Nairavest ( reviews. Real,legit or scam?

What is Nairavest?

Nairavest is a platform where earners get paid to share viral post and complete simple task online

It is a platform with many functionality, promoting and mostly lot of tasks where user participate and earn massively

The following activities are involved

*1) Registration fee ₦900 – To get registered as a member on the platform, you have to pay a non refundable fee of #900 to the platform. You make this payment by chatting any of the vendor and making payment to them.
*2) Registration bonus ₦150 – after fully registered into the platform, you will get 150 naira.
*3)Referral bonus #500 – per person you refer on the platform, you get you get straightaway 500 after the person has registered.
*4)Daily login #50 – everyday, you login to the site and see your earnings and by doing so, you get 50.

*4)Task #150 – activities will be done on the site daily too and that is when you can earn much without referrals.

Both affiliate and activities withdrawal are Been made together with a minimum of #5000 daily.

Note:- subscription is monthly based, and not compulsory if you wish not to earn again. Referral isn’t compulsory to cashout.

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How do i message nairavest?

you can contact nairavest for any issue by going to their vendor page to chat any of them it better still, contact them through contact us button


should i join Nairavest?

Normally, I can not stop you for joining and i can not tag this business or platform as scam or real (kindly drop screenshot of your opinion). But to me, you can join this platform if you can refer. Moreover, unlike others, 900 isn’t much and can be lost easily. So, you will or can be able to deal with your down-liners.

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