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What is writing?

According to Wikipedia, Writing was defined as a medium of human communication that involves the illustration of a language with symbols. Writing systems don’t seem to be themselves human languages; they’re means that of rendering a language into a type that may be reconstructed by alternative humans separated by time and/or area.


What is writing content??

According to this same wikipedia, they said ”In publishing, art, and communication, content is the information and experiences that are directed toward an end-user or audience.[1] Content is “something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing or any of various arts”.[2] Content can be delivered via many different media including the Internet, cinema, television, radio, smartphones, audio CDs, books, e-books, magazines, and live events, such as speeches, conferences, and stage performances”. In my own personal definition, I will say content is the information and entertainment that directed to users that keeps them being interested.


So Many People Hear That “Content Is King” But They Don’t Really Get The Full Picture Of Why Content Is So Important To An Online Business. In Fact, The Way That I Look At Things Is That ​content Is Our Business​. ​no Content? No Business​.


So Many People See Content As Simple Blog Posts Or Articles. But Content Is A Much Bigger Piece Of The Puzzle Than What Is Often Portrayed. They Say Content Is King And It Certainly Is But I Don’t Think The People That Are Preaching That Message Even Understand The True Power Behind Content.


Content Is The Product You Create​ ­ Without Content You Don’t Have Products To Sell To Your Audience.


Content Is The Tool You Use To Build Your Authority​ ­ And What Is The #1 Reason That Most People Buy From You? Trust.


And How Do They Get That Trust?


The Content You Put Out To Prove Yourself As An Authority In That Field.

Content Is Your Vehicle For Acquiring New Customers And Leads​ ­ This Is Done Through Articles, Free Reports, Blog Posts, Or Any Other Content You Are Putting Out Online.


Content Is Your Communication Between You And Your Audience​­ Every Email That You Send To Your Subscribers On Your Email List Is A Form Of Content. That Communication Between You And Your Audience Is Content.


Content Is Your Tool For Building A Relationship With Your Audience​ ­ Relationships Are What Converts Your Leads Into Buyers.


By Now You Can Probably See That Content Is Involved In Every Aspect Of Online Marketing.


That Is Why It Is So Important.


The Impact Of Writing A Lot Of Content


Having An Understanding Of How Important And The Depth In Which Content Impacts Our Business Is Huge. It’s Such An Important Part Of Our Business And Something That Needs To Be Recognized As So.


Think About This…


Where Would Your Business Be If You Were Able To Write Two Short Ebooks Every Month And Launch Them As Products?


Just Think About That For Second…


If You Could Write And Put Up Two Short Ebooks For Sale On Your Website Every Month How Much Of An Impact Would That Have On Your Business? Two Products A Month For 12 Months Is 24 Products In A Year.


What If Instead Of Writing Two Shorter Ebooks You Were To Write One Really In-depth Ebook Or Training?


Something You Could Sell As A High Dollar Item On Your Website. Something You Could Sell As A Core Offer Or Mid Ticket Offer.


Maybe Your Model Isn’t To Sell Low-dollar Products. Maybe Your Model Is To Sell Higher Priced Products. You Could Do That And This Content Creation Method Will Still Work Wonders For You. Instead Of Spreading Your Content Out Across Multiple Books Or Training, You Could Focus Your Content Creation On Building Larger Packages.


Now Let’s Look At It From A Totally Different Perspective. Maybe You Aren’t Interested In Creating And Launching Your Own Products. Maybe You Are A Blogger Who Is Monetizing Your Efforts Via Advertisements Or Affiliate Products.


What Would Be The Impact If You Were Able To Write 20,000 To 30,000 Words Of Content To Your Blog Every Month? Do You Think That Would Have A Big Impact On The Success Of Your Blog?


Think About The Power Of Adding 30,000 Words Of Content To A Blog In Your Niche Every Month. That Is Huge! That Could Get You Some Serious Results.


And Here’s The Thing.


By Doing Something Like This You Could Quickly Become Established In Any Niche- That’s The Power Of Creating Quality Content.


When You Produce Content This Way, It Will Have A Great Impact On Your Business.




So Now That We Know The Power Of Content Let’s Get Into One Of The Big Mistakes Most People Make When They Set Out To Create A Lot Of Content Online.


Now I Could Give You The Best Content Creation Tips In The World But If You Don’t Go Out There And Write Content With A Purpose Than None Of It Will Matter.


You Need To Know Why You Are Creating Content. ​your Content Must Have A Purpose.


Often Times With Online Business, Most People Go Out There And Start Their Business Without The End Goal In Mind. They Go Out There And Start Creating A Lot Of Content And Don’t Focus On The Big Picture. They Don’t Know Their End Goal. This Is Such A Backward Approach.


A Prime Example Is The Sheer Large Number Of People Who Start A Blog Before Even Knowing What They Are Selling. They Just Start A Blog Without A Purpose.


Think About It This Way. If You Were Going To Start An Offline Business Would You Just Go Out There Doing Work Before You Know Your End Goal? Would You Do It Before You Knew How You Were Going To Make Money To Pay The Bills? Absolutely Not.


That Is How You Have To Think About Online Business.


Your Content Is The Avenue To Get Customers In Front Of Your Offers. Whether This Is Your Own Products, Affiliate Products, Or Advertisements, It Is Your Avenue To Get Them In Front Of Your Offers. If You Don’t Know What Those Offers Are Then Why Are You Creating Content?


That Is Why It Is So Important To Know These Things Up Front.


Before You Even Think About Writing Content You Need To Know Your Purpose For Writing It about writing content you need to know your purpose for writing it.

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