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Introduction is an employment website focused on government jobs in the state of Rajasthan in India. As someone seeking a job or looking to post job listings, it’s important to understand how search engine optimization works and what you can do to improve your chances of getting found online. This article will analyze the SEO performance of and provide actionable tips and strategies they could implement to enhance their rankings and visibility.

On-Page SEO Analysis of

Let’s start by taking a look at some of the key on-page SEO factors for

Title Tags

The title tag is one of the most important on-page SEO elements as it is what displays in search results. could improve their title tags by keeping them under 60 characters with the focus keyword near the beginning. Many pages are simply titled “” which does not clearly express what the page is about to users and search engines.

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Meta Descriptions

The meta description provides a snippet in search results to entice users to click. Descriptions on could be more compelling by including the keyword, benefits of clicking, and a call to action. Many pages are missing descriptions altogether.

Heading Tags

Proper use of H1-H6 tags helps with internal linking, scannability and signaling importance to search engines. Most pages have one main H1 but could benefit from more descriptive subheadings. Keyword rich subheaders when used naturally would aid optimization.

Keyword Usage

A Rand analysis of popular keyword phrases related to government jobs shows under-optimized keyword density on internal pages. Focus keywords appear naturally less than recommended 1-2% of the time which signals to search engines that pages may not be highly relevant.

Image Optimization

All images currently lack alt text descriptions. Adding relevant alt text conveying further information about images aids accessibility and provides another opportunity for keyword optimization. File names could also be optimized.

Internal Linking

An internal link analysis using Ahrefs suggests has suboptimal internal linking. Not all important nested pages are linked to from sitemap pages, which hinders the ability of search engines to discover and understand site structure and content.


XML sitemaps validated successfully against the sitemap index and individual sitemaps files. Ensuring sitemaps are submitted to search engines and updated regularly helps crawlers discover all pages.

In summary, while has basic on-page elements covered, there is room for significant improvement in keywords optimization, keyword targeting in various elements, and internal linking to fully optimize the site for search engines.

Off-Page SEO Analysis of

Let’s now examine some off-page SEO factors that impact rankings:


Ahrefs data shows has a very low number of referring domains, under 100. Most links are nofollowed from directory pages of questionable value. Building more natural, follow links from high quality sources would boost authority over time.

Social Signals has no visible social sharing buttons. Enabling and optimizing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and encouraging sharing would start to develop social signals, which search engines now also factor.

Citations and Directories

Few directory listings or citations for the site were found. Outreach to build new listings, especially on government and job search directories, could expand reach. Regularly updating info helps search engine discoverability.

Content Marketing

No blog or additional educational/help center type pages could be found. Developing helpful, evergreen content related to their niche and promoting via social sharing would demonstrate expertise while attracting links over time.

Reviews and Ratings has no review ecosystem. Adding appropriate places for reviews and ratings from actual users/businesses strengthens credibility signals for search algorithms. Services like Google My Business could be claimed.

In summary, off-page optimization is the key area needing focus, as has very few active linking root domains and little engagement in social sharing or additional content production at this stage.

Technical SEO Analysis of

Let’s examine some technical aspects impacting SEO:

Site Speed

Google PageSpeed results for show mediocre desktop and mobile speeds that could be improved. Compressing images, leveraging a CDN, code optimizations like minification could help boost speed scores.

HTTP Headers

The HTTP header check with GTMetrix shows some opportunities. Enabling HTTP caching for common assets, adding HSTS, and other header optimizations could result in a more secure, faster site experience.

HTTPS Implementation redirects all traffic to HTTPS, which is great for security. Ensuring HTTPS is fully implemented across the site and in links/assets remains important.

Mobile Friendliness

Page insights in Google Search Console indicates has basic mobile-friendliness covered but could be optimized further. Responsive design testing and focus on touch targets/content above fold.

Sitemap Submission & Indexing

XML sitemaps submitted and successfully indexed, with the important .html URLs also discovered by Googlebot. Ensuring regular resubmissions keeps sitemaps fresh.

In summary, has ensured basic technical foundations but optimization of factors like speed, security and responsive design can further elevate the user experience and trust signals for search algorithms.

Content Optimization of

Let’s now evaluate some content-related factors:

Keyword Research

Competitive keyword research using Ahrefs or SEMrush could identify new long-tail keyword opportunities with lower search volumes but realistic targeting potential for

Content Topical Coverage

An audit of pages against target keywords indicates gaps in topical coverage of common job seeker/employer informational needs. New pages addressing these topics could boost relevancy over time.

Content Depth

Many pages currently consist of only a few paragraphs. Search and users favor more in-depth articles (800+ words). In-depth guides/FAQs with useful info would boost dwell time and authority.

Content Format

Breaking up text heavy pages with more headings, bullets, images where relevant improves scannability and user experience. Multimedia like videos/slides when naturally implemented also appeal to search algorithms.

UX Writing Best Practices

Following modern UX writing techniques like using active voice, conversational tone, and calls-to-action can enhance understanding and engagement for both users and search engine algorithms.

Content Distribution

No sharing or syndicating of long-form pieces to other high authority sites was observed. Outreach to place guest posts and distribute best content more widely expands the potential reach.

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To summarize, while core content is present, optimization of coverage, depth, formatting and expanding distribution would make a more comprehensive, authoritative information resource to boost search visibility long-term.


In conclusion, by implementing a strategic SEO approach focusing on both on-page and off-page optimization along with continuous content development, could significantly boost its search rankings and discoverability online over time. Some high-level next steps include:

  1. Comprehensive on-page SEO optimization of target pages
  2. Build a sustained link building outreach campaign
  3. Launch a content marketing strategy
  4. Engage in search-friendly social sharing
  5. Monitor and improve technical SEO factors
  6. Validate and refine optimization efforts
  7. Continuously develop new content

By putting searchers’ needs first through helpful, thorough resources and search-friendly best practices, can become a trusted job search destination for the Rajasthan region. Regular reviews of progress against both on-page and off-page metrics will help ensure the most impactful SEO strategies are prioritized moving forward.


In this analysis, we took an in-depth look at the SEO performance of across their on-page, off-page, technical and content optimization efforts. While the core elements are in place to be discovered by search engines, there remains significant room for improvement across many of the key SEO factors that impact visibility and trust signals.

One of the clearest takeaways is the need to focus on developing a more robust off-page optimization strategy through link building, social sharing, directory listings and additional authoritative citations. currently has very few active linking domains or social engagement, limiting their ability to be discovered and ranked well organically. Establishing a multi-pronged outreach campaign to proactively seek relevant backlinks from high-quality sources will be integral to progressing their SEO over time.

In addition, making strategic on-page enhancements like keyword-optimization of page titles, meta descriptions, headings and content; enhancing internal linking structures; and further bolstering technical foundations like site speed and responsive design will work to raise up the ranks on important keyword phrases. Ensuring search algorithms can properly understand the site structure and most important pages through visibility cues is paramount.

An equally important recommendation is implementing a long-form content marketing strategy. Developing helpful guides, FAQs, job resources and tutorials that address common informational needs, and then promoting them via social platforms and relevant job search directories, establishes as a trusted resource and draws in natural links. Their website currently functions primarily as a directory, but expanding through educational articles boosts authority substantially over time.

Finally, monitoring progress through analytics and Search Console data will be needed to validate any efforts and ensure a continuous optimization approach. The search landscape is always evolving, so periodic reviews and adjustments based on ranking fluctuations and new opportunities will be important to sustaining long term success. With a well-planned, strategic SEO initiative, can enhance their online presence to better serve both job seekers and employers throughout Rajasthan.

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