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Is Legit or a Scam Site? is a online store that sells Major League Baseball jerseys and apparel. However, many customers have complained about the site and questioned whether or not it is legit or a scam. In this extensive review, I will take an in-depth look at and try to determine if it is a trustworthy place to purchase MLB jerseys or if you should avoid it.

Customer Reviews Reveal Mixed Experiences

Taking a look through online reviews, it is clear that customer experiences with have been mixed. On review sites like SiteJabber and Trustpilot, the site has around a 1.5 star rating out of 5 stars based on hundreds of reviews. Many customers complain about never receiving orders or receiving low quality counterfeit jerseys instead of authentic ones. However, a minority of reviews claim to have received their orders as expected.

This mixed bag of customer reviews raises a few red flags. When a large percentage of customers are unhappy, it suggests the site may not be on the up and up. However, the few positive reviews also create some ambiguity as to whether the site is an outright scam or just unreliable. More research is needed to draw a clear conclusion.

Domain Registration & Contact Info Raises Suspicion

Checking details about the domain registration and company contact information for also turned up some questionable findings:

– The domain was registered privately through a domain registration service, hiding the true owner’s identity. This is common for illegitimate sites.

– No physical address is listed for the company, only a contact email form. This makes verifying the business difficult.

– Calling the phone number listed on the site links to an automated answering service, not a live person. No one picks up after multiple attempts.

– Whois information does not point to any established sports apparel company, but rather anonymous domain name holders.

The lack of transparency with ownership and contact details is never a good sign. Legitimate businesses should have no problem providing verifiable information about themselves. This domain registration strongly hints that may not be on the level.

Prices Seem Too Good to be True

Another suspicion arises when comparing the jersey prices on against other legitimate MLB shopping sites like On, high quality authentic jerseys are regularly listed at prices like $50-$80 each.

Meanwhile, authentic jerseys from the official MLB shop or team stores typically sell in the $150-$250 range. Such steep discounts from other trusted vendors set off alarm bells that the jerseys being sold may be low quality knockoffs, not the real deal. Legitimate shopping portals do not generally offer products at less than half the market value.

So in summary, extremely low prices combined with anonymous domain ownership and lack of transparency raise serious doubts about the credibility of It is difficult to believe they can deliver high quality goods at those discount rates. Caveat emptor is wise advice for this site.

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Likelihood of Being an Illegitimate Reseller

Based on the research completed so far, the most probable conclusion is that is run by illegitimate resellers who obtain cheap counterfeit jerseys in bulk and try to sell them online for profit. Here are some factors pointing to this:

– Anonymous domain registration protects real owners from legal issues with counterfeit goods.

– No physical address prevents law enforcement from tracking operations.

– Phone goes unanswered to avoid scrutiny of business practices.

– Steep discount prices allows them to undercut legitimate retailers while still making a margin on fake goods.

– Mixed customer reviews indicate unreliable fulfillment but some buyers still receive something.

– Domain was rushed into service, no established brand reputation to protect.

While it’s impossible to say definitively without investigating further, all signs suggest exists to profit off selling imitations, not legitimate MLB merchandise. Consistent complains of Asian knock-off quality received instead of advertised items fits this profile well.

Final Verdict – Avoid

In summary, after considering all available information about like customer reviews, domain details, pricing abnormalities and likelihood of being unlicensed resellers – it is the assessment of this researcher that the site should be avoided.

The lack of transparency and accountability, mixed customer service reports and other anomalies discussed in this review paint an unflattering picture. The odds of actually getting an authentic jersey as described are low based on evidence. Sticking with official MLB and team sites or legitimate sporting goods retailers is a much safer bet for fans. Unless far more clarity can be provided, this domain remains untrustworthy. Buyer beware is the only prudent advice regarding and similar gray market domains.


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