Veganic Hair Oil Reviews and Complaints by Users


What is Veganic Hair Oil?

Veganic Hair Oil is a natural haircare product that claims to promote healthy hair growth and reduce hair fall. As the name suggests, it is completely vegan and free from any animal-derived ingredients.

Made with a blend of plant-based oils like coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, and wheat germ oil, Veganic Hair Oil aims to nourish and hydrate the hair and scalp. In addition, it contains vitamins and minerals that could potentially aid in hair growth.

Some key highlights about Veganic Hair Oil include:

  • Formulated with cold-pressed natural oils for maximum nutrients.

  • Contains no sulphates, parabens, silicones, or other harmful chemicals.

  • Suitable for all hair types including dry, damaged, color-treated, or thinning hair.

  • Absorbs quickly into the scalp and hair without feeling greasy.

  • Portable bottle design for easy application on the go.

Let’s take a deeper look into customer reviews and experiences with Veganic Hair Oil.

Positive Veganic Hair Oil Reviews

Here are some positive reviews shared by customers who saw good results:

Increased Hair Thickness: “I have very thin hair that doesn’t hold curls or styles well. After using Veganic Hair Oil for a month, I notice my hair looks thicker and more voluminous. Styling is also easier as my hair feels nourished.”

Better Hair Growth: “At first I didn’t see much difference but after consistent use for 2-3 months, my hair has grown significantly longer. The oil keeps my scalp moisturized which I think aids in hair growth.”

Hydrated and Shiny Hair: “This oil moisturizes my dry hair so well without weighing it down. My ends don’t split as much and my entire mane looks shiny and healthy. Great natural product.”

Reduced Hair Fall: “I was losing a lot of hair during my menstrual cycles but now the amount of hair fall has reduced considerably after using Veganic Hair Oil regularly for 6 months.”

<table align=”center”>

<td>Reduced frizz and flyaways</td>

<td> noticeably softer and more manageable hair</td>

<td>Scalp feels clean and nourished</td>

As seen above, many customers praise Veganic Hair Oil for noticeably improving various hair and scalp concerns over time with regular use. The natural formula seems to suit different hair types.

Mixed Veganic Hair Oil Reviews

While some users saw great results, others reported only mild or no significant changes:

Subtle Difference: “Hard to say if this helped with hair growth as results were very subtle. My hair did feel softer though nothing too dramatic.”

No Major Changes: “Been using it for over 2 months as instructed but haven’t noticed any change in hair volume, strength or reduction of breakage. Maybe it works better for others.”

Did Not Suit Hair Type: “As someone with fine, oily hair – this made my roots look greasy very fast. It also seemed to clog my pores. Will not repurchase.”

Takes Longer Time: “It’s only been a month so can’t expect miracles. Hoping continued use for at least 3-6 months will show better results as promised on the packaging.”

Individual Factors: “Results may vary depending on your existing hair and scalp condition, nutrition, stress levels etc. Patience and consistency are key to see real benefits.”

As seen from mixed reviews, the effectiveness of Veganic Hair Oil can differ individually based on hair type, lifestyle and consistency of use over time. While some saw swift changes, others required longer use to notice improvements. Genetics also play a role in one’s hair growth capacity. Overall, most agreed the natural formula suits various hair concerns well with regular usage.

Experiences with Veganic Hair Oil

Here are more in-depth experiences shared by various customers:

Great Results for Damaged Hair

“I have chemically treated hair that was super dry and brittle. Nothing was helping until I tried Veganic Hair Oil. After 1 week itself, I saw a big difference in manageability. Within a month, my ends looked much healthier with minimal breakage. It’s now part of my haircare routine to repair and prevent further damage.”

Results on Thinning Hair

“I’ve been struggling with hair thinning for over 2 years. Tried various store-bought products but they only provided temporary fixes. After 2 months of Veganic Hair Oil, friends started complimenting how thick and voluminous my hair looked. It seems to be supporting new growth. Very happy!”

Controlled Hair Fall

“Excessive hair fall has been a long-time issue for me, especially during monsoons. I now use 2-3 drops of Veganic Hair Oil and gently massage my scalp before showering. In just 1 month, I noticed hair fall reducing significantly. The natural formula nourishes without clogging pores.”

Bouncy Curls Retained

“As someone with tight curls, frizz and loss of definition has always been a problem. This oil has changed the game for me! My curls stay bouncy, defined and frizz-free for 2-3 days after washing. Great for those who want to maintain curly hair with less effort.”

Transitioning to Natural Haircare

“I was skeptical about ditching regular store products but wanted to switch to safer formulas. Veganic Hair Oil helped me transition smoothly. It tames fliesways and frizz better than expensive salon treatments I’ve tried. Also great value for the quality and results.”

Soothed Scalp Irritation

“I have eczema flare ups on my scalp now and then which causes terrible itching. This oil provides instant cool relief and helps prevent further irritation when massaged in. Really soothing and healing for problematic scalps.”

As seen from these experiences, Veganic Hair Oil seemed to suit different hair and scalp conditions well with regular use. The natural ingredients nourished without adverse reactions for most users. Consistency over weeks/months delivered good results.

Tips for using Veganic Hair Oil

To get the maximum benefits of Veganic Hair Oil, here are some usage tips recommended:

Massage well onto scalp

Gently massage 2-3 drops of oil onto the scalp using fingertips in a circulating motion. Focus on the roots and hairline area for better absorption.

Leave it on overnight

For best results, apply the oil to damp hair before bed and tie it up. This allows the natural ingredients to penetrate deeply as you sleep.

Wash hair after 6-8 hours

Rinse it off thoroughly in the morning with a mild shampoo. You can also use it as a pre-wash treatment before regular washing.

Apply 2-3 times a week

Consistency is key for hair growth and restoration. Use the oil 2-3 times a week, especially focusing more during monsoon or winter months for extra nourishment.

Use on ends as well

Distribute any extra oil left on hands along the lengths and ends to keep them moisturized and prevent splitting. Style as usual.

Be patient yet consistent

It can take 4-8 weeks for real improvements to show, depending on individual hair condition. Stick to the routine for seeing long-term quality results.

Following these tips ensures the oiling treatment absorbs well into the scalp and strands, aiding hair health over time. Individual protocols may vary so it’s best to start slow and gauge one’s own requirements.

Frequency of use

As with any haircare routine, consistency is crucial for achieving and maintaining healthy hair with Veganic Hair Oil. Here are usage guidelines as per hair conditions:

Daily use

For severely damaged, very dry or highly problematic hair and scalps, daily oiling massage is best for noticeable improvements.

2-3 times a week

This frequency is suitable for most users with normal to moderately damaged hair looking to nourish and prevent hairfall issues.

1-2 times a week

Those with oily scalp or fine hair prone to greasiness can try using the oil 1-2 times weekly to reap benefits without over-oiling.

2-3 times monthly

As a maintenance regime after achieving desired hair health, continuing with occasional oiling 2-3 times a month helps sustain results long-term.

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