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An Overview of Uniwide HIMS and Top Alternatives

Uniwide HIMS is a widely used hospital management system that helps healthcare facilities streamline their clinical, administrative, and financial operations. However, as with any software, it’s important to evaluate all potential options to ensure you select the solution that best meets your unique needs and budget.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore 20 of the top Uniwide HIMS alternatives on the market today based on features, pricing, reviews, and other important factors. Our goal is to provide a well-rounded analysis of each competitor so you can make an informed decision about whether an alternative may be a better fit for your organization.


TallyPrime is an affordable accounting software designed with small businesses in mind. For healthcare facilities, it offers capabilities like medical billing, expense tracking, claims management, and reporting.

Pricing starts at just $40 per month for the basic package. Additional features incur extra fees but the base plan covers essential billing and accounting functions. With over 328 reviews averaging 4.7/5 stars, customers praise TallyPrime’s ease of use and ability to simplify financial tasks.

While customizations may cost more, TallyPrime appears to deliver strong value for its low monthly rates. For clinics on a budget, it could serve as a viable alternative to Uniwide HIMS, especially considering its positive user reviews.


Another affordable option worth considering is Vyapar. Targeted at SMBs, it handles billing, inventory, reporting and basic patient data. Plans begin at $40 annually for a single device and stay low even with generous per-user/feature inclusions.

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Vyapar receives praise in over 120 reviews averaging 4.7 stars for its intuitiveness and paperless processes. Any occasional technical issues seem addressed promptly by support. With budgets in mind, Vyapar offers excellent functionality per dollar spent and may prove a wise investment.


As a comprehensive hospital management solution, MocDoc HIMS covers everything from admissions to billing and online patient portals. While pricing is unavailable, it maintains excellent reviews from 59 users averaging 4.7/5 stars.

Customers appreciate MocDoc’s intuitive design and versatile features that streamline common billing tasks. For mid-sized clinics seeking robust functionality, MocDoc presents as a strong Uniwide HIMS alternative worth exploring, especially given its positive customer feedback.


SoftClinic also provides an extensive set of modules spanning clinical, financial and administrative workflows. Pricing isn’t listed but 20 reviews yield a near-perfect average of 4.9/5 stars praising support, service quality and centralized operations.

While exact figures are unknown, SoftClinic’s exceptional reviews leave a strong impression of its capabilities. For facilities prioritizing functionality over published pricing, it deserves consideration as a reputable competitor.

MediXcel EMR and HIS

Medixcel caters to medical facilities with solutions covering inpatient, outpatient, laboratory and more clinical needs. Browser-based access empowers mobility. Again, pricing isn’t disclosed but 15 reviews average 4.7 stars, approving its user-friendliness across departments.

For clinics treating hundreds monthly, implementers recommend Medixcel’s lab management efficiencies. Should pricing align, it shows promise as a feature-rich Uniwide alternative for vetting further.

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Healthcare VMS

Healthcare VMS distinguishes through comprehensive modules from staff scheduling to patient accounting and reporting. As a web-based suite, it centralizes access within organizations.

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Like others discussed so far, pricing is unavailable without contacting the vendor directly. Still, serving healthcare clients globally for over a decade implies a credible profile deserving consideration. For facilities valuing extensive functionality, Healthcare VMS warrants deeper exploration.

Other Notable Alternatives

Let’s briefly summarize some other Uniwide HIMS competitors worth considering based on available information:

  • Vital focuses on emergency services with features for patient tracking, triaging and department collaboration. Pricing is undisclosed but it emphasizes automated workflows.

  • Eventus markets an “innovative clinic platform” though specifics are vague versus competitors. Basic yearly pricing starts from $347 but reviews are missing.

  • Mediware serves major hospitals but pricing and just 3 mixed reviews hinder transparency for evaluation.

  • e-IVF specializes in fertility clinics with integrated lab systems. However, a single 4-star review and no pricing leave questions.

  • WinApps Hospital receives all 5-star reviews from 6 users for its cloud-based accessibility and support. But pricing remains private.

Overall, these alternatives show potential but lack pricing clarity or substantial user feedback standing in the way of robust comparison to Uniwide HIMS or other competitors.

Alternatives with More Available Insights

Let’s now analyze competitors that provide greater public transparency through published reviews, pricing details and feature coverage:


As discussed earlier, TallyPrime offers excellent value through basic medical billing and accounting starting at just $40/month. Over 328 glowing reviews averaging 4.7/5 stars endorse its usability well. For small clinics, it presents a cost-effective Uniwide alternative.


Similarly, Vyapar remains very affordable with plans beginning from only $40 annually. Its intuitive design and paperless processes receive praise in over 120 reviews averaging 4.7 stars. Offering strong functionality per dollar spent, Vyapar proves worthwhile considering for budgets.


While MocDoc’s pricing isn’t listed, 59 reviews averaging an impressive 4.7/5 stars commend its versatile features streamlining common tasks. For mid-sized facilities seeking comprehensive hospital management, MocDoc merits serious vetting.

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As an all-in-one solution, Pace covers clinical, financial and supply chain modules. Only one 4-star review is available but it implies room for customization. With published online documentation, Pace warrants keeping an eye on.

Alternatives with Room for Improvement

A few competitors show promise but could strengthen their cases with enhanced transparency:

  • Mediware serves major centers excellently according to reviews. But only 3 mixed ratings and undisclosed pricing leave questions unanswered.

  • Eventus markets an “innovative platform” but provides no reviews, pricing clarity or published feature specifications.

  • e-IVF specializes in fertility yet offers just one 4-star review without public pricing.

  • Vital emphasizes emergency department tools though pricing/reviews are unavailable for baseline comparisons.

While their capabilities appear sufficient, these vendors would benefit customers by openly documenting costs, standard features, implementation case studies and soliciting verifiable user reviews for impartial evaluation versus rivals.

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Making an Informed Selection

In summary, top Uniwide HIMS alternatives like TallyPrime, Vyapar and MocDoc HIMS combine compelling value propositions of published affordable pricing combined with overwhelmingly positive user reviews.

Standouts such as SoftClinic and Medixcel also earn strong consideration through extensive documented functionality – even if exact pricing remains private upon request.

Vendors including Mediware, Eventus, e-IVF and Vital show promise but would gain from enhanced transparency on measurable performance metrics, costs and customer validations.

The ultimate choice depends on unique needs and budget. But by cross-referencing features, pricing, reviews and each vendor’s disclosure practices, you can feel confident selecting the alternative that empower your organization most cost-effectively.


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