Peervest ( full review. Real or scam?


What is peervest?

Peervest which real site is noted as is a peer to peer (p2p) investment platform but here, the directors of peervest does not leave the activities to only the people but they also joins in some ways. Peervest is a real and somehow complicated platform because it is not like other scamming platform and so, it will be somehow difficult for someone that does not have online experience to join at first.

How does peervest works?

Peervest as I have said earlier wont be easy to note for people that has no experience online but with time, they will all get it right. Just like other site, it is an investment platform whereby people will invest their money and get 40% return in a particular date or time. When you want to join the platform, one needs to pay activation fee to whoever the admin or system asks you or lead you to pay to. When your account has fully been activated, you will choose any plan of yours and the system will tell you who to pay to. Kindly know that the account given to you to deposit to is another person account that wants to withdraw. So, all you need to do is to deposit and wait for some minutes to get it approved. You can also call the persons number if not seeing approval after sometimes. After the approval, your plan automatically starts and gives you your interest profits every 12am at the morning!!! And on the last day of your plan, you get your capital back which will make your plan completed. You can withdraw anytime when you have the minimum of 5000.

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Is referral compulsory on peervest?

Investment is always different from affiliate. This is not an affiliate platform like webmine, fundmine, goldmine, videomine, etc and thus referral here is nothing but soooo not important. Infact, you dont need it at all!!! So, either you refer or not, you continue earning your money!!!

Peervest investment plans and packages

As i have said earlier, the packages are all 40% bonus but it the amount depends on the days.
For the 5000 (five thousand naira), 10,000 (ten thousand naira) and 20000 ( twenty thous Naira)  package, there are all 7 days while the next plan which is the 50,000 ( fifty thousand naira) package is for 6 days, the 100k (hundred thousand naira) package is for 5 days while the 200k package is for 7 days just like the 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000 package but the real thing here is that it is 50% instead of 40% like others!!!


How does activation fee works on peervest?

What are activation fee??

activation fees is the money paid on peervest for you to activate and open your account. This money is paid once and you start earning forever after paying it.

How are activation fee account generated

Just as we know about the plans and during payment, the system merges someone to deposit to someone to withdraw, there are some lapses that makes some money incomplete, this ones are mainly controlled by the admin and this is one of the way they do it!!!


How does peervest withdrawal works?

Ive explained this earlier and will be reesplaining but briefly this time. On peervest, withdrawal are done by merging whereby the system will put you through to whoever wants to pay you. But one thing here is that not everytime will you be merged so, the admin or stakeholders of the business will take it to get everyone credited 3 hours after no merging!

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Why you should join peervest!

1. Secured funds: most of the reason why business crashes this days are because the admin steals funds or the admin claims the vendors ran away with funds thus, on peervest, funds are not with any vendors and the admins has little or no funds to take because the money keep circulating on the dashboard!

2. Life changing platform: this business is a cool thing with a cool profit whereby people can automatic and as fast as possible earn their money in a week without any delay!

3. Decentralized and transparency: On peervest, funds and things done is as transparent as possible and can be calculated and seen by any investor.

4. Good customer support: They have verrey fast and good customer support whereby they listen to complaints as fast as possible.

5. Great referral commission: on peervest, you get 10% per your referral commission and one thing great about this is that a referral can invest up to 5 times in a month which means that you keep earning 5 different times in a month from one person.

Is peervest registered??
Peervest is a registered company under CAC (corporate affairs commission) and apart from that, thwy are interlinked with some banks which is what makes them automatically get ones details when adding your bank account. They have already proved their legitimacy in this and below is a proof of their registration document

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I personally went to check the details if its real or photoshop and truely, it was a registered company which means your funds are safe with it.

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Kindly watch video of how peervest works here


If that happens to be too fast, you can watch this under





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