Polygontrim (polygontrim.com) reviews. Legit or scam?

What is polygontrim?

Polygon Trim is a digital liquidity pool that connects entrepreneurs in the digital economy and leverages pictorial assets NFT owned by the MATIC protocol and then distributes the yield to every wallet in the liquidity pool.

Polygon (MATIC), previously known as MATIC network, is an interoperability layer-2 scale solution for Ethereum-compatible blockchains. Polygon’s native cryptocurrency, MATIC, is used for governance, staking and gas fees.

Polygon was developed to address Ethereum’s limitations, including throughput, transaction speed, and lack of community governance.
By design, Polygon is a platform built for launching interoperable blockchains.

Earning Mechanics

Mint Nfts available on the Polygon liquidity pool. Every NFT is worth the price of 1 MATIC ₦494.14 but vary accordingly with the system package each wallet operates on and fluctuation in market price. Members HODL and withdraw cash-backs directly from individual dashboard. 100% of non affiliate earnings payable with very little to no transaction charges across the entire system.

Style Activation Packages 👇👇👇

There are 2 NFT style packages on PolygonTrim
1️⃣ Prime ~₦6,500
2️⃣ Prime Plus~₦13,000


Packages on PolygonTrim


✅~ Prime NFTs style

Activation fee ($11) – ₦6,500 (Six thousand five hundred naira)

Referral earning: ₦3,000
Level 2 commission: ₦300
Minting earning: ₦30
Duration: 2hrs (₦360 daily)
Airdrop earning: ₦160

✅~ Prime Plus NFTs style

Activation fee ($25) — ₦13,000 (Thirteen thousand naira).

-Referral earning — ₦6,000
-Level 2 commission — ₦500
-Minting earning: ₦360
-Duration: 24hrs (bot automated)
-Airdrop earning: ₦320


The following incentives apply only to the Prime Plus NFT style.

Users on the PolygonTrim NFT network enjoy the leverage to;
  • -Convert Minted NFTs to activation code and resale for cash.
  • -Convert Minted NFTs to airtime and mobile data subscriptions.
  • -Subscribe your digital entertainment equipments ie (DSTV, GOtv) with your minted NFTS using the centralised block exchange chain.
  • -Convert Minted NFTs earnings for Ad Banners on our NFT Ad MARKETPLACE, threshold for banner advert will be 80% of minted NFT earnings as of the time of banner application.
  • -Minted NFTs when converted deposit the full amount to any of the following treasuries;
  1. -Polygon MATIC Bep20 crypto wallet.
  2. -USDT Bep20 wallet address.
  3. -Conventional banks of the world by providing the corresponding account details on the Polygomtrim database.
  4. -All these payments take a minimum of 5 minutes to 24hours.


Prime NFTs Style

🔖 You earn ₦30 per 2hrs after minting section ~ N30 x 12 hours = N360 daily
Minting per month ~ ₦360 x 30 days = ₦10,800
🔖 Affiliate Airdrop~ ₦160 × 30 days = ₦4,800.
IN TOTAL You’re making ~₦15,600 without any referral.
🏀 Referring other users on Prime NFTs is ₦3,000…..Registering two persons daily…That is ₦6,000 x 30 days = ₦180,000
🏀 Total Referrals Earn earned in a month on the Prime style activation package ~ ₦180,000



Prime Plus NFTs

🔖 You earn ₦360 per 24hrs after every automated minting session~ ₦360 daily
Minting per month~₦360 x 30 days = ₦10,800
🔖 Affiliate Airdrop~₦320 × 30 days = ₦9,600.
IN TOTAL You’re making ~₦20,400💸 without any referral.

🏀 Referring of people on Prime NFTs style is ₦3,000….. imagine if you register two persons daily…That is ₦6,000 x 30 days = ($290) N180,000
RATE:- @620/$
🏀 Referring of people on Prime Plus NFTs is ₦6,000…. imagine if you register two persons daily…That is ₦12,000 x 30 days = ($580) N360,000
RATE:- @620/$

✅Convert your Minted NFTs to cash twice a month.
✅Convert your Referral NFTs to cash every weekend.


Click on MARKETPLACE to earn AIRDROP Gifts when you share the airdrop link on your Whatsapp Status.
NOTE:- AIRDROP share will only trigger earning when shared on WhatsApp.


The creation of PolygonTrim is backed by the understanding that the NFT marketplace is still fresh and untapped.
Besides affiliate marketing dispensations, the community that has been created around Polygontrim will play host to the resale when the NFT gains its floor price at $1000 dollars.
This means that this asset that you are Minting at 360naira per one is actually going to sell for $1000 dollars.
This means that all the NFTs you have minted are resaleable when the project hits and gets listed on Opensea decentralised NFT marketplace, Coming Soon.
The organisation will only charge for Minting fees at that point while the rest of the NFTs worth becomes your own profit.


This platform launched today (as at when writing this post). But its so unfortunate that their customer care isn’t active or they have none. I cant really tag it as real or scam. But if you can, comment below. Also, if you are new and you dont want to lose your money, you can check the TOP 3 ONLINE INVESTMENT PLATFORMS OF ALL TIME.



Rating: 5 out of 5.

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