Moolatask reviews: Legit or scam? TASK.NNU.NG


      Sometimes, you do not really need to ask too much questions. Initially, all the above questions will be answered here. From the beginning of a business, one might know if a business is real or scam just by looking at how it works. Moolatask originally works like holyprofweb. It has same things in common such as the referring earnings, advertising but to me, holyprofweb looks better because it has other ways of earnings compare to moolatask. Now, let us move to what we are really here for.

What is moolatask??

    This will always be the first question people will always need solution to anywhere and anytime. MoolaTask is an online network that pays you to complete a task, review, engagement with social media viral share and many more. You can earn up to N10,000 daily.

How does the platform came to limelight

Moolatask was successfully lauched  3 days ago which was 15th of January 2021. It was owned, created and launched by the CEO of NNU. NNU happens to be the first platform in which news and earn originated from. The CEO in person PAUL SAMSON which is also known as PSO or Oracle PSO is gifted and blessed. Before the launching of this project, he gave the decision on his Facebook account which nothing less than 100,000 followers. Which he said thus:

Moolatask•com is the rave of the moment. A system that pays you without any investment and risk FREE. Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you a new marketing solutions system, Moolatask•com.

He goes further by saying the benefits

”MoolaTask offers task services, connecting business owners and advertisers with promoters and target consumers on our campaign network to help you grow your business and earn more money online. Straight up, logon to Moolatask•com, learn more about this new concept, read details and how it works then register ASAP, get your network register through you immediately. Let’s build a crowd network with FREE registration, refer others to register for FREE and earn your cash bonus of 10 moola point per referral. Currently ₦300,000 awoof referral bonus is allocated.

Register yourself and register others with your username to get your share. The more people you register with us, the more moola for you from allocated fund. This is our first task with budget of ₦200k to share among first users to complete this viral sharing task. So be rest assured you can still earn and make more money with us even without referral cos it’s optional. Just check the site and read full details now to understand how it works. Log on to your dashboard, navigate to task in order to know how to complete this task.

MoolaTask offers many task and crowd network to help you grow your business and earn more money online. It is FREE, Fast, and Easy.


How to Make Money on MoolaTask

You can make money on MoolaTask by Joining the platform for FREE and be part of the growing campaign network. will pay you for completing a task and also telling your friends and families about it.

MoolaTask pays their users to complete a digital marketing task daily ranging from:

  • Viral post commenting
  • Website visit and activities
  • Playstore app review
  • Social media viral share
  • Viral #Hashtag and Trend
  • App download
  • Service or product review
  • Social media post engagement
  • Lead generation
  • General digital marketing task and many more you can think of.


MoolaTask offers different task services. They connect business owners and advertisers with promoters like you and target consumers on our campaign network to help you grow your business and earn more money online.

Is moolatask legit?

Absolutely, it is. Moreover, If it is not, you would have seen it from the title of of my post just like if you search review on google. Moreover, my post will surely leads on that and you would have seen me speaking of it being scam. Sometimes, it may not be told. In other words, Moola task pays for activities rendered. But, it is not easy to work.


How to earn money on Moolatask

Firstly, we all know registration is absolutely FREE of charge without you making any commitment or investing a dime on the moolatask network, it offers four different options to earn on Moolatask including:

  • First, Monthly top referral incentive/rewards sponsored by the AD brand including mobile phones, laptops, electronics, gift vouchers, and many more.
  • Secondly, 100% Moola Task bid budget by advertisers,
  • 1 Moola point daily active bonus which will be converted into a Naira figure in your wallet.
  • Lastly, 10 Moola point referral bonus (FREE registration)


What do I need to get started on MoolaTask?

Initially, all you need to get started is your Facebook account, WhatsApp or any other social media account. So, all you need to do is to register for FREE and start sharing any available task provided on the task menu on MoolaTask website.

How do I get Registered on MoolaTask

To register on MoolaTask official website, kindly follow the step-by-step guide below:

  • Go to
  • Enter your details. Such as your email address, phone number, username, and password
  • In the referral username field, type ”holyprof”
  • Finally, click Register
  • Your dashboard automatically opens.


Finally, if you are asking whether MoolaTask is SCAM or LEGIT I believe at this point your questions have been answered. We would update you with more information and tutorials on how to promote your link and earn cool cash on moolatask.
Note: you can chat me up on WhatsApp to work with me

Final reviews

With no much talk. I will rate this business okay for now. Everything is risk, but one should try to take minimal risk. You are free to register but holyprofweb (us) will recommend legit investment website like Linforly investment website to be tested or invested upon.


Thanks. Give comment and chat up



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