93.85%, a remarkable feat for any airline, let alone a budget carrier. To ensure punctuality, Zipair incorporates generous buffers in their flight schedules, allowing for unexpected weather or air traffic issues. Their exclusive access to dedicated terminals at Haneda Airport in Tokyo and Kansai Airport in Osaka further enhances the efficiency of their operations. With such a reliable on-time arrival rate, passengers can trust Zipair for a smooth and timely travel experience.

Paid Lounge Access

Passengers flying with Zipair have the option to purchase lounge access at certain airports. The Narita TraveLounge, located near Gate 26 after passport control, offers a comfortable and convenient space to relax before or after your flight. The lounge provides complimentary coffee and soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages are available for purchase. With comfortable seating areas, power outlets, free WiFi, and even a business center with computers, the Narita TraveLounge is an affordable way to enjoy extra amenities and unwind before your flight. It is particularly beneficial for passengers with long layovers, providing a relaxing atmosphere away from the airport crowds.

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Current Flight Routes of Zipair

Zipair currently offers flights to several destinations from their hub at Narita International Airport. Their flight routes cover popular cities in Japan, such as Seoul, Bangkok, Singapore, Honolulu (Hawaii), and Los Angeles. The availability of flights to Hawaii and Los Angeles from Tokyo sets Zipair apart as one of the few budget airlines offering these routes. Furthermore, Zipair plans to expand its network to include Taipei in the near future, providing even more options for travelers. With a diverse selection of destinations, Zipair enables budget travelers to explore interesting and exciting cities.

Payment Methods

Zipair accepts various payment methods to make booking flights convenient and accessible. You can pay for your flight using credit cards, convenience store payments, bank transfers, or QR code payments. Major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club International, JCB, and UnionPay, are accepted. For those without credit cards, payments can be made at convenience stores like Lawson, Family Mart, Seven-Eleven, or Ministop. Bank transfers and QR code payments are also available, offering flexibility to travelers. The payment process is secure and straightforward, and you will receive an email confirmation with your flight details after successful payment.

Is Zipair Airline Worth It?

In conclusion, Zipair offers a superb travel experience for budget-conscious travelers. With low fares, comfortable seats, a good selection of food, comprehensive inflight entertainment, and excellent service, Zipair delivers excellent value for money. Their commitment to punctuality, on-time arrival rates, and paid lounge access further enhance the overall travel experience. With a growing network of domestic and international destinations, Zipair is worth considering for your next journey. Whether you opt for economy class or the more luxurious business class ‘lie flat’ seats, Zipair provides an affordable and enjoyable way to travel within Japan and beyond. Give Zipair a try and explore the world without breaking the bank!

Zipair Related Services

To enhance your travel experience further, here are some related services you can consider:

  1. Viator: Offers a wide range of travel experiences, including tours, activities, and transportation services, in various destinations worldwide.
  2. Provides comprehensive travel booking services, including flights, hotels, tours, and more, in multiple languages and with a wide selection of options.
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  4. Hotellook: Helps you find and compare prices on hotels worldwide, with over 250,000 options across 205 countries.
  5. Aviasales: A trusted servicefor buying cheap flight tickets, offering the lowest rates from reliable agencies without extra fees or markups.
  6. A platform for booking transfers in 175 countries, allowing you to find reliable local transport companies.
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These related services can complement your Zipair travel experience by providing additional options for accommodations, activities, and transportation during your trip.

The Verdict

From carefully planned onboard offerings to cost-effective yet comfortable flights, Zipair has considered the pros and cons of various airlines and created a unique budget travel experience. Whether you’re looking for a cheap flight out of Tokyo or a more comfortable journey for a reasonable price, Zipair has you covered. With their affordable fares, comfortable seats, excellent in-flight services, and expanding flight network, Zipair is worth considering for both domestic and international travel. Visit their website to explore more information and offers, and get ready to embark on your next adventure with Zipair!


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