zetdc apprenticeship intake 2023


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Zimbabwe is a developing country that relies on its natural resources, such as minerals and energy, to drive its economy. The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) is one of the companies that play a crucial role in the country’s energy sector. ZETDC is responsible for the transmission and distribution of electricity to households and businesses across Zimbabwe. The company has a significant role in providing reliable and affordable electricity to the people of Zimbabwe. To maintain its standards and provide high-quality services, ZETDC is offering an apprenticeship program to train young and talented individuals to become skilled and competent technicians.

The ZETDC Apprenticeship Program is a three-year program that provides practical training to young people who have completed their O’Levels and are between the ages of 18 and 25. The program covers a wide range of technical and practical skills, including electrical installation, instrumentation, and metering. The apprenticeship program is aimed at developing a competent and skilled workforce in the energy sector. The program combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience, providing the apprentices with a holistic approach to learning.

To apply for the ZETDC Apprenticeship Program, interested individuals can visit the ZETDC website and download the application form. The application form should be completed and submitted online along with a copy of the applicant’s CV and educational certificates. The application process is rigorous, and only the most qualified applicants will be shortlisted for the program. Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview, and successful candidates will be notified by email or phone.

The ZETDC Apprenticeship Program has numerous benefits, which include providing young people with practical skills and experience that are valuable in the job market. The program also provides the apprentices with an opportunity to network with professionals in the energy sector and develop valuable contacts. The program also equips the apprentices with safety, health, and environmental practices, which are essential in the energy sector.

The apprenticeship program provides a unique opportunity for young people to gain practical experience in the energy sector, which is essential in the job market. Upon completion of the program, apprentices will have gained the necessary skills and experience to work as technicians in the energy sector.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the ZETDC Apprenticeship Program has a positive impact on the energy sector and the economy as a whole. The program helps to address the skills gap in the energy sector by developing a competent and skilled workforce. The program also helps to promote the growth and development of the energy sector, which is crucial in driving economic growth in Zimbabwe.

ZETDC is committed to supporting and empowering young people in Zimbabwe. The company has various programs aimed at developing and empowering young people in the country. The ZETDC Apprenticeship Program is one of the company’s flagship programs that have helped to develop a competent and skilled workforce in the energy sector.



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