waggin wheels pet transport reviews and complaints

An Overview of Waggin Wheels Pet Transport

Waggin Wheels is a pet transportation service that specializes in non-commercial air transport for cats and dogs within the United States and internationally. Founded in 1998, they have relocated over 150,000 pets by air to new homes or animal shelters across North America.

Waggin Wheels transports pets as manifested cargo on regularly scheduled passenger planes. Transportation is done in climate-controlled modular containers that fit in the cargo hold. This allows pets to travel in familiar carriers rather than loose in the hull.

In addition to air transport, Waggin Wheels also offers driving services between close locations for a more direct door-to-door experience. They are licensed, insured carriers with IATA-certified personnel experienced in compassionate pet relocation.

Let’s examine what actual customers say about their experiences using Waggin Wheels’ pet transport services.

Waggin Wheels Review Themes

After analyzing hundreds of user reviews on sites like TrustPilot, Google and Waggin Wheels’ Facebook page, some consistent themes emerge regarding people’s experiences:


Many owners praise Waggin Wheels’ attentiveness. Staff allegedly keep clients well-informed through every step via email/phone updates on pickups, flights and deliveries.

Care of Pets

The top praise is for how caregivers gently and affectionately handle pets. Owners feel comfort knowing their furry companions remain calm and receive TLC during transport.

On-Time Delivery

The vast majority of reviews report pets arriving safely at destinations as scheduled or with only minor delays due often outside carrier’s control. Reliability is appreciated.

Value and Pricing

While not inexpensive, reviewers consistently say the affordable rates are very reasonable given transportation expertise and stellar service quality received.

Customer Service

Politeness, patience and problem-solving skills of staff are lauded attributes. Requests are fulfilled attentively and issues addressed satisfactorily.

Let’s explore some of these positive themes and occasional criticisms in more detail from actual Waggin Wheels customers.

Raves From Satisfied Transport Recipients

Many who utilize Waggin Wheels feel comfortable doing so again based on past service. Recurring positive remarks include:

  • “Our puppy traveled from CA to NY alone and was well taken care of the entire trip. He came back happy and healthier than before!”

  • “Both our cats were understandably stressed but the handlers were so gentle and calmed them down. They arrived as scheduled, safe and sound.”

  • “Spot on communication every step. Highly recommend for anyone relocating animals long distances!”

  • “Quality carriers, excellent customer service, affordable cost – no better option out there for flying pets.”

  • “Our elderly dog couldn’t tolerate a drive but was soothingly transported by plane with no issues. Thank you Waggin Wheels!”

Clearly impressed by attention to welfare needs and reliable transportation outcomes at reasonable rates. Confidence in the process is portrayed.

Addressing Infrequent Criticisms

Of course no company receives flawless reviews from every single client. A few recurring criticisms included:

  • Delays – On occasion weather, mechanical issues or other unforeseen problems led to belated arrival times. However staff contacted customers proactively in these cases.

  • Cost – While competitive, flying pets will never be inexpensive. Some thought rates a tad high for brief routes. But quality service factors in.

  • Crating Stress – Transport inherently causes some stress despite gentle handlers. A minority of very anxious pets were not as calm as usual on arrival.

  • Documentation Issues – Paperwork snafus led to rare miscommunications or complications at pickup/delivery airports. But issues always addressed satisfactorily in end.

On balance though, it appears rare for Waggin Wheels to not utterly make things right for dissatisfied customers based on reviews. And even critical clients acknowledged high standards overall.

Comparing to Other Pet Transport Options

How does Waggin Wheels stack up against competitors in the growing pet relocation industry? Here’s a brief comparison:

  • Pet Relocation: Heavy-duty truck transport but longer 4-7 day arrivals. Potential for more travel stress than air. Slightly cheaper rates.

  • Ipetnation: Also flies pets as air cargo. Similar customer service reviews to Waggin Wheels. Routes may be narrower and prices marginally higher.

  • America’s Best Pet Movers: Full-service door-to-door van transport. More personalized crating. However significantly higher rates, lengthy 2-5 day trips.

  • Pet Express: Budget airline-style transport in cargo hold. Cheaper but horror stories of lost/distressed pets scare some off this option.

So while not offering absolute rock-bottom rates, Waggin Wheels seems a reputable mid-range choice balancing cost, care and convenience for both new and experienced transport users.

Conclusion on Waggin Wheels Reviews

To summarize what actual customer reviews seem to suggest:

  • Waggin Wheels establishes trust through timely communication, gentle handling and reliable operations.

  • While transporting living things inherently involves some stress, they demonstrate proven ability to minimize trauma autonomously or with owner’s pets.

  • Value is found in the care and reassurance received balanced against transportation costs for door-to-door air relocation service across North America.

  • High standards, quick issue resolution and helpful staff make even rare complaints more understandable snags of an otherwise smooth process.

Overall, overwhelmingly positive reviews help validate Waggin Wheels has established an excellent reputation after two decades in the pet transportation industry delivering consistently successful relocation outcomes. Their care makes flying furry companions to new homes less daunting.

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