Proffians got talents 2021 1st edition

Hurray!!! It is another edition of the proffians Got talents. As we all know, rules changes per edition. This time rules will be different.

There is no need for questions since we are here to explain everything just as we have always done. According to the real proffians got talents written, it has been how it has been done.

Firstly, the invitation to groups has been removed. We know we have wasted much time this year and we are already late. So, to justify that. We will call off invitation to our Facebook group. If you like or not, you can invite. Something all contestant should know is that, it is hardly possible for someone outside to vote for you without knowing how and what they vote for.

Secondly, the YouTube video like has also be removed. No need to have a total number of likes before you can enter next level. Just your post, you are scrutinize and boom, you are on the page fast and easy. We are late this year.

Thirdly, this first edition will not be talents only. Truly, the proffians got talents is specified for just talents but we just like bringing in more things and changing our ways timely. This time, it will be both jobs and talents. It is possible the next edition should be different which will surely be. But, for now, it is both for jobs, hand work and talents. So, someone who don’t have talents but have people can win since there is no YouTube or videos screening in any form.

How can winning and voting be done?

Winning  will be determined by the number of votes which a person gets. The votes won’t be hidden. Once you vote, you will see it count with immediate effect. It is automatically. A person is permitted to vote with no limit. That means, some one can vote 1000 times and all will be counted successfully with no mistake or disturbances. At the end of two weeks of voting, the winner which has been seen on the site by everyone will be chosen and given credit for.

How much is the winner going to get paid?

This time, since is is a new way and not tested before, we are only going to share a whooping amount of #250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand naira) between the contestants and group members. The overall winner of the competition gets a whooping amount of #100,000 (a hundred thousand naira). The First runner up which is known as the second position takes #50,000(fifty thousand naira).While the third get #20,000 (twenty thousand naira). Others gets about #5,000 (five thousand naira).

IMG 20210217 WA0027

Note: No price will be given if a contestant does not have more than 500 votes.

Each contestant will be uploaded on the proffians got talents website to get voted for. Contestants can check the number of votes each other contestants has. After winning, contestant can ask the admin for email address of those who voted for him maybe to reward or do some giveaway for them.

If you ask any questions, ask in the open Facebook group and it will be answered. Thanks And God bless

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