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Is a Legitimate Debt Relief Program or a Scam? advertises an affordable debt relief program through its parent company Credit Associates. But can consumers really trust this solution, or is it just another predatory scam? In this in-depth review, we analyze reviews from multiple angles to determine the true nature of this operation.

What Services Does Claim to Offer?

On its website, promotes the following debt relief services:

  • Debt Settlement Program – They negotiate with creditors to reduce balances owed and settle debts for less than full amount.

  • Debt Validation Assistance – Help disputing and removing inaccurate/outdated items from credit reports.

  • Credit Counseling – Advice and help creating a debt management plan to pay off accounts over 3-5 years.

  • Debt Consolidation Loans – Roll multiple balances into a new loan at lower monthly payments.

Pricing starts with a $39 enrollment fee and monthly service charges are 15-25% of total debt amount. They advertise settling over $6000 in debt on average.

Analyzing Reviews

Let’s look at customer reviews across sources to gauge real experiences:

BBB Profile

The BBB gives Credit Associates an F rating due to complaints alleging fake letters, lack of licenses, unfinished services and unanswered disputes.


Despite a high 4.9/5 average, many Trustpilot reviews appear fake based on word-for-word copypastes. Legit reviews complain of unfinished programs.


Top posts warn sends vague scam letters without consent and steers clear due to shady practices.


Multiple videos advise consumers is misleading and recommend avoiding an operation with such negative reviews.

FTC Complaints

The FTC consumer sentinal database contains hundreds of fraud reports regarding entities operating as Credit Associates.

Overall, while marketing claims results, real customer reviews clearly indicate unsatisfactory and potentially unethical/illegal business practices at Let’s examine deeper signs this may not be trustworthy.

Comparing to Confirmed Scams

🕵️‍♂️telltale scam signs exhibited:

  • Overly positive fake reviews copying promotional claims

  • Pattern of complaints alleging unfinished promised work

  • Unanswered disputes or made whole reimbursements

  • Falsely using logos/names of legit companies in scam letters

  • Absence of proper financial licensure/regulation

  • History of changing company names to evade authorities

In conclusion, while advertised positively, displays all the hallmarks of a sophisticated predatory debt scam based on comprehensive review analysis. Proceed with extreme caution or avoid altogether to stay protected!

Some Safer Debt Solutions

If truly seeking debt help, pursue reputable non-profit alternatives with records of success:

  • National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC)

  • Fees based on ability to pay versus percentage of debt

  • Work with creditors directly to lower rates/payments

  • Help manage repayment to avoid wage garnishment

  • Local US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) office

  • Discuss debt validation and relief programs legally mandated

  • Reputable bankruptcy attorneys for challenging circumstances

Diligent research, verifying credentials/licenses and reading independent reviews can protect consumers from harmful schemes. Your financial well-being deserves honest solutions—stay informed!

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