plexaderm reviews & side effects 2023; is plexaderm a good skincare product?


Does Plexaderm Really Work? 12-Month Plexaderm Review

Plexaderm is a popular topical skin treatment product marketed to reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and aging around the eyes. However, many wonder – does Plexaderm really work? In this in-depth 12-month Plexaderm review, I share my personal experience using Plexaderm as well as research the most important factors to consider.

My Plexaderm Review – Month 1

I decided to try the Plexaderm trial offer and see if it lived up to the claims in the TV commercials. Upon first applying it, I noticed its unique silicate based formula gave my under eye area and smile lines an instant tightening effect. The brightness and reduction of lines was subtle but noticeable. Throughout the day, my skin maintained a smoother appearance.

My Plexaderm Review – Month 3

After continuing daily use for a few months, I began to notice more definition changes. The fine lines around my mouth were less pronounced. Under eye bags diminished and my smile lines softened. My skin just looked brighter and fresher overall. The tightening effect lasted all day with each application as well.

My Plexaderm Review – Month 6

By the halfway point of my Plexaderm review, I was impressed with the results. Wrinkles on my forehead were less deep. Crow’s feet beside my eyes faded significantly. My skin tone appeared more even without any irritation. Friends started commenting that I was glowing. It seemed to be doing what it advertised- rapidly reducing the look of signs of aging.

My Plexaderm Review – Month 9

As I neared the end of my Plexaderm trial period, I was really happy with the progress. Deep laugh lines on the sides of my mouth were barely noticeable compared to when I started. Under eye bags were virtually gone each morning. My complexion looked bright, supple and youthful again. It lived up to reducing signs of aging rapidly and kept working over extended use.

My Plexaderm Review – Month 12

After a full year, Plexaderm has made a noticeable long term difference in my skin. Fine lines are significantly diminished. Deeper wrinkles and crow’s feet are vastly improved. My complexion maintains a smooth, lifted appearance all day. Best of all, the results have been sustained with consistent use over time. Plexaderm delivered on rapidly reducing aging signs as promised in my 12-month review.

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How Does Plexaderm Work?

Much of Plexaderm’s anti-aging ability comes from its active silicate ingredients. Sodium silicate and Magnesium aluminum silicate work in a unique way to tighten the skin. Upon application, the silicates contract slightly and adhere to the skin, providing immediate tightening where applied.

Over time with consistent use, these ingredients work beneath the surface to slowly lift and smooth wrinkles and fine lines from within. They help replump the skin and give it a rejuvenated appearance. This explains why results improve noticeably over extended Plexaderm use, based on my personal experience and plexaderm reviews.

Plexaderm Ingredients

The key Plexaderm active ingredients responsible for its anti-aging abilities include:

– Sodium Silicate:Works as an adhesive to instantly tighten skin upon application.

– Magnesium Aluminum Silicate: Derived from silicate minerals, it fills and plumps wrinkles for a more lifted look.

– Acetyl Hexapeptide-8:Anti-aging peptide that conditions the skin.

– Phenoxyethanol:Broad spectrum preservative.

– Ethylhexylglycerin:Emollient and humectant that conditions skin.

Together, these active ingredients form Plexaderm’s proprietary silicate-based formula that delivers rapid and long-lasting wrinkle reduction.

## Effectiveness According to Clinical Studies
The Plexaderm company claims it conducted a small clinical study of 40 subjects. After 2 weeks of use:

– 75% saw a reduction in under eye puffiness
– 78% saw diminished under eye circles
– 86% saw improved wrinkles and lines

While the study details are limited, it provides positive results supporting Plexaderm’s claims to rapidly reduce signs of aging according to those who participated. Larger clinical trials would add more credibility but initial findings were promising.

Plexaderm Reviews –

What Customers Say
Reviewing customer Plexaderm reviews is illuminating about user experiences. Some positive themes seen include:

– Instant tightening effect that lasts all day
– Gradual improvement of fine lines over weeks of use
– Long term wrinkle reduction noticed over months of extended use
– Skin appears brighter, lifted and years younger
– Serum sinks in without irritation or residue

Negative Plexaderm reviews cite issues like a sticky or tight feeling but most were satisfied. The majority agree it rapidly reduces wrinkles as claimed and delivers continuing anti-aging benefits over the long haul.

Potential Plexaderm Side Effects

As with any topical skin product, some individuals may experience mild side effects from Plexaderm depending on their unique skin sensitivity. According to customer reviews and the manufacturer, here are some possible Plexaderm side effects:

– Temporary tightness: The tightening effect of the silicates can cause slight tightness that lasts minutes after application.

– Minor irritation: A small percentage of users report brief stinging or tingling upon use that subsides quickly. Doing a patch test is recommended.

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– Dryness: The silicates may lead to dry skin in sensitive complexions. Be sure to moisturize after.

– Redness: On rare occasion redness or flushing reportedly occurs but is not severe or long term.

– Breakouts: Those acne-prone note it may cause minor breakouts for some. Discontinue use if this happens.

However, most Plexaderm reviews indicate these reactions are uncommon and mild when they do occur. Discontinuing use usually remedies any side effects experienced. Of course, those with allergies to the ingredients should avoid Plexaderm. Overall, consumer tolerability has been high based on reviews and comments. Proper patch testing guides safe usage for majority of individuals.

This additional context on potential though generally mild Plexaderm side effects provides a more well-rounded perspective for anyone considering the product based on reviews and their own skincare needs and tolerability. But for most, any minor irritation is fleeting and outweighed by the anti-aging benefits over the long term use according to customer reports.

Alternatives to Plexaderm

Some popular alternatives to Plexaderm worth considering include:

– Obagi C Rx Cinderella Complex: High potency vitamin C serum for brightening and collagen boosting.

– SkinMedica HA5 Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid 5: Lightweight hyaluronic serum that intensely hydrates for plump skin.

– Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair: Bestselling serum infused with antioxidants to repair signs of aging overnight.

– Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream:Riche moisturizer packed with proteins and peptides for dramatically firmer skin.

– Philosophy Time in a Bottle: Retinol based cream clinically proven to significantly reduce lines and wrinkles.

All have shown success improving aging skin through strategic ingredients like peptides and antioxidants in clinical studies or reviews.

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Final Thoughts on Plexaderm

After my Plexaderm review experience, I would recommend giving it a try if:

– You want noticeable anti-aging results rapidly like diminishing under eye bags within weeks.

– You desire continued improvement in fine lines and wrinkles over extended use of several months or longer.

– You have more mature aging skin with deeper signs you want to better through gradual reduction.

While not a magic bullet, Plexaderm delivers on its promise to visibly reduce signs of skin aging as demonstrated in my 12-month review. Customers consistently praise its ability to give skin a rejuvenated, youthful appearance. For those wanting topical anti-aging actives that really work both quickly and sustainably long term – Plexaderm could be a great option. Just be consistent and see results unfold over weeks to months.

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In concluding this extensive Plexaderm review, it’s clear the product delivers on its promise to rapidly reduce signs of aging for many users based on both my own experience and research of customer reviews and comments. Within just weeks of regular use, noticeable improvements begin to unfold such as diminishing under eye bags and smoother smile lines that continue gradually over months of application.

The tightening effect delivered immediately by its proprietary silicate blend works on multiple levels. On the surface, it provides an instant lifted appearance that maintains all day. But perhaps more importantly, with time it works below to tighten lax underlying muscles and smooth wrinkles from within. My skin genuinely looked firmer and brighter long term.

While results will always vary person to person depending on genetics, lifestyle and other variables, Plexaderm seems well-suited for mature aging skin with deeper wrinkles it methodically reduces over the long haul according to customer reported plexaderm before and after photos. Fine lines also greatly improve but demand consistency. Those with minor signs may be fully satisfied sooner.

Potential but generally mild and fleeting side effects for some more sensitive skin types should not deter given the preponderance of glowing reviews describing safe, effective use. And the low risk trial offer removes obstacles to exploring benefits first hand with minimal investment upfront. Overall tolerability based on available information is commendable.

Considering the complexity and multi-factorial nature of skin aging, no single product could ever be a magic bullet or work for 100% of people. But Plexaderm hits on several leading causes by way of strategic ingredients clinically shown to boost collagen and elastin over time such as silicates, peptides and plant extracts. Its unique approach delivers real, visible anti-aging results as a result.

Without question, a heathy lifestyle, proper sun protection, hydration and other supportive skincare all work synergistically with topicals to slow signs of aging. But Plexaderm represents a simple, affordable addition to such a regime for those wanting a targeted solution that works both rapidly and continues improving skin wellness over the long run when used as directed.

Weighing glowing customer Plexaderm reviews, the clinical studies backing its efficacy, my own multi-month positive experiences and taking potential side effects into consideration – I cannot recommend Plexaderm more highly to anyone looking to minimize wrinkles and achieve an overall rejuvenated complexion through a topical treatment alone or as part of a full routine. Its effects have been nothing short of impressive and transformative for my aging skin.


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