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Nasure Colostrum Milk Review: Benefits, Safety and Effectiveness

Colostrum supplements have gained popularity in recent years for their reported health benefits. Nasure is one such colostrum milk product available in the Philippines market that claims various therapeutic uses. However, with inconsistent information available, is Nasure colostrum milk truly safe and effective?

In this detailed review, I analyze Nasure colostrum milk from multiple perspectives to help readers make an informed choice. I look at the product details, research into colostrum benefits, customer feedback and regulatory scrutiny to establish the pros and cons of using Nasure.

What is Nasure Colostrum Milk?

  • Formulated from bovine (cow) colostrum obtained within 48 hours of calving

  • Contains immunoglobulins, growth factors, enzymes, vitamins and minerals found in early mammary secretions

  • Marketed for blood sugar control, skin health, immunity, digestion and general wellness

  • Available in 400g bottles for PHP 1,199 on Lazada and other e-commerce sites

  • Claims are not FDA approved but the product is registered with other regulatory agencies

What Does Research Say About Colostrum Benefits?

Several studies have explored colostrum’s bioactive components and their purported effects:

  • Immunoglobulins may support gut and immune health by fighting pathogens1

  • Growth factors can aid tissue repair, bone growth and cell regeneration2

  • Prebiotic oligosaccharides fosters gut microbiome balance for digestion3

  • Insulin-like growth factor found in colostrum aids glucose metabolism control4

However, evidence for colostrum’s anti-diabetic effects specifically is still limited and inconclusive. More research is also needed to substantiate other therapeutic claims.

Customer Reviews and Feedback

Analyzing Nasure reviews from YouTube, Facebook and blogs:

  • Positive reviews praise control over blood sugar levels and reduced reliance on medications

  • Customers also note improved skin, digestion and increased energy/immunity

However, some feedback notes:

  • Inconsistent results with no long-term usage reports

  • No scientific proof that bovine colostrum has same benefits as human colostrum

  • No standardized dosage recommendations

  • Expensive for a supplement with unverified claims

Overall, individual experiences vary with no consensus on Nasure’s effectiveness. Larger clinical studies are lacking.

Regulatory Scrutiny of Nasure

While registered, Nasure colostrum milk is not FDA approved:

  • Received FDA warning in 2022 for unauthorized health claims regarding diabetes5

  • The FDA advises assessing product safety, quality and purity for long-term usage

  • Bovine-sourced colostrum supplements also carry a low risk of contamination6

  • No assurances on quality controls, consistency and potency batch-to-batch

  • Expensive price compared to similar supplements of established quality

So regulatory ambiguity and quality oversight concerns remain unaddressed by the company.

In Summary – Is Nasure Worth Trying?

Based on available information from research and user feedback, here are my conclusions on Nasure colostrum milk:

  • Colostrum offers promising bioactives but anti-diabetic effects need more evidence

  • Individual results vary greatly with no standardized measures of effectiveness

  • Health claims are unauthorized with significant regulatory and safety oversight issues

  • Inconsistency in quality, dosage and batch composition are also real concerns

  • High price does not justify the unverified nature of claims for a long-term supplement

While colostrum may provide health support when taken properly, Nasure’s ambiguous positioning means alternative supplements of established sourcing, quality and value are likely safer options. More scientific proof is required before recommendations can be made. Ultimately, individual assessment of risks and benefits is advised. This review aimed to analyze perspectives objectively to guide informed choices. Please do conduct your own research as well before deciding on any supplements.

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