Overseassale.con Reviews 2023; scam or legit store? Find out

Is Overseassale.com a Legitimate Online Store? Unveiling the Truth

If you’re considering shopping from Overseassale.com, it’s crucial to be aware of the potential risks involved. Our comprehensive review reveals numerous red flags that indicate Overseassale.com may not be a trustworthy website. Let’s explore the reasons why you should exercise caution and avoid shopping from this store.

  1. Website Creation: Overseassale.com was recently created in May 2023 and is set to expire in May 2024. This short lifespan raises suspicions, as it suggests the website could be easily disposed of after scamming unsuspecting customers.
  2. Customer Complaints: Numerous customers have reported their negative experiences with Overseassale.com, stating that they either received different, low-quality products or never received their orders at all. Furthermore, their attempts to contact the store for refunds proved unsuccessful, indicating poor customer service and fraudulent practices.
  3. Fake Contact Address: Overseassale.com lists its contact address as 102a Liverpool Road, Cadishead Manchester, England M44 5AN. However, a thorough search reveals that this address is associated with various scam online stores. Genuine stores usually provide accurate and verifiable information, while the use of a misleading address raises suspicions about the legitimacy of Overseassale.com.
  4. Owned by a Suspicious Company: Overseassale.com is owned by Sayhi International Co Limited, a company known for ripping off unsuspecting customers. This association with a dubious entity further casts doubt on the credibility of the online store.
  5. Suspicious Discounts: The website offers suspiciously low prices and outrageous discounts on its products. While attractive discounts can be enticing, they often serve as bait to lure unsuspecting customers into making purchases. Such practices are commonly associated with scam online stores.
  6. Poor/No Security: Overseassale.com lacks adequate security measures, such as being secured with reputable security providers like McAfee or Norton. This makes customers vulnerable to potential hacking and puts their personal and financial information at risk.
  7. Stolen Contents: The website features stolen content and product images from various online stores. This is a common tactic employed by scam online stores to deceive customers into believing they are purchasing original products. In reality, customers receive cheap knockoffs and face difficulties in returning or obtaining refunds.
  8. No Social Media Presence: The absence of any social media presence for Overseassale.com raises suspicion. Genuine online stores typically have active profiles on social media platforms to engage with customers and build trust. The lack of such presence further questions the legitimacy and credibility of the store.

Considering these critical points, it is evident that Overseassale.com exhibits numerous red flags associated with scam online stores. The use of attractive discounts, coupled with the bait-and-switch tactic of delivering different or inferior products, is a classic indicator of fraudulent practices. It is important to note that using PayPal does not guarantee safe shopping, as scammers often employ fake tracking numbers to make chargebacks challenging.

To protect yourself from falling victim to scams, always be cautious when shopping online. If you have been scammed by Overseassale.com or any fraudulent website, take immediate action. Contact your bank or credit card company to report the fraudulent transaction and request a new card. Document your transactions with screenshots for future reference.

In today’s digital age, where online shopping offers convenience and accessibility, it is crucial to prioritize safety and security. Before making any purchases from an online store, conduct thorough research, read customer reviews, ensure secure payment options, and verify the credibility of the website. Remember, if an offer appears too good to be true, it probably is. Stay vigilant, trust your instincts, and shop only from reputable and trusted online retailers to safeguard yourself from scams and fraudulent activities.
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  1. None. Due to the scam nature of Overseassale.com, there are no genuine advantages or benefits to shopping from this website.


  1. Risk of Scams: Overseassale.com is a scam website that has been reported by numerous customers for fraudulent practices. There is a high risk of losing money and receiving inferior or counterfeit products, if anything at all.
  2. Poor Customer Service: Customers who have interacted with Overseassale.com have reported difficulties in contacting the store for refunds or resolving issues. The lack of responsive customer support adds to the negative experience.
  3. Fake Contact Information: The website provides a fake contact address, which raises suspicions about the legitimacy of the store. Genuine online retailers typically provide accurate and verifiable contact information for customer convenience.
  4. Unsecure Website: Overseassale.com lacks proper security measures, making it vulnerable to hacking and the potential theft of customers’ personal and financial information. This puts customers at risk of identity theft and other cybercrimes.
  5. Stolen Content: The website features stolen product images and content from other online stores, indicating a lack of authenticity and a potential violation of intellectual property rights.
  6. Absence of Social Media Presence: The lack of an active social media presence for Overseassale.com further raises concerns about the store’s credibility and legitimacy. Genuine online stores often engage with customers through social media platforms.
  7. Suspicious Discounts: Overseassale.com offers unrealistically low prices and outrageous discounts, which are commonly used as bait to attract unsuspecting customers. These suspicious discounts are often a sign of fraudulent practices.
  8. Limited Lifespan: The website’s short existence, with a creation date in May 2023 and an expiration date in May 2024, suggests that it could be a disposable website specifically designed for scamming customers.


In conclusion, Overseassale.com is a website that raises numerous red flags and is categorized as a scam store. It exhibits several characteristics commonly associated with fraudulent online retailers, including the use of fake contact information, poor customer service, stolen content, unsecure website, and an absence of social media presence. Customers who have interacted with Overseassale.com have reported not receiving their orders, receiving inferior or completely different products, and facing challenges in obtaining refunds or resolving issues.

The creation of the website in May 2023 and its short lifespan until May 2024 further contribute to suspicions that it is a disposable website designed for fraudulent activities. The unrealistic discounts and cheap prices offered on the site serve as bait to lure unsuspecting customers into making purchases, only to be met with disappointment and potential financial loss.

Using PayPal as a payment method does not guarantee safe shopping from Overseassale.com, as scammers often manipulate transactions by providing fake tracking numbers and making it difficult to obtain chargebacks. It is important to exercise caution and be aware of the risks associated with online shopping, particularly from dubious websites like Overseassale.com.

To protect yourself from falling victim to scams, it is advisable to thoroughly research online stores before making any purchases. Check the domain age, verify the contact information provided, and look for customer reviews and feedback. Genuine online retailers typically have a secure website, responsive customer service, and an active social media presence.

If you have been scammed by Overseassale.com or any other fraudulent online store, it is recommended to take immediate action. Contact your bank or credit card company to report the issue, request a new debit or credit card if necessary, and document the transactions for future reference. It is crucial to remain vigilant and take proactive steps to safeguard your personal and financial information.

Remember, while online shopping offers convenience and accessibility, it is essential to prioritize your online safety and security. Be cautious, trust your instincts, and conduct thorough research to ensure a positive and secure shopping experience. Avoiding suspicious websites like Overseassale.com is an important step towards protecting yourself from scams and fraudulent activities.

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