Top 5 Nigerians that debunks death posts during endsars protest.


Nigerians who dubunks claimed endsars protest death posts

The Nigeria endsars protest was well bloody especially on 20/10/2020. Now particularly the day Nigeria will never forget. Some top Nigerians debunks the claimed death post circulating all social medias. We are going to talk about the top five. Let’s start with Mon mou.

Mon mou

Mon mou is one of the popular memes comedian on Facebook.Mon mou, having over 70 thousand active facebook page followers. Mon mou is a nice comedian from anambra state. During the endsars protest, the people starts posting and circulating his pics through social media as dead during the blody knock out that happens on the lekki toll gate on the twentieth of October this year, 2020. He recently uploaded a video for proof of life, proofing and saying boldly that he is alive, strong and healthy.

2. Steve abbey


During the endsars protest, viral news of the death of Steve abbey popularly known as thanos papa keep flourishing all social medias(Facebook twitter and also viral on Instagram). He tried commenting on all he sees and also, some who sees it try broadcasting it that he is not dead.

  “This is not the guy on the IG live. This guy is me and you need to take this down immediately. What will you benefit for chasing clout at this trying time? Why pass information. I am alive and okay. TAKE THIS DOWN!!!…. Take this down now. Make una no kill me before my time~ Steve abbey

3. Kimmie coco

Kimmie coco death was one of the most popular death post circulating on social medias when the endsars protest was going on. Some says she was shot, other says she died. But after a long shell, she says herself she is hale and healthy. But some voices out with fuse and anger and blacklist her saying ”although she survived the bullet, but she claims not being out during the endsars protest maybe because she was bribed”.

I wasn’t at any protest, stop spreading fake news…Please I was not at any protest today, not left the house for days.stop the fake news!!! I am very alive I am at home I don’t even understand where the story is coming from but take down the RIP’s”~ Kimmie coco

4. DJ switch

DJ switch posts is a very long and viral case which should be considered a topic or title on its own especially when the endsars protest was going on. She gave many posts out like saying 15 dead bodies were counted, e.t.c. Others reported that the armed forces have been given instructions to shoot DJ switch at sight. But at the beginning of the story, DJ switch death was rumoured on social medias which the people begin to wonder if its true or false.

5. Eniola Badmus

Nollyhood actress exceptionally known for a bravery in series of yoruba videos also says her fans should debunk any news of her neither shot nor dead.

I pray for the lives of our hero that dies during the protest.😭🇳🇬

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