Minenaira (minenaira.ga) review. Real or scam?

Is minenaira legit?

does minenaira.ga pay

Is Minenaira scam

How many plans is on minenaira

is minenaira fake

When do minenaira pay

How does minenaira works

How can i contact minenaira

How can I advertise on minenaira

How can i become a vendor on minenaira

How to earn as vendor on minenaira.

Minenaira is one of the top 3 online business in Nigeria that we wrote about. It is truly registered and based in Nigeria but the real deal there is that it has move has far as other African countries and even some European countries.


What do you do on Minenaira.ga


MINENAIRA is a digital mining investment firm based in Nigeria. The platform, which includes advanced basic and technical analysis at the source of high return performance, offers high and fixed interest return.

Minenaira mining is a online website which lets its members to mine money while sleeping, with minenaira you can get weekly cash out to your bank account and also payment are automatic.


IS Minenaira LEGIT

Absolutely yes! As we have said earlier, this is rated as the most legit online business as far as we are concerned. They earn not only by your money, but also with valuable (tasks we verified and confirmed they were true) and registered. So, by this, they earn also and they also perform investments. They do not do crypto, betting or forex with peoples money because according to them, it can cause loss of money and they are not ready for that. Instead, they buy shares, make people buy shares from them, and invest most especially in Agricultural products. According to them, they are working on a project to make people get loans from them.


When was minenaira launched


This is the main place where people wants to know. Many believes that new business are the best because the are not going to crash soon. While some parts of people believes in old business because they believe it has been long and also they are active and they knows what they are doing. But as far as you are here, I want you to quit the ideology now!!! The real reason why I want you to quit that believe or decision is because or of the fact that we have online businesses that crashes from first month even without paying a single dime. Like they remove chalk from peoples leg from the first payment date. Business like earn4rmfacebook and we also have some that lasted for more than a year like Racksterli. We have some of about 3-4 months also like primevault.

But initially, minenaira was registered 1st of December 2021. Many did not join earlier because they believe that it was created so they can scam people for business but it was not so.



To start earning on MINENAIRA you are expected to register and be a verified member , below are the various packages to get started with:



Invest Amount: ₦3,000-100,000
Daily earnings – 9%
Referral bonus – 20%
Time limit:15 Days


Invest amount: ₦3,000-1,000,000
Daily earnings – 5.4%
Referral bonus – 20%
Time limit:30 days



Invest Amount: ₦10,000-#1,000,000
Monthly Earnings – 65%
Referral. Bonus – 25%
Time limits: 90 days

In a simple term, For instance, you invest 100,000 on the monthly package, you get 5400 daily for 30 days. Which automatically means you get a total of 162,000!!!

All you need to do as a verified member on MINENAIRA PLATFORM is to register and start mining to earn.

To get started on MINENAIRA PLATFORM and become a verified member and start earning, you need to subscribe to a package and get an active account before earning.

NOTE: Referral is optional, and it’s different from your total earnings, but if you refer a member to join MINENAIRA PLATFORM via your link then a certain amount will be added to your total Earnings as a referral bonus. You automatically get at least 30% of what your downline earns. So, if you downlines deposits 100,000 for a package, you get more that 30,000 also.


Now You all know how MINENAIRA PLATFORM works,
the next thing you would like to know if MINENAIRA PLATFORM is a scam or a legit website to invest into …

yes!!! that will be discuss below as You read.


Well, the most important question every reader wants an answer to is

” MINENAIRA PLATFORM legit or a scam”

as at the time of writing this Reviews, it has been confirmed that MINENAIRA PLATFORM is legit.

yes!!! It’s legit, I highly recommend this website. This is tagged as the most legit business as far as online business is concerned. The interface is friendly, the research is very well done and it doesn’t cost you anything.



1. Go to minenaira.ga

2. click register and fill your details

3. Go to deposit and credit your acciunt with any amount of your choice.
4. invest in the best or most profitable plan you like.

5. Start earning.



Contacting minenaira is easy. You can contact them by chatting the admin on WhatsApp by‪+234 904 394 3610‬  or through email by prestineceo@gmail.com.



Feel free to message us about newest paying online business or about any review or questions of any business. Contact with holyprof on WhatsApp by 07036074565. Replies will be done smoothly.



Rating: 5 out of 5.


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