SILVER WEALTH ( full review. Real, legit, or scam?


Silverwealth is a mining platform which you can access while on your phone and can perform some tasks and get paid for it .

It’s very simple to navigate and easy to understand and it helps you make money while on your phone through all the daily tasks


How does silverwealth  works?

As I mentioned earlier, silverwealth is a mining platform where tasks is being carried out and you get paid for each you do daily. The tasks include sharing sponsors post and making sure you login to your account daily for you to earn your self all these daily benefits and aside this you can also earn your self extra cash by engaging in some other activities such as inviting your friends to the platform and by so doing you get paid for each person you bring and in your dashboard you will see that your referrals earnings is added already


Is referral compulsory on silverwealth?

You get paid either ways but referral will earn you more money than just doing daily tasks

And you are getting 1000 every person you bring and if you are very smart with that you can earn your self a lot of money and you will surely get paid no curse for alarm



Silver wealth packages?

Silver wealth has only one package unlike other mining platform and by this you are registering with just a token of 2000#naira and you get yourself enrolled in the platform and you are good to go and earn yourself

some money!!!


What’s are the benefits derived?


You get 400# per day without going through stress while on your phone everyday and if it amount to some certain amount you can apply for the withdrawal and boom !! You make yourself money


How and when can I withdraw?


The amazing thing is that you can withdraw be it referral or non referral


For the non referrals, you just gave to make your account up to 3600naira and you can withdraw without any stress and get yourself paid!!


For the referrals, you can withdraw on Monday Wednesday, and Saturday if you have the minimum of 3000naira which you have earned


NOTE: During these days, withdrawal period will be opened from 11am-12:30pm


Why should I join Silver wealth?


According to them, You should join Silver wealth because this is a huge opportunity tabled in front of you that would enable you to make money even while at home and on your phone without no stress whatsoever !!!


You wanna know more or tell us more??


Rating: 5 out of 5.


  1. Hello. Can you connect me to silverwealth customer care. I’m having issues with a vendor.

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