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An In-Depth Look at Kireina Ceramic Tint

The demand for ceramic tints has surged, thanks to their remarkable heat rejection capabilities and exceptional durability when compared to traditional dyed films. Among the leading brands in the ceramic tint market is Kireina, proudly manufactured in Japan. In this extensive review, we’ll delve deep into Kireina Ceramic Tint’s performance, its impressive warranty, and the resounding satisfaction of customers, all based on real-world experiences and online reviews.

The Science Behind Ceramic Tint Technology

Understanding the foundation of ceramic tint’s technological superiority is crucial. Conventional carbon-based tints primarily absorb specific wavelengths of visible light but have limited effectiveness against infrared and heat waves, often leading to uncomfortably warm interiors.

In contrast, ceramic tints incorporate microscopic ceramic particles seamlessly blended into the film matrix. These ceramic particles work their magic at the nano-scale level, reflecting electromagnetic waves across a vast spectrum that includes ultraviolet, visible, and infrared wavelengths. This exceptional feature translates to significantly higher solar heat rejection.

As a result, windows appear perfectly tinted while rejecting up to 70% of the incoming heat. This remarkable heat rejection leads to interiors that stay cooler, reducing the need for excessive air conditioning. Furthermore, unlike darker carbon-based tints, ceramic coatings do not interfere with wireless signals or hinder night visibility.

An Overview of Kireina Ceramic Tint

Kireina Ceramic Tint was developed by none other than Dai Nippon Printing, a globally recognized giant in the printing industry. Their proprietary nano-ceramic technology earned them a prestigious award from Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry.

Let’s outline some key features of Kireina Ceramic Tint:

  • Variety of Shades: Kireina is available in nine different shades, ranging from light to the deepest black.
  • Nano-Ceramic Technology: The tint is meticulously crafted from organically treated nano-ceramic particles, guaranteeing top-tier performance.
  • Superior Heat and UV Rejection: Independent testing has proven that Kireina excels in rejecting heat and harmful UV rays.
  • Extreme Temperature Regulation: Kireina Ceramic Tint is specially designed to handle the harshest temperature conditions with ease.
  • Unmatched IR Blocking: With more than double the infrared (IR) blocking power of carbon films, Kireina excels in keeping your vehicle cool.
  • Exceptional Longevity: This remarkable tint doesn’t discolor, peel, or lose its properties even after 12+ years of use.
  • Global Reputation: Considered one of the top brands worldwide, Kireina is trusted by customers from various corners of the globe.
  • Ease of Replacement: In the event of window replacement, Kireina can be conveniently removed and replaced, ensuring lasting protection.
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Now, let’s dive into the real-world performance of Kireina Ceramic Tint, as observed through a multitude of online reviews and informative YouTube videos.

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Heat Rejection Capabilities

Kireina Ceramic Tint earns resounding acclaim for its astonishing heat-blocking prowess. Numerous reviews reveal a consistent drop in interior temperatures, with reductions ranging from 5°C to a remarkable 15°C on sunny days.

In controlled car thermometer tests, the contrast between untreated windows and Kireina-tinted windows can sometimes exceed a staggering 20°C when exposed to direct sunlight. This remarkable heat reduction enables air conditioning systems to operate far more efficiently, contributing to energy savings.

Japanese reviewer “Nano Ceramic Tint” conducted meticulous heat comparisons, pitting regular dyed films against Kireina nano-ceramic. Their scientific instruments unequivocally confirmed that Kireina transmits 22-30% less infrared heat, even at the darkest tint settings.

In hotter Asian countries such as the Philippines, Kireina owners have reported being able to keep their vehicles naturally ventilated on all but the hottest afternoons, a testament to the tint’s extraordinary heat rejection capabilities.

Optical Performance

When it comes to optical performance, Kireina Ceramic Tint maintains exceptional clarity even at maximum light reduction. Customers consistently highlight their ability to see clearly through the tinted windows, read signs, and view screens without any hindrance.

This stands in stark contrast to carbon-based tints, where dense coloration can obstruct your view, especially with medium shades. Kireina preserves excellent night visibility with only a subtle darkening effect. In fact, some reviewers, such as “Old Bob Vlogs,” have mentioned that the super dark Kireina shade is less bothersome at night than the stock gray tint on their new vehicles, allowing for better adaptability to low-light conditions.

To truly grasp the optical tuning capabilities of Kireina, you need to see it in action, such as in the Nano Ceramic Tint video that seamlessly switches between day and night modes. The tint remains brilliantly clear in sunlight and subtly obscures external details after sundown, enhancing privacy without compromising visibility.


One of the distinguishing features of Kireina Ceramic Tint is its unparalleled 12-year warranty, backed by Dai Nippon Printing. However, numerous reviews suggest that the tint remains intact and fully functional well beyond that 12-year period.

Owners of vehicles with Kireina tint that’s 6 to 10 years old have reported no signs of bubbling, peeling, or discoloration, even for vehicles exposed to the elements outdoors round the clock. This remarkable longevity and sustained maximum light and heat blocking demonstrate Kireina’s outstanding durability, even in the face of tropical weather conditions.

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Similar accolades come from commercial fleet operators in hot Middle Eastern nations where Kireina protects fleet vehicles, enduring 150°F heatwaves, and rigorous daily usage. Astonishingly, not a single replacement has been needed for these fleets, underscoring the tint’s unwavering resilience.

Kireina Ceramic Tint also stands up to harsh chemicals, as noted by auto detailers. It easily withstands pressure washing and contact with cleaning solutions without showing any signs of deterioration. Its impressive resilience extends to the protection of the ozone layer, making it an eco-conscious choice.

Furthermore, when it comes to installation, Kireina Ceramic Tint shines. The fitment tends to be bubble-free, with smooth edges and flawless conformity around window frames. Professional installers are astounded by its stretchability and the absence of creases, a common issue with lower-quality films.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the satisfaction of Kireina customers and the professional recommendations that further validate its exceptional performance.

Customer Satisfaction

To further solidify Kireina Ceramic Tint’s stellar reputation, we turn to online consumer feedback and the resounding praise from professionals.

Personal Reviews

At the community level, forums like Tsikot, Reddit, Instagram, and vehicle enthusiast pages are filled with exclusively positive reviews of Kireina. Many owners refer to it as a “once in a lifetime” purchase, thanks to its enduring protection from heat and UV rays.

Owners are quick to celebrate the remarkable color enhancement, glare rejection, and amplified night vision that Kireina provides in comparison to factory-installed windows. For those who closely monitor high temperatures and energy expenses, Kireina’s ability to pay for itself within a year through lower cooling costs is a standout feature.

One reviewer aptly described the experience as akin to getting an entirely new air conditioning system for their 20-year-old SUV. Others emphasize the noticeable difference when transitioning from Kireina to a different brand, particularly the greater heat transmitted by the latter.

Even the most discerning critics begrudgingly admit that Kireina operates flawlessly, with no discernible downsides even at the mid-range shades.

Professional Recommendations

The praise for Kireina extends to professional window tint installers. They speak highly of its self-healing characteristics, which are a boon when working on delicate shop vehicle applications.

Many installers express a strong preference for Kireina, making it the only film they trust for personal use and recommend to their families. This preference is primarily driven by the fact that Kireina’s heat rejection capabilities outmatch the claims of its competitors.

Some installers have ventured into trying other “nano” brands, only to return to Kireina. The film’s ability to consistently deliver on its promises is a testament to its quality and performance.

Mechanics enthusiastically endorse Kireina for its ability to extend the life of a vehicle by significantly reducing interior UV fade and heat damage. The endorsement for Kireina transcends vehicle types, spanning from exotic hypercars to rugged off-road trucks.

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Dealerships located in tropical climates have also taken notice of Kireina’s exceptional durability, which surpasses the typical vehicle warranty. They have chosen to provide factory-installed Kireina tints, a decision that speaks volumes about the high performance and long-term expectations associated with Kireina Ceramic Tint.

Kireina Philippines Operations

As Kireina expanded internationally, local distributors have emerged to serve Asian populations more directly. One such notable example is Kireina Films Philippines. Let’s delve into what they offer:

  • Professional Installation Network: With a presence across major cities nationwide, Kireina Films Philippines ensures you have access to certified tinters with a track record of over 1,000 successful installations.
  • 12-Year Product Warranty: Their commitment to quality includes a 12-year warranty covering defects and discoloration.
  • 30-Day Installation Workmanship Warranty: For added peace of mind, there is a 30-day warranty on the quality of installation, ensuring a bubble-free application.
  • Expert Consultations: Kireina Films Philippines provides expert guidance to help you determine the ideal tint shade based on your specific climate and vehicle.
  • Bulk Discounts: They offer bulk discounts, making Kireina a suitable choice for builders, car dealerships, and rental fleets.
  • Dealer-Level Relationships: If you’re looking for a more extensive partnership, you can explore the option of becoming an authorized partner with Kireina Films Philippines.
  • Referral Incentives and Promo Packages: Satisfied customers can benefit from referral incentives, and the company regularly offers promotional packages to enhance your experience.
  • Online Store and Mobile Showroom: With samples and appointments readily available through their online store and mobile showroom, Kireina Films Philippines ensures accessibility and convenience.

This partnership model assures a commitment to quality and quality assurance, eliminating the uncertainties often associated with random installers. Additionally, it establishes reliable suppliers capable of accommodating projects of various sizes.


As we bring this in-depth analysis to a close, it’s abundantly clear that Kireina Ceramic Tint consistently exceeds expectations. Whether it’s the long-term heat-blocking performance, remarkable clarity, or its incredible durability, Kireina stands out as a truly worthwhile investment.

For individuals who prioritize the protection of their vehicles from sun damage while reaping significant energy savings, Kireina emerges as the undisputed champion of ceramic tints. Its flawless 12-year track record is a testament to the continuous innovation in Japanese engineering.

When you’re faced with a choice, Kireina’s combination of unrivaled performance, a robust warranty, and strong relationships with reputable installers delivers unparalleled peace of mind. It firmly establishes the new standard against which other “nano” films will inevitably be compared. With Kireina, you’re not just selecting a window tint; you’re choosing a level of quality and performance that leaves the competition in the shade.


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