Proffians Got Talents

What is proffians got talent?

This is a very interesting and simple explanation. The main reason why this competition is here is to help Nigeria youth earn with their talents. Proffians Got talent first competition which comes out by 2021, will be a whooping amount of #500,000 (five hundred thousand naira). But. Instead of giving only the first position the whole money, we plan on sharing it to the first three (3). People will not be interested immediately because its new. But, by the time they start showing interest, they won’t be the only one and it would have take time. That Is what really makes the first set damn lucky.

How do we get in the competition?

The good joy here is that it is free. Free does not mean you are not paying anything. It just mean you are not paying money. You are going to pay with energy before you are allowed as a contestant in the competition. There are three stages to winning. First 2 stages are what makes you contestant. The last and final stage is what define the winning.

 As at now, you can get into the competition after filling a form.

Click here to fill.

Stages for contestants in proffians got talents

The first stage is the invitee stage.

  1. Invitee stage – in Most times, the people who are going to vote for the contestant are not going to people you know. In some situations, you are not going to be sharing your link to people in boxes to vote for you when they did not really know what it means. That is why, you should try and register the people on your facebook account (Facebook friends) to the group. (Proffians got talents). The top 30 will be chosen for this stage.

  2. Liking stage – this is the final Stage to determine all contestant. All you need to do is to send the videos (1 to 2 mins) of your talents to the admin and it will be uploaded. The top 20 highest likers (people who get likes for their performance) get ready to the next and final stage.

Top 20 will be chosen from this stage.

Note: The first person to complete the first stage with a big margin automatically moves to third stage. (Second stage will be overlooked).

  1. Voting stage – This is considered as the last stage in proffians got talents. In this situation, a person, (friend, family, stranger) will come to the official website and vote for their candidate. (Unlimited votes). After voting is done, it will be counted automatically by the system. At the end of the competition, we will have our first 3 who won the competition and they will be celebrated.

How much will be won on proffians Got talents

As I have said earlier, instead of just the first position to go home with #500,000 (five hundred thousand naira), it will be shared between the first 3. The first position which is the grand winner goes home with #350,000 (three hundred and fifty thousand naira). The second position goes with a whooping amount of #100,000 (hundred thousand naira). Why the third position goes home with #50,000 (fifty thousand naira).

what is the age limit of proffians Got talents

At first, an age limit was not added to this competition because recently, we have been seeing a 7 year old boy, creating train with papers; also, seeing an eleven year old, making house with canters. But looking at it from another view, what will a seven year old kid do with #350,000 (three hundred and fifty thousand)???. Some kid can runaway from home because of that type of money or some should go astray.

So, looking at the good side and bad side of it, the age limit has been shifted and drafted to 15 years. The contestant must have his own personal bank account. (Showing with the name he or she submitted). So, in the case of mistake or problems in bank, such account can be freezes or take care by bank.

What type of talents are accepted

Proffians Got talent believes talents are gifted by God. But people have the ability to learn more. We have no right or privileges to ban any talent or say a talent is bad. But, looking from another view, there are some talents in which can be somehow hard to show a 1 to 2 minutes videos. Example is football. But looking at that such talent, doing a live video raising football without making it touch ground and doing about fifty will wow people or nodding football with friends. Anyway, you can chat the admin up about your talent at first or check the one that has been used over and its acceptable.

  • Dancing
  • Singing
  • Breaking
  • Gymnastic
  • Magic
  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Team comedy (manageable)
  • Dual comedy .
  • Drumming
  • Rapping
  • E.t.c

Some hand work are also accepted such as:

  • Makeup
  • Building
  • Making
  • Skills (basketball, e.t.c)
  • Playing instruments
  • E.t.c

Is team acceptable

  1. Obviously yes. On proffians got talents, we do not reject that. All that is known to us is that, Team or not, the price does not change. You can never expect a team of 10 to take the first position and we should give each member #350,000 (three hundred and fifty thousand naira) each. We only pay team leader (someone who registered the team).

Note: we are not concerned if the team leader distributes the money or not.

How do we get votes?

This is not something we have not tested before. Votes is something very easy when you are humble. Many times, not the man with the best talents wins. But, a man with the best humility level. Some can not even go that to the expect of begging. Your talent is nothing, without humility. The people who will vote for you will surely come from the group. ( search ”proffians got talents” on facebook if you can not access the link) that is why we advice members to keep inviting others. Apart from winning, the more the people recognize your talent, the more you keep moving in life. Just keep inviting (not important). Tell the people you invite to invite their friends (very important). Your friends may have seen and notice your talent. But the friends of friends may never have an idea about it.

How do people votes?

Every edition, things changes!!!

We have not yet concluded about 2021 first edition of the proffians got talent but the website that will be used for voting is You can also beg your friends to vote for you. The votes will be very fast and easy. Just one click and the contestant will be voted for. Every thing is automatic.




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