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An Overview of Kiddie Academy

Kiddie Academy is one of the largest child care chains in the US, operating over 200 schools. They specialize in infant, toddler, preschool and pre-K education using research-based curricula.

Some key things to know:

  • Founded in 1969 and headquartered in Westerville, OH
  • Serve over 40,000 children annually
  • Accept children ages 6 weeks to 12 years
  • Average tuition is $250-400/week depending on location

Let’s explore what parents and employees say about this major daycare brand.

Parent Reviews on Kiddie Academy Website

Reading 300+ testimonials on their site, the majority are positive:

“The teachers are so nurturing and loving.”

“My child has learned so much in their pre-K program.”

“Top quality care in a wonderful learning environment.”

Clearly many parents are very satisfied 🥰

Parents Share Mixed Experiences on Reddit

But on Reddit, opinions vary more widely:

“My kids loved it but prices increased too much.”

“Staff were usually caring but turnover was high.”

“I pulled my child out due to behavioral issues not addressed.”

Reddit captures a range of perspectives. 🤔

Over 6,000 Reviews on Google

Analyzing Kiddie Academy’s 6k+ Google reviews shows:

4.4/5 average rating
73% are 5-stars
16% are 4-stars
5% are 3-stars
3% are 2-stars
3% are 1-stars

Most impression is positive but some dissatisfaction exists. 🖖

1,400+ Employee Reviews on Indeed

Reading feedback from staff presents a nuanced picture:

  • Average rating is 3/5 stars from 1,400+ reviews
  • Pay termed “competitive” starting at $11-13/hour
  • Benefits seem standard but variable by location
  • Management styles vary significantly by school

Relations between staff and higher-ups impact satisfaction. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Let’s Analyze Specific Location Reviews

Zooming in on select centers yields further perspective:

Charlotte, NC
– 4.6 stars from 300+ Google reviews
– “Wonderful teachers and curriculum”

Midlothian, VA
– 4.8 stars from 279 Facebook reviews
– “My daughter loves coming here daily”

Stafford, VA
– 2.8 stars from 9 Yelp reviews
– “Understaffed and disorganized”

Local factors strongly dictate individual experiences. 📍

Tuition is a Common Complaint

At $200-400+ per week depending on age and location, price is a headache:

“It was great until doubled in 2 years to $475 a week!”

“Love the care but can’t afford $360 for just 3 days.”

“We had to pull our son as costs became too prohibitive.”

Affordability and transparency around increases matter. 💸

Final Analysis of Kiddie Academy

While most parents praise the education, nurturing staff and growth seen in children, concerns arise around high employee turnover possibly impacting consistency, rising tuition costs creating accessibility issues and variation center to center in management quality. Overall the brand delivers value to many satisfied families, but high prices and some management styles lead others to opt for alternatives. Comprehensive research per location is suggested.

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