stretto celsius scam: unveiling the truuth behind it


The Ongoing Stretto Celsius Scam – What We Know So Far

The collapse of Celsius Network and ongoing bankruptcy proceedings have unfortunately led to scammers targeting those affected in search of sensitive information or funds. One recurring scam involves impersonating Stretto, the official claims agent overseeing the Celsius bankruptcy case.

In this detailed analysis, I’ll break down what’s known so far about this scam, how to identify it, and tips to protect yourself if you held assets with Celsius.

Table of Contents

  • Background on the Celsius Bankruptcy
  • How the Stretto Scam Works
  • Variations Seen So Far
  • Examples of Phishing Attempts
  • Verifying Legitimate Stretto Communications
  • Additional Precautions to Take
  • Reporting Scams
  • Looking Ahead – Will Scams Continue?
  • Final Thoughts

Background on the Celsius Bankruptcy

To understand the context for why scammers are targeting Celsius customers, here’s a brief recap:

  • Celsius froze withdrawals in June due to liquidity issues
  • Filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in July
  • Court appointed Stretto as the claims agent in August
  • Customers must submit claims forms to Stretto by a deadline
  • Unsure if/when or how much customers may recover

This uncertainty combined with requests for sensitive data has created an opportunity for scammers impersonating Stretto.

How the Stretto Scam Works

Reports show scammers are using a few key tactics:

  • Sending phishing emails/texts pretending to be from “Stretto”
  • Claiming to help with claims filing or providing funds updates
  • Asking for personal/financial info like passwords or wallet addresses
  • Posing as help desks or support for the real Stretto website
  • Setting up fake copies of the official Stretto website

The goal is tricking victims into handing over credentials or transferring funds by abusing the trust associated with Stretto’s name.

Variations Seen So Far

No two scams are identical, but some common forms reportedly used include:

  • Recovery Emails: Offering to recover lost funds for a small “fee”
  • Support Calls: Calling customers while spoofing Stretto’s caller ID
  • Bankruptcy Claims: Fake forms requesting excessive amounts of PII
  • Fake Tracking: Providing fraudulent tracking on claim submission
  • Technical Support: Pretending to assist with the claims portal login

Keeping aware of new techniques helps identify if a message is legitimate or not.

Examples of Phishing Attempts

Let’s examine some noteworthy phishing emails that have targeted Celsius claimants:

Example 1:
Subject: Celsius Account Recovery
Text: We’ve located your missing funds, please verify wallet address

Example 2:
Subject: Claim Submission Assistance
Text: We’re contacting you about errors with your form, please call us

Example 3:
Subject: Funds Distribution Update
Text: You’re eligible for a preliminary payment, enter BTC address

Did you spot the subtle wrong details that make each fake? Constant vigilance is needed.

Verifying Legitimate Stretto Communications

With so many scams proliferating, here are reliable methods to validate actual Stretto correspondence:

  • Refer to or – never third parties
  • Hover email addresses to check displayed address matches
  • Check domain names for spelling errors like “”
  • Call the official Stretto phone number for verification
  • Beware uncommon requests, all legal info is on their websites

If unsure, don’t respond. The safest option is always accessing info directly from official sources, not unsolicited messages.

Additional Precautions to Take

Beyond vetting communications, taking general cybersecurity precautions helps avoid becoming a victim:

  • Enable 2-factor authentication everywhere
  • Be wary of untrustworthy links or files in messages
  • Never provide sensitive info over email/phone
  • Beware imposters on social media too
  • Consider filing a police report for highly concerning scams
  • Stay updated on new techniques via Celsius bankruptcy sites

An ounce of prevention goes a long way when combating persistent scammers.

Reporting Scams

For those who encounter these fraudulent activities, it’s vital to help take scumbags off the streets by reporting scams:

  • Forward scam emails/urls to
  • Submit reports to the FTC at
  • Inform local authorities, especially if involved real threats
  • Warn others on crypto/Celsius related forums/communities
  • Share awareness but avoid revealing sensitive personal details

Collective efforts can aid in tracking scammers and protecting future potential victims.

Looking Ahead – Will Scams Continue?

As the bankruptcy proceedings drag on, it’s likely these opportunistic scammers will keep exploiting the situation for their gains. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel:

  • Heightened awareness of schemes makes people harder to fool
  • Identification/reporting of scams helps authorities build cases
  • The claims process will eventually finish, removing a access point
  • Any future funds distributions may involve direct credits, bypassing scammers

Staying vigilant combined with legal resolution of Celsius promises to diminish these predatory scams over time.

Final Thoughts

While aggravating to deal with, remembering scammers thrive off people’s hopes, vulnerabilities and trust during uncertain times can help maintain better defenses.

If you lost funds to Celsius, don’t lose further to heartless scammers. Protect yourself by verifying all communications and information directly from official sources only. With care and common sense, we can work to beat these opportunists at their game.

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