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What is The Girls Bathroom Podcast?

The Girls Bathroom is a popular podcast hosted by British comedians Sophia Rosinski and Cinzia Ate. The podcast follows Sophia and Cinzia as they discuss various topics relating to relationships, dating, and womanhood. Some common themes they cover include dating fails and crushes, dealing with heartbreak, fashion, and pop culture stories.

Gaining Popularity and Going on Tour

Since launching in 2020, The Girls Bathroom podcast has gained a massive following. As of 2023, the podcast has amassed over 200 episodes and has consistently ranked in the top charts on platforms like Apple Podcasts. Due to their popularity, Sophia and Cinzia decided to take their podcast on the road. In 2021, they announced their first live tour, which would see them perform live comedy shows while discussing topics from the podcast. The 2021 tour was a major success, selling out venues across the UK.

The 2023 Planet Tour

Encouraged by the response to their first live tour, Sophia and Cinzia announced in late 2022 that they would be embarking on an even bigger live tour in 2023 titled “The Girls Bathroom Planet Tour.” The international tour will take them across the UK, Europe, and even North America with shows scheduled in major cities. Pre-sale tickets went live in November 2022, and regular tickets became available in December. Within days, numerous shows had already sold out, indicating the high demand. Fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the tour in February 2023.

Content and Format of the Live Shows

For those who have experienced a Girls Bathroom live show either from the 2021 tour or other one-off performances, the format is quite familiar. Sophia and Cinzia stick to their friendly and humorous dialogue-based presentation. They banter back and forth, sharing personal anecdotes and taking questions from the audience.

Some key aspects of a typical Girls Bathroom live show include:

  • Recapping recent podcast episodes and stories
  • Playing audio clips and sharing inside jokes from the podcast
  • Participating in hilarious improv and games with the audience
  • Answering fan questions about their lives, careers, and future plans
  • Ending with an extended Q&A where they delve deeper into topics

Visually, the shows maintain a casual vibe with minimal production values. This allows Sophia and Cinzia’s charming personalities and comedic chemistry to shine through. Fans leave with a sense of having enjoyed an intimate hangout with two close friends.

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Reviews and Reactions

Judging by audience reviews from past live performances, The Girls Bathroom tours have been an overwhelming success so far. Fans appreciate the hosts’ ability to translate the podcast’s intimate conversations into a lively stage experience. Sophia and Cinzia seem comfortable engaging with crowds, often eliciting big laughs.

Most reviews praise their authenticity, charm, and willingness to get personal with fans. Some highlights include “Had me in stitches the whole time!”, “An absolute blast – they really know how to work a room,” and “Left feeling like I’d spent the evening with old friends.” The positive response bodes well for the upcoming international Planet Tour. Based on their track record, Sophia and Cinzia will have audiences around the world in hysterics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about The Girls Bathroom Podcast

1. What is The Girls Bathroom Podcast?

The Girls Bathroom Podcast is a popular podcast hosted by British comedians Sophia Rosinski and Cinzia Ate. It revolves around candid discussions on relationships, dating, and womanhood, often including personal anecdotes and humorous insights.

2. When did The Girls Bathroom Podcast launch?

The podcast was launched in 2020 and has since gained a substantial following.

3. What topics are typically covered in The Girls Bathroom Podcast?

The podcast covers a wide range of topics related to dating, relationships, and various aspects of womanhood. This includes dating mishaps, dealing with heartbreak, fashion, and discussions about pop culture.

4. How has The Girls Bathroom Podcast gained popularity?

The Girls Bathroom Podcast has gained popularity through its engaging and relatable content. It resonates with listeners, particularly young women, who appreciate the candid and insightful discussions presented by Sophia and Cinzia.

5. What is “The Girls Bathroom Planet Tour”?

“The Girls Bathroom Planet Tour” is an international live tour undertaken by Sophia and Cinzia, where they perform live comedy shows and engage with their audience on topics from the podcast. The tour has featured shows across the UK, Europe, and North America.

6. How can I get tickets for “The Girls Bathroom Planet Tour”?

Tickets for the tour are typically made available through pre-sale and regular sale. Keep an eye on their official website and social media channels for announcements about ticket availability.

7. What can I expect from a live show by The Girls Bathroom?

Live shows by The Girls Bathroom Podcast maintain the same friendly and humorous dialogue-based presentation found in the podcast. They include personal anecdotes, audience engagement, improv, and in-depth Q&A sessions.

8. What has been the audience’s reaction to The Girls Bathroom live shows?

Audience reviews from past live performances have been overwhelmingly positive. Fans appreciate the authenticity, charm, and humor that Sophia and Cinzia bring to their live shows.

9. How can I connect with The Girls Bathroom Podcast online?

You can follow The Girls Bathroom Podcast on their official social media channels, including Instagram, Twitter, and their website, for updates, behind-the-scenes content, and announcements regarding their podcast and live shows.

10. What is the future of The Girls Bathroom Podcast?

As of now, The Girls Bathroom Podcast is on an exciting trajectory, with the international “Planet Tour” set to take place in 2023. Fans can anticipate more engaging content and live shows as Sophia and Cinzia continue to build on their success.


In conclusion, The Girls Bathroom Podcast, hosted by the dynamic duo of Sophia Rosinski and Cinzia Ate, has made a significant impact on the world of entertainment. What began as a humble podcast discussing relationships, dating, and womanhood has evolved into a global sensation that continues to capture the hearts of listeners worldwide.

Their podcast, filled with personal anecdotes, dating mishaps, and pop culture references, has resonated deeply with a diverse audience. The relatability of their discussions has forged a unique connection with their listeners, particularly young women who find solace in their candid conversations. Sophia and Cinzia have mastered the art of blending humor with genuine insights, creating an engaging and heartwarming podcast.

The success of The Girls Bathroom podcast is not solely confined to the digital realm. The duo’s decision to take their show on the road with live tours has further solidified their status as beloved entertainers. These live shows maintain the same intimate and unpretentious atmosphere as their podcast, allowing fans to feel like they’re spending an evening with old friends. The positive reviews and reactions from these performances are a testament to the hosts’ charm and authenticity.

As they embark on the grand “The Girls Bathroom Planet Tour” in 2023, their popularity shows no signs of waning. The overwhelming demand for tickets and the rapid sell-outs indicate the anticipation that surrounds their international tour. Fans from across the UK, Europe, and North America eagerly await the chance to witness Sophia and Cinzia’s contagious energy on a grander scale.

The success story of Sophia and Cinzia reflects not only the power of authenticity in the world of entertainment but also the potential of podcasting as a medium to connect with audiences. It underscores the idea that great comedy and genuine connections can lead to mainstream recognition. The Girls Bathroom Podcast, with its ability to make its listeners laugh, cry, and feel understood, is a testament to the impact that relatable and engaging content can have.

In an age where digital content and podcasts are becoming increasingly influential, The Girls Bathroom has carved a special niche for itself. It serves as a reminder that personal stories, authentic conversations, and the laughter they generate can have a profound impact on a global scale. Sophia and Cinzia’s journey from podcasting to worldwide tours exemplifies the power of connection and the magic of laughter in today’s media landscape.

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