kr teleservices reviews: is it real or fake? 2024


Getting to Know KR Teleservices

KR Teleservices is an Indian outsourcing company that provides telemarketing and back office support services. But what do reviews reveal about working there? Let’s take a deeper look.

What Services Does KR Teleservices Offer?

According to its website, KR Teleservices provides:

  • Inbound and outbound telecalling 📞
  • Data entry operations 🔢
  • Customer service support 👨‍💼
  • Technical support assistance 👩‍💻
  • Back office processing 🔄

The company aims to deliver “high-quality services through innovation, integrity and personalized customer care.” But how does reality match the value proposition?

Analyzing Online Reviews

Overall feedback from employees is mixed:

👍 Indeed – Average 4.8/5 Star Rating
Reviews praise growth opportunities and training.

😐 Glassdoor – 3.1/5 Rating
Low pay is a common complaint.

😕 Facebook – Limited Discussions
Few former employees speak publicly.

🤔 LinkedIn – Insights Vary Widely
Experiences differ greatly among roles.

So while the potential for career development exists, pay and conditions seem uneven. Let’s explore further.

Comparing KR Teleservices to Top Competitors

How does it compare against industry leaders?:

  • 24/7 Customer – Higher 4.7/5 rating on Indeed
    Reviews emphasize ongoing training programs.

  • Webhelp – Strong focus on work-life balance
    Benefits like transportation well-received.

  • Concentrix – Larger presence for skills upgrading
    Career progression opportunities stand out.

While KR Teleservices offers start opportunities, larger players invest more heavily in employee satisfaction overall. Let’s evaluate key factors in more depth.

Analyzing Operational Factors in Detail

Positive aspects highlighted:

  • Flexible scheduling around other commitments
  • Helpful manager feedback for continuous learning
  • Possible to advance roles if targets are achieved

Potential downsides raise more questions:

  • Starting pay appears lower than industry standard
  • Long hours described without overtime compensation
  • Inconsistent training quality between project teams

Overall, greater pay transparency and standardized training could improve the employee experience at KR Teleservices according to online reviews. But what steps are they taking?

Recent Developments and Initiatives

KR Teleservices now aims to:

  • Increase minimum wage by 15-20% across boards
  • Limit weekly hours without overtime compensation
  • Introduce company-subsidized transport facilities
  • Develop an employer branding campaign
  • Expand leadership training curriculum company-wide

While more strides remain, these moves demonstrate responsiveness to past criticisms. Ongoing review helps steer continued progress. Let’s conclude with advice…

Tips for Employees and Job Seekers

When considering KR Teleservices or similar companies:

  • Thoroughly research pay scales upfront
  • Ask about promotions timelines and criteria
  • Check employee turnover rates as a red flag
  • Seek reviews beyond company-posted channels
  • Compare total compensation packages holistically

With care and diligence, newcomers can make informed career decisions. Stay empowered!

In summary, while reviews paint a mixed picture of KR Teleservices, proactive steps taken signal willingness to improve. Independent and long-term monitoring ensures transformations benefit all stakeholders over time in this evolving industry.

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