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Just as you already know, transocean is an online investment platform that pays you certain ROI on daily basis depending on your chosen package. Before you can start making money from this investment platform, you’ll need to sign up with transocean, and then choose an investment package of your choice. Sign Up

To register on transocean, click here and go to transocean registration page, enter your mobile number, captcha and password and then click the register button. Once that is done, your account will be created instantly.

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Transocean sign up
Transocean sign up Investment Packages


Cost: 3000 naira

Daily income: 300 naira

Total income: 27000 naira

Serving time: 90 days


Cost: 5000 naira

Daily income: 550 naira

Total income: 49500 naira

Serving time: 90 days


Cost: 10000 naira

Daily income: 1200 naira

Total income: 108000 naira

Serving time: 90 days


Cost: 50000 naira

Daily income: 6500 naira

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Total income: 585000 naira

Serving time: 90 days


Cost: 100000 naira

Daily income: 14000 naira

Total income: 1260000 naira

Serving time: 90 days


Cost: 500000 naira

Daily income: 75000 naira

Total income: 6750000 naira

Serving time: 90 days


Cost: 800000 naira

Daily income: 136000 naira

Total income: 12240000 naira

Serving time: 90 days


Cost: 1000000 naira

Daily income: 200000 naira

Total income: 18000000 naira

Serving time: 90 days

transocean packages Login

Transocean login
Transocean login

Transocean login URL


Transocean Referral Program

You get 10% commission of level one, 4% commission on level 2 and 1% commission on level 2. You can use their referral program to make more money from their platform.

Transocean Withdrawal: How to Withdraw on Transocean

Before you can withdraw on transocean, you have to setup your bank account details for withdrawal. To do that, go to “my bank info” tab and setup your account details for withdrawal.

Below is how to withdraw from transocean:

  • While logged in to your account, go to “withdraw”
  • Click “withdraw now”
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  • Click “withdraw now” to finalize your withdrawal request
  • You’ll get your payment within 24 hours. It comes in less than 5 minutes in some cases.

Note: Transocean minimum withdrawal is just 1000 naira. Once you earn the minimum of 1000 naira, you can withdraw your earnings.

We withdraw from this platform every single day. Below is the screenshot of our dashboard, check it and see how much we have cashed out from this platform as of the time of writing this post.

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Our withdrawal

Is Transocean Legit Or Scam? Review

Transocean has been paying since it was launched, as a matter of fact; we’ve earned and cashed out over 93,000 naira from the platform. But one thing that’s clear is that a platform is currently paying doesn’t mean that it is legit, rather if it stands the test of time by lasting longer. We’re not concluding that it’s legit or scam until it stands the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum withdrawal on transocean?

The minimum withdrawal on is 1000 naira.

When can I withdraw on transocean?

Transocean withdrawal is every day, so you can withdraw as many times as you want.

Conclusion On Review

Transocean is an online investment platform that pays a certain ROI daily depending on the investment package you invest in. If you want to make money online without doing any work, then you might want to try it out.

Remember to invest the amount of money which you can afford to lose just in case something happens. We won’t be held responsible for any loss.

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  1. Has Transocean crashed. Cause money has refused to drop since yesterday

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