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When it comes to indulging in the perfect combination of Korean flavors and American comfort food, Phat Fingers is the go-to restaurant in Singapore. With two locations, this eatery offers a mouthwatering array of Korean fried chicken dishes, tantalizing burgers, and delightful sides, providing a culinary experience that leaves taste buds craving for more. In this blog post, we will explore the highlights of Phat Fingers and dive into the reviews and recommendations from satisfied customers.

Crispy Korean Fried Chicken: A Twice-Cooked Delight

The star of the show at Phat Fingers is undeniably their Korean fried chicken. Prepared using a double-cooking technique, the result is a heavenly combination of a crispy, golden-brown exterior and succulent, flavorful meat. Each bite is an explosion of taste and texture that keeps you coming back for more. Whether you prefer the classic original flavor, a tangy yangnyeom, a sweet and savory honey butter, or the daringly spicy nuclear xtra spicy, Phat Fingers has something to satisfy every palate.

Irresistible Burgers with a Korean Twist

Phat Fingers goes beyond Korean fried chicken and also boasts an impressive selection of burgers. The soft and fluffy buns cradle juicy, flavor-packed patties, creating a harmonious blend of American and Korean cuisines. Topped with ingredients like gooey cheese, tangy kimchi, and a zesty gochujang aioli, these burgers are a delightful fusion of flavors that take your taste buds on an exciting journey.

Mouthwatering Sides to Complement Your Meal

No meal at Phat Fingers is complete without trying their delectable sides. The crispy fries, bursting with flavor, perfectly complement the main dishes. The kimchi slaw, with its refreshing tanginess, adds a delightful crunch to every bite. For those looking for a twist, the sweet potato fries served with a sweet and spicy sauce are a must-try. These sides elevate the overall dining experience, providing a well-rounded and satisfying meal.

Reviews from Satisfied Customers:

Let’s take a look at what customers have to say about their experiences at Phat Fingers:

  • “The chicken is so good! I love the yangnyeom flavor, and the burgers are also great. The service is always friendly, and the prices are reasonable. I highly recommend Phat Fingers!” – Sarah L.
  • “This place is amazing! The chicken is so crispy and juicy, and the flavors are incredible. The burgers are also really good, and the sides are delicious. I highly recommend this place to anyone who loves Korean fried chicken.” – John S.
  • “I’ve been to Phat Fingers a few times now, and I’ve never been disappointed. The food is always delicious, and the service is great. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a delicious and satisfying meal.” – Jane P.

Pros and Cons of Phat Fingers:

To provide a balanced perspective, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of dining at Phat Fingers:


  • Irresistibly delicious Korean fried chicken
  • Great variety of flavorful burgers
  • Friendly and attentive service
  • Reasonable prices that won’t break the bank


  • The buns on the burgers can sometimes be a bit dry
  • Fries may become slightly soggy if not consumed promptly
  • Limited number of locations in Singapore

Final Thoughts:

Phat Fingers is a culinary gem for those seeking an unforgettable fusion of Korean and American flavors. With their crispy Korean fried chicken, mouthwatering burgers, and delightful sides, this restaurant delivers a dining experience that leaves a lasting impression. While minor drawbacks exist, the overall consensus from customers is highly positive, showcasing the quality and appeal of Phat Fingers. So, whether you’re a fan of Korean cuisine or simply in search of a satisfying meal, Phat Fingers is a must-visit destination that promises to satiate your cravings and leave you wanting more.

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Phat Fingers is a Korean fried chicken and burger restaurant with two locations in Singapore. They specialize in serving a wide range of delectable Korean fried chicken dishes, along with flavorful burgers, sides, and drinks. Their signature dish, the Korean fried chicken, is cooked twice to achieve a crispy exterior and tender, flavorful meat. Customers can choose from various flavors, including original, yangnyeom, honey butter, and nuclear xtra spicy, each offering a unique taste experience. The restaurant also takes pride in their mouthwatering burgers, featuring soft and fluffy buns, juicy patties, and toppings like cheese, kimchi, and gochujang aioli that infuse a Korean twist. Phat Fingers offers an enticing selection of sides, such as crispy fries, kimchi slaw, and sweet potato fries served with a sweet and spicy sauce. The overall dining experience at Phat Fingers is highly praised by customers, who appreciate the delicious food, friendly service, and reasonable prices. Positive reviews highlight the exceptional taste of the chicken, the flavorsome burgers, and the delightful sides. While minor drawbacks include the occasional dryness of burger buns and the potential for fries to become soggy if not consumed promptly, these do not overshadow the overall positive experience. Phat Fingers provides a unique blend of Korean and American flavors, making it a recommended destination for anyone seeking a satisfying meal in Singapore.


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