travelwings review & complains 2024; is travelwings legit or scam?


In this expansive exploration of Travelwings reviews, we embark on a journey to unravel the intricate tapestry of customer experiences with this prominent online travel agency based in Dubai. With a history spanning back to its foundation in 1992, Travelwings has evolved into a major player in the travel industry, offering services that include flights, hotels, holiday packages, visa assistance, and more. As travelers increasingly turn to online platforms for their travel needs, the question looms – what is the real customer experience with Travelwings? This comprehensive blog post aims to provide an honest and insightful answer by delving into reviews from various sources.

Unveiling Travelwings: A Snapshot

Before immersing ourselves in customer reviews, let’s briefly acquaint ourselves with Travelwings:

  • Established History: Founded in Dubai over 25 years ago, Travelwings boasts a wealth of experience in the travel industry, positioning itself as one of the earlier players in the region.
  • Global Reach with Regional Focus: While serving customers globally, Travelwings maintains a focus on destinations in the Middle East, Indian subcontinent, Africa, and Asia, catering to a diverse set of travel preferences.
  • Diverse Offerings: From flights to hotels, holiday packages to visa services, Travelwings positions itself as a one-stop-shop for travel needs, enhancing convenience for its customers.
  • Marketing Presence: Active engagement on social media platforms and regular advertising efforts underscore Travelwings’ commitment to reaching and serving a broad audience.

On the surface, Travelwings appears as a well-established and sizable player in the online travel space. But to truly understand the customer experience, we turn to the reviews from those who have engaged with the platform.

Unpacking Trustpilot Reviews

Commencing our exploration with Trustpilot, a reputable platform for independent customer reviews:

  • Review Landscape: Travelwings has amassed over 595 reviews on Trustpilot, securing an average rating of 4.3/5 stars.
  • Satisfaction Levels: Delving into the reviews, a significant majority fall within the 4-5 star range, reflecting high satisfaction levels among users.
  • Common Complaints: Issues raised in negative reviews often revolve around delayed responses, challenges with refunds, and occasional booking errors.
  • Acknowledged Resolutions: Notably, several negative reviews also acknowledge satisfactory resolutions facilitated by Travelwings’ customer service agents.
  • Authenticity Check: No glaring signs of artificial inflation of ratings through fake reviews are detected, contributing to the credibility of the Trustpilot reviews.

While not devoid of imperfections, the Trustpilot reviews present Travelwings in a candid and generally positive light, with service-related issues rather than alarming red flags about the legitimacy of the business.

Exploring Customer Service Feedback on HelloPeter

Turning our attention to HelloPeter, another platform offering insights through anonymous customer feedback:

  • Review Count: Travelwings has garnered over 256 reviews on HelloPeter, averaging a rating of 3.4/5.
  • Parallel Complaints: Similar complaints surface here, encompassing agent delays, rigid policies, and occasional glitches in travel packages.
  • Agent Praise: Conversely, positive reviews highlight commendable experiences with attentive agents who successfully address concerns.
  • No Unaddressed Major Problems: The absence of conspicuous patterns indicating unaddressed major problems or uncontactable customer support aligns with the findings on Trustpilot.

Once again, HelloPeter’s feedback resonates with Trustpilot, reinforcing the notion that Travelwings generally provides positive experiences, with occasional service-related hiccups expected of a large online travel agency.

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Social Media: A Mirror to Reviews

Diving into the realms of Facebook and Twitter, two social media giants:

Facebook Reviews

  • Travelwings’ official Facebook page features 499 reviews, averaging 3.9/5 stars.
  • Positive reviews express gratitude toward agents, while negative ones often reiterate concerns already discussed.
  • Active agent engagement on the platform adds a layer of transparency and responsiveness.


  • Travelwings demonstrates swift responses to complaints on Twitter, actively working towards resolutions.
  • Unsolicited discussions from satisfied customers contribute to a balanced portrayal of experiences.

The social media landscape echoes the sentiments expressed on review platforms, showcasing a genuine business operation rather than serving as a harbinger of potential scams or fraudulent activities.

Anonymous Perspectives: ComplaintsBoard and SiteJabber

Venturing into anonymous feedback territories:

  • Lists complaints about delayed refunds and package issues, reflective of normal operational frustrations rather than allegations of fraud.

  • Complaints center around delays, mistakes, and rigidity – indicative of challenges faced by a large travel company rather than signs of dishonest operations.

Anonymous feedback aligns with identified reviews, emphasizing normal service-related complaints rather than major integrity concerns.

Expert Review Sites: An External Validation

Examining analyses from respected third-party sources:

Trustpilot TrustScore

  • With an average rating of 4.3/5 from thousands of reviews, Trustpilot deems Travelwings to possess an “Excellent” trust score.

ScamAdviser Website Rating

  • ScamAdviser, a scam detection service, awards Travelwings a robust rating of 96/100 with no scam warnings, endorsing it as a legitimate business.

SimilarWeb Traffic Analysis

  • Confirming the company’s well-established presence and organic growth, dispelling suspicions of artificially inflated metrics that a potential bogus site might exhibit.

Expert third-party reviews consistently align with customer commentary, collectively asserting that Travelwings successfully passes legitimacy tests with credible business operations.

Insights from Employee Reviews

Gaining valuable perspectives from those within the organization, Glassdoor provides insights into employee experiences at Travelwings:

  • The platform garners a rating of 3.8/5 from 27 employee reviews.
  • While some raise concerns, many employees praise the company for fast promotions and career development opportunities.
  • No recurring complaints emerge about unethical practices or compromised standards.

This parallel exploration into employee perspectives lends credence to the notion that Travelwings maintains integrity not only in its interactions with customers but also as a workplace.

Scam Accusations: A Final Check

Conducting a final check on potential accusations of Travelwings being a scam:

  • Very few isolated individual claims exist without substantial evidence or consensus.
  • Discussions primarily focus on typical service complaints rather than allegations of illegitimacy.
  • No substantiated reports or broader allegations from authorities or media outlets are identified.

The overall lack of substantiated scam reports serves as a reassuring indication of Travelwings’ credibility.

Drawing Conclusions: A Holistic Perspective

After meticulously analyzing reviews from a multitude of trusted sources, several clear conclusions emerge:

  • Travelwings appears to genuinely assist many customers successfully in accordance with its intended purpose.
  • Complaints center around normal operational issues rather than major unresolved problems.
  • No compelling evidence is found of fake reviews, dishonest practices, or unaddressed scam claims.
  • Independent experts consistently rate Travelwings as credible, with few integrity warnings.

While service standards may benefit from improvement in areas occasionally complained of, the preponderance of real customer and expert feedback suggests that, on the whole, Travelwings conducts business honorably as a genuine travel company. Prospective customers can engage with Travelwings without undue concerns of encountering illegitimate operations or fraud. In summary, the reviews paint Travelwings as a trustworthy entity in the online travel landscape, providing a diverse range of services with a commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.

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