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Mr Price, one of South Africa’s leading fashion retailers, has a substantial presence with over 15,000 employees spread across hundreds of stores nationwide. For ambitious individuals seeking growth opportunities, a career at Mr Price can be an enticing prospect. However, navigating the recruitment processes of a large corporation can seem like a daunting task. This review aims to simplify the process by examining Mr Price’s MyCareer portal, application procedures, the range of vacancies available, and insights from employee reviews to determine if the retailer lives up to its reputation as an employer of choice.

MyCareer Portal Overview

MyCareer is the central jobs board and candidate registration system that Mr Price utilizes. The platform offers several key features, including:

  • Dashboard: This feature streamlines job searches across various brands within the Mr Price Group.
  • Profiles: Candidates can create customized profiles, making it easy to apply for new vacancies as they become available.
  • Applications: The entire process of applying for roles is managed online through the MyCareer portal.
  • Notifications: Users receive alerts about new opportunities that match their defined preferences.
  • Mobile App: Mr Price provides a dedicated MyCareer mobile app, enhancing accessibility for job seekers.

By serving the entire recruitment lifecycle within one integrated system, MyCareer efficiently matches talent to available opportunities.

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Types of Vacancies

Beyond the standard in-store retail positions, Mr Price’s diverse portfolio of brands supports a wide range of careers, including:

  • Management Trainees: These are individuals in rotational programs, grooming them for future store leadership and executive roles.
  • Buyers: Responsible for overseeing merchandise procurement across categories, often from both local and international suppliers.
  • Visual Merchandisers: These professionals are creative display specialists tasked with showcasing items to their optimal effect.
  • Distribution Center Operatives: These employees are responsible for managing the efficient fulfillment of online and wholesale orders.
  • Artisans: These roles involve designing exclusive private label collections through Mr Price’s Creative Studio.

Mr Price ensures there are flexible options available at all qualification levels, providing pathways for both new entrants and experienced professionals.

Application Process

Navigating the actual application process through MyCareer involves several steps:

  1. Browsing Vacancies: Candidates can start by browsing active vacancies on MyCareer that match their profile preferences.
  2. Online Application: Initiating an online application form where candidates can upload their resumes or CVs for the selected positions.
  3. Confirmation of Submission: The system provides immediate confirmation of the submission, with tracking available to monitor the application’s progress.
  4. Assessments or Interviews: If required, assessments or interviews are arranged through MyCareer’s integrated scheduling feature.
  5. Outcome Communication: The outcome of the application is communicated directly within the portal for easy reference.

This seamless digital process is designed to simplify the connection between job seekers and suitable internal opportunities within Mr Price.

Employee Sentiment

To assess the legitimacy of the promotional claims made by Mr Price, we turn to reviews on platforms like Glassdoor to gain insights into actual employee experiences. The feedback from employees provides transparency into the real work environment:

  • Training Programs: Many employees commend Mr Price for its extensive training programs, which help build skills, particularly for those starting at entry-level positions.
  • Perks: Staff discounts are appreciated across the group’s multiple brands, providing tangible benefits to employees.
  • Progression Opportunities: There are opportunities for career progression for individuals who are committed and prepared to relocate as needed.
  • Room for Improvement: Some employees suggest that management could improve internal communication, particularly during times of change.

Overall, the feedback validates MyCareer’s effectiveness in matching careers to candidates while also highlighting areas for improvement, particularly in terms of internal communication as the workforce continues to expand.


In conclusion, the MyCareer portal appears to be a reliable and efficient recruitment system that represents a seamless experience for job seekers and hiring managers within the Mr Price Group. Its accessibility across various devices, streamlined processes, and authentic feedback from employees make it a valuable tool in talent sourcing and management within South Africa’s leading fashion arena.

Candidates and hiring managers alike benefit from the consolidated system, which is purpose-built to optimize talent sourcing and management. Regular enhancements ensure that the portal remains optimized as it serves the expanding workforce of Mr Price. Overall, MyCareer is a testament to Mr Price’s commitment to providing growth opportunities and a fulfilling career path for individuals seeking to be part of a dynamic and leading fashion retailer in South Africa.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the South African fashion retail industry, Mr Price stands as a significant player with an expansive network of over 15,000 employees and numerous stores across the nation. For those with an eye on career advancement and personal growth, Mr Price’s diverse range of roles and training programs offer a compelling opportunity. However, the sheer scale of a company like Mr Price can make navigating the recruitment processes seem like a daunting task.

This review of the MyCareer portal, the application procedures, available vacancies, and insights from employee reviews aims to demystify the journey. The MyCareer portal, as we’ve explored, is a powerful platform designed to streamline the recruitment process. It provides an efficient and user-friendly way for both job seekers and hiring managers to connect with opportunities.

One of the portal’s standout features is its dashboard, which simplifies job searches across multiple brands within the Mr Price Group. This user-centric approach extends to the creation of profiles, allowing candidates to tailor their applications to align with their preferences and skills. The process of applying for positions has been made easy and efficient, with immediate confirmations and tracking options to monitor progress. In addition, integrated scheduling and communication features offer a seamless experience for both applicants and employers.

The range of vacancies at Mr Price is extensive, catering to individuals at various stages of their careers. From management trainees to visual merchandisers, buyers to distribution center operatives, and artisans working in the Creative Studio, the retailer ensures that there are pathways for both newcomers and experienced professionals.

To gain a more comprehensive perspective, we delved into employee reviews on platforms like Glassdoor. These firsthand accounts provide valuable insights into the real experiences of those working at Mr Price. The feedback highlights strengths such as extensive training programs and staff discounts, which are appreciated across the group’s brands. There are evident opportunities for career progression, particularly for those willing to be flexible and relocate as necessary. However, the feedback also indicates that there is room for improvement in internal communication, especially during periods of change.

In conclusion, the MyCareer portal appears to be a reliable and efficient recruitment system, offering a streamlined and effective experience for job seekers and hiring managers within the Mr Price Group. This portal is a testament to Mr Price’s commitment to providing growth opportunities and a fulfilling career path for individuals seeking to be part of a dynamic and leading fashion retailer in South Africa. With a dedication to continuous improvement and a focus on fostering talent, Mr Price is well-positioned to remain a prominent player in the South African fashion retail industry. The MyCareer portal serves as an essential bridge between talented individuals and a promising future within this dynamic and thriving organization.

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