morganaitech ( scam or legit?

( Scam or Legit ) Review



( Scam or Legit ) Review

( Scam or Legit ) Review

morganaitech is an investment platform with numerous errand or task accomplishment stages, which claims to helps YouTube, Facebook, eBay, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon to improve their business information and improve their great rate also claims to acquires commissions from these organizations and circulates 90% of the income to each of their investors or clients, accomplishing the objective of client participation and shared benefit.

How is it possible that I would procure money On Morganaitech?

morganaitech login, there are three strategies you can bring in cash from Morganaitech during registration or after you create your free account which gives you #500 (five hundred naira) naira using a unique referral link or invitation code.
  • Achieve tasks from the task center.
  • Refer people to get a bonus.
  • Invest in MorganAI Fund.
  • morganaitech login.


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Is It Possible That I Would Accomplish Each Task And Get Pay?

You can click task focus on the fundamental page to see the errand list. Distinctive degree of VIP has the diverse reward of assignment accomplishment. For instance:
Free VIP, earn NGN 20 per task, daily earning is NGN 20;


  • First VIP, earn NGN30 per task, daily earning is NGN 60;
  • Second VIP, earn NGN100 per task, daily earning is NGN 200;
  • Third VIP, earn NGN250 per task, daily earning is NGN1000;
  • Fourth VIP , earn NGN400 per task, daily earning is NGN 2800;
  •  Fifth VIP, earn NGN600 per task, daily earning is NGN 5400;
Note: You can click “Auto Process” to achieve the task automatically.
Is Morganaitech.Com Legit Or Scam?

How Could I Earn Refer Bonus On Morganaitech?

There is 2 piece of alluding reward. You can click task focus on the principle page to see the errand list. Distinctive degree of VIP has an alternate reward of undertaking accomplishment. For instance:
  • When your Level 1 agent recharge or deposit money to MorganAI, you can earn 10 % commission of his deposit.
  • Also, when your Level 1 agent invites a Level 2 agent to the platform, you can earn a 6 % commission of a Level 2 agent deposit.
When your Level 2 agent invites a Level 3 agent to it, you can earn a 3 % commission on the Level 3 agent deposit.
Level 3 agent deposit 10000 NGN, Level 2 agent deposit 20000 NGN, Level 1 agent deposit 50000NGN, You (Level 0) can earn

 Is Morganaitech.Com Legit Or Scam?

Initially, Morganaitech was lunched early May 2020, which makes it less than a month, and currently, the platform is still paying its investor and that cant justify the case because of the series of complaints on every investment platforms which don’t last long before they crashed. So we advised you to use your spare money when joining any anonymous platforms whose owners identity is unknown or officially registered.


With no much talk. I will give this business 55% safe. After looking at the structures, mode of operations and the running way, I will not advice my people to register this. Moreover, everything is risk, but one should try to take minimal risk. You are free to register If you know the owner or someone close to the owner of this platform. If not, Please and please, DO NOT JOIN!!!. Holyprofweb (us) will recommend legit investment website like Linforly investment website to be tested or invested upon.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

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