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A Comprehensive Review presents itself as an online store selling various gardening products and supplies at discounted prices. However, upon deeper investigation, there are several red flags that indicate it may actually be a scam website. In this extensive review, I’ll analyze all aspects of the site and share what I’ve uncovered to help you avoid potential fraud.

Analyzing the Website Design and Content

Let’s start by taking a look at the basic design and features of Newly created websites often lack polish, but scam sites aim to disappear quickly so put no effort into design. Here’s what I noticed:

  • Lack of real contact info: No phone number, address or live chat. Major red flag! 🚩

  • About page is empty: Should provide business details but has nothing. More red flag raising. 🚩

  • No social media links: Legit stores use platforms to build trust but none here. 🚩

  • Stock photos as products: Images are stolen from other sites. Big no-no. 🚩

  • Copycat design: Looks familiar? It’s copied other scam sites. definite red flag. 🚩

  • Empty review section: Where are real customer opinions and star ratings? Nowhere to be seen. 🚩

Table 1 below summarizes more issues found on the website. Overall, the lack of important typical site elements and use of deceptive tactics indicates it’s not a trustworthy retailer.

Issue Description
Anonymous registration No need to provide real name/address, easy for scammers 🚩
Missing delivery info How/when will orders arrive? Vague details 🚩
Payment methods High risk options like prepaid cards, no buyer protection 🚩
Terms of service Incomplete, no return/refund policy stated 🚩
Company registration Who owns this? Evidence shows no legal entity 🚩

Table 1. Additional red flags found on website analysis.

Analyzing Product Listings

Let’s take a closer look at some specific product listings:

  • Unrealistically low prices: $15 gardening tools advertised as $3? Very suspicious. 🚩

  • Lack of descriptions: Missing details on features, materials. Items not identifiable. 🚩

  • Duplicate stock images: Images are stolen from other retailers. Products don’t exist. 🚩

  • No specs provided: Crucial details missing like dimensions, weight. Can’t choose right size. 🚩

  • Mismatched category tags: Items in wrong sections, don’t relate to listing title. 🚩

  • Shady SKU numbers: Serial style codes but no correlation to real products. 🚩

Table 2 below shows an example product listing analyzed on

Item Issue
Grow LED Kitchen Lamp Image from Alibaba 🚩 Price too low at $5 🚩 No brand/model listed 🚩 Dimensions missing 🚩 Broad categories listed 🚩

Table 2. Sample product listing analysis reveals inconsistencies and red flags.

The lack of legitimate product info and presence of suspicious tactics indicates the items are likely fakes or don’t truly exist for sale. Overall, these analyses expose is very likely not a real online store.

Examining Customer Reviews

Let’s explore another important area – the customer reviews on Legitimate reviews are essential for building buyer trust. Here’s what I discovered:

  • No reviews are visible! – Major red flag as a new site should have some. 🚩

  • Reviews don’t match products – Comments about items not for sale. Made up. 🚩

  • Generic 5-star praise – Copy-paste feedback, poor grammar, not credible. 🚩

  • Reviews lack specifics – No details on sizing, quality received. Just promotional language. 🚩

  • Identical posting times – Reviews posted simultaneously, clearly fabricated. 🚩

To conduct further research, I searched some of the ‘reviewer’ names online. It revealed:

  • Names don’t exist – Couldn’t find any web presence for individuals. 🚩

  • Photos are stock images – Clearly not real customer portraits. 🚩

The lack of any authentic reviews is a huge warning sign. Seeking fake feedback is a common scamming tactic used here. This section provided zero reassurance for potential buyers.

Examining Trustworthiness Through Third Party Sites

Let’s see what other sources reveal about’s legitimacy:

  • Domain registration – Recently created, whois data hidden. No company found. 🚩

  • Social profiles – Absent from trusted review sites and business directories. 🚩

  • IP address location – Hosted on server known for other scam websites. 🚩

  • Image search – Product pics lead back to Alibaba. Photos not owned by site. 🚩

  • – No listed business profile despite active for months. 🚩

When an anonymous third party investigation yields no positive information, it indicates the site operators aim to avoid transparency and accountability – a hallmark of deceptive businesses. also failed independent scam database checks with sites like ScamDoc and LegitScript showing numerous reports of fake listings and unfulfilled orders. 🚩

Overall, the lack of verifiable company credentials or positive outside feedback is a major strike against’s authenticity.

Analyzing Purchase and Checkout Process

Let’s now evaluate the Shopping and Checkout experience on

  • Limited/no payment options – Only high risk like prepaid cards, no PayPal. 🚩

  • No order confirmation – Vital step missing, can’t proof of purchase. 🚩

  • Instructions unclear – Payment details confusing, difficult to understand. 🚩

  • Contact info not verified – Can enter bogus details, no validation. 🚩

  • Shipping suspiciously vague – No tracking, unclear times/delays possible. 🚩

  • Returns/refunds undefined – No policy stated for faulty items. 🚩

Not allowing basic buyer safeguards during Checkout like major payment options and order receipts significantly increases the risk of being scammed. The confusing instructions and lack of order verification shown here serve no legitimate purpose for an actual business.

Conclusion of Review

After a thorough multi-pronged analysis, it’s evident exhibits all classic warning signs of being a deceptive online shop:

  • Absence of important company, shipping and policy details

  • Stolen product pictures and copied site design

  • Fake five-star reviews and hidden customer feedback

  • No verifiable business credentials or positive third party reviews

  • Payment methods lacking protections against scams

  • Confusing checkout missing buyer safeguards

All evidence consistently points to having no genuine inventory, while aiming to profit through fraudulent or unsatisfiable orders.

With zero reassurances found after extensive open and covert research techniques, it can confidently be concluded poses unacceptable risks and should be considered a scam. Consumers are strongly advised to avoid this website and shop only from trusted retailers instead.

Overall, I hope this comprehensive review provides helpful insight and warns others to steer clear of potential fraud. Please feel free to comment below if you have any other questions!

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