yscienceierby legit or scam websites? Reviews and complains 2023


Is Yscienceierby.com a Legitimate Online Retailer?

In recent times, the website Yscienceierby.com has garnered attention for offering a wide array of consumer products at remarkably low prices, spanning categories like electronics, apparel, and more. However, when deals seem almost too good to be true, skepticism often arises. Many potential customers find themselves pondering a crucial question: is Yscienceierby.com a legitimate online retailer, or is it just another deceptive site, potentially geared towards pilfering both money and personal information?

In this extensive review, we will embark on a journey to scrutinize Yscienceierby.com across various parameters, such as website details, company information, customer reviews, and the telltale signs of fraudulent activity. Our objective is to uncover whether this retailer merits trust or should be regarded with caution.

Website Details & Domain Information

To establish the foundation for our examination, we first venture into the technical aspects that often serve as the initial indicators of legitimacy or deceit:

  • The domain registration for Yscienceierby.com took place on May 5, 2022, through Namecheap, a respected domain registrar. However, this positive note is counterbalanced by the fact that the owner’s identity and location are obscured through the use of a domain privacy service.
  • When assessing website speed and usability, Yscienceierby.com delivers average scores according to tools like GTmetrix. No glaring technical issues were detected during this assessment.
  • Security essentials, such as an SSL certificate and the HTTPS protocol, are appropriately implemented. These elements provide some baseline security measures.
  • A notable concern arises from the fact that the WHOIS information fails to provide any physical address; instead, it lists a proxy service address. While not a definitive red flag, transparent contact data often plays a pivotal role in building trust.
  • The backlink profile analysis uncovers unnatural links originating from dubious directories and networks. This raises some skepticism, as it is considered an early warning sign.

While these technical aspects do not present conclusive evidence, the domain’s opaque ownership, coupled with unnatural backlinks, warrants further investigation into other legitimacy factors.

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Company & Contact Information

Transparent and accessible company details, as well as clear contact options, are crucial for cultivating trust with online customers. In the case of Yscienceierby.com, a significant lack of such information becomes evident:

  • The website does not provide any physical address, phone number, or names of owners or team members. Instead, it offers only a contact email form.
  • Upon examination, the mailing address found in the privacy policy footer leads to a likely rented mail forwarding service in Delaware, as opposed to a genuine office address.
  • The “About Us” page on the site is devoid of any historical information or a mission statement, offering only generic text copied from other similar scam retailers.
  • A further red flag appears in the form of the “Terms of Service,” which contains placeholder Lorem Ipsum filler text rather than actual legal information.
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This glaring absence of transparent ownership or location information serves as a major red flag. Genuine online retailers commonly disclose such fundamental details to establish credibility with potential customers.

Product Selection & Price Points

Yscienceierby.com presents a product selection that raises suspicion, offering suspiciously low flat rates on a wide array of generic consumer items, spanning categories from electronics to clothing. Several noteworthy issues come to the forefront:

  • The product range encompasses an excessively broad spectrum, lacking a specific focus on any particular niche. The offerings extend from toys to laptops to gardening tools, raising questions about the retailer’s specialization.
  • The item photos displayed on the website appear to be either stock images directly obtained from manufacturers or models wearing products with the logos edited out, failing to instill confidence.
  • Perhaps the most significant cause for concern is the pricing, which appears irrationally low, with examples such as headphones for $3 or TVs sold at prices below retail cost, all without any mention of sales or promotions.
  • Furthermore, the website fails to provide additional seller ratings or reviews from reputable marketplaces like Amazon, which could validate the legitimacy of the products being offered.

The practice of selling such an extensive range of new goods at prices consistently below market standards appears improbable for any sustainable operation. The costs involved in logistics and procurement make these price points almost certainly indicative of the distribution of lower quality counterfeit products and knockoffs.

Payment Options & Policies

Building confidence in the security of credit card transactions and establishing clear refund and return policies is imperative. However, Yscienceierby.com raises concerns in this regard:

  • The retailer accepts payments only through wire transfer services, such as Western Union, and single-use Visa gift cards, both of which are non-reversible payment methods.
  • The absence of options for more mainstream and trusted payment systems like PayPal, which offer purchase protection, is conspicuous.
  • Delivery estimates provided by the retailer are in the range of 2 to 4 weeks, with no tracking details furnished after the order is placed.
  • The refund policy is misleadingly listed as 30 days but contains vague and ambiguous details.
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Reputable online stores typically implement payment systems such as PayPal and offer complete order transparency. The opaque policies maintained by Yscienceierby.com, combined with their exclusive use of non-reversible payment methods, trigger alarms even before any financial transactions have occurred.

Social Profiles & Customer Reviews

A legitimate company typically invests in actively engaging with the audience across well-known platforms to build relationships and trust over time. However, Yscienceierby.com’s online presence is notably lacking:

  • The retailer does not appear to maintain any visible social media pages on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The only evidence of an online presence is a single YouTube video uploaded just a week ago.
  • Notably, the YouTube video contains unrelated stock footage and has garnered a mere 5 views, suggesting it is more likely a promotional piece from the seller rather than content generated by actual past customers.
  • Extensive searches across reputable third-party review sites, including Trustpilot, Sitejabber, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB), fail to yield a single review from previous buyers of Yscienceierby.com’s products.

The complete absence of any organic social proof or verifiable customer reviews resulting from past transactions is a glaring red flag. Genuine retailers, even if not universally acclaimed, typically have some online ratings history to their name.

Domain & Company Research

Conducting research through online background checking tools further enhances our insight:

  • The domain creation date for Yscienceierby.com aligns with the anonymous registration and does not correspond to any prior discontinued domains owned by the same entity.
  • Searches for the company name yield zero relevant results, suggesting that it is likely a fictional entity without genuine legal registration.
  • Attempts to identify contact individuals associated with the company on platforms like LinkedIn under the stated company name or the locations mentioned in the proxy address lead to dead ends.
  • The IP address utilized by Yscienceierby.com resolves to an anonymizing service based in Russia, further obscuring the actual origin of site ownership.

The short lifespan of the domain, combined with the inability to verify the physical address or ownership, reflects the classic pattern of fly-by-night operations, often with the intention of disappearing quickly once their objectives have been met – a hallmark of fraudulent activities.


In conclusion, the review of Yscienceierby.com, the online retailer offering enticingly low-priced consumer products, has unveiled a series of concerning findings. The initial investigation into technical aspects like domain registration and website speed yielded mixed results. While the domain registration through Namecheap suggests a degree of legitimacy, the owner’s identity hidden behind a domain privacy service, coupled with unnatural backlinks, gives rise to skepticism.

Moving on to the company and contact information, Yscienceierby.com fails to provide any substantial data to establish trust. The absence of a physical address, phone number, or names of owners or team members is a glaring red flag. The “About Us” page contains generic text copied from other scam retailers, and the “Terms of Service” feature Lorem Ipsum filler text rather than genuine legal information. These omissions in transparency further erode confidence.

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The product selection and pricing strategy employed by Yscienceierby.com raise significant concerns. The retailer offers an astonishingly diverse range of products without a clear specialization, while the product images appear to be either stock photos or models with logos edited out. The most striking issue is the pricing, which consistently undercuts market standards to an implausible extent. This, coupled with the absence of reputable seller ratings or reviews, suggests the possibility of counterfeit or low-quality products.

The payment options and policies set by Yscienceierby.com are highly unorthodox. Accepting only non-reversible payment methods like wire transfers and single-use Visa gift cards, while excluding mainstream options like PayPal, immediately raises alarms. Additionally, the retailer provides vague delivery estimates and a misleading 30-day refund policy, adding to the overall lack of transparency.

The absence of a visible social media presence on well-known platforms and the complete dearth of customer reviews on reputable third-party sites further compound the doubts surrounding the retailer’s legitimacy. Genuine online stores typically engage with their audience and have a track record of reviews, which is conspicuously absent in this case.

Domain and company research only adds to the concerns. The anonymous domain registration, fictional company name, and dead-end attempts to identify individuals associated with the company underscore the lack of accountability. Furthermore, the use of an anonymizing service based in Russia for the site’s IP address adds to the opacity of Yscienceierby.com’s ownership.

All of these red flags collectively paint a picture of a potentially fraudulent or deceptive online retailer. Yscienceierby.com appears to follow the classic pattern of fly-by-night operations, designed to disappear quickly after fulfilling their objectives, which often involve financial deception and the collection of personal information from unsuspecting customers.

Given these findings, it is strongly recommended to exercise extreme caution and avoid transactions with Yscienceierby.com. Instead, opt for established and reputable online retailers that can offer a more secure and trustworthy shopping experience. Your financial security and peace of mind should always take precedence when considering online purchases, and this review underscores the need for vigilance in the face of enticing deals that may be too good to be true.



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