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Julfk.com is an online store that offers a wide range of items, including clothing, shoes, and household goods. However, the store’s recent popularity has raised concerns about its authenticity and safety. In this article, we’ll provide a guide on how the store works, what to expect, and how to spot a scam website.

Things You Should Know Before Shopping From Julfk.com

Owned By a Not So Good Company

Julfk is owned and operated by Sayhi International Ltd, whose online reputation is poor. The company has links to many untrustworthy online stores. Although the website claims to be located in the UK, the company’s actual location is in China.

Zero Customer Support

The website email address julfk@canenne.com is not functional, and there is no phone number provided for customer support. All attempts to contact the customer agent have been futile.

Ridiculous Discounts

Julfk is selling items for prices that are too good to be true. The discount margin is too large and unrealistic, even on a sale. This store uses cheap prices to lure buyers. However, in reality, no legitimate store can offer such discounts.

Lack of Security Measures

The website isn’t risk-free, as it is not secured with McAfee or Norton. This vulnerability makes the site open to hackers who could tamper with customers’ personal and financial details.

Features of Julfk

  • Website URL: Julfk.com
  • Business Address: Not Available
  • Email: julfk@canenne.com
  • Telephone Number: Not Available
  • Product Categories Available On This Website: Variety Of Items
  • Registered On: 2023-04-10
  • Expires On: 2024-04-10
  • Payment Method: Pay With Credit/Debit Card

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When was Julfk Registered? 2023-04-10
  • When will Julfk.com Expire? 2024-04-10
  • What Products Does Julfk com Sell? Variety Of Items
  • Is Order Cancellation Possible? Yes. Before the product is shipped or produced
  • What Is The Returns Policy? Within 14 days of receiving the product
  • What Is The Refunds Policy? Once your return is received and inspected
  • What Is Shipping Policy? Free Shipping on Orders Over £40
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Is Julfk.com A Scam Or Legit?

From our findings, it is clear that Julfk is not a legit or trustworthy online store. Like most fraudulent e-commerce stores, it uses low prices to entice customers and get their guards down. However, when orders are placed, the end result is not satisfactory.

Are You Safe If You Use PayPal To Make Purchase From Julfk.com?

No, you are not. Using PayPal does not guarantee a quick refund these days. Some of these suspicious stores exploit a major issue with PayPal’s system. You purchase the item, a few days later they find a tracking number that has shipped to your area (completely unrelated to you or your item) and then they post this tracking number into your PayPal transaction. PayPal sees this as a complete transaction and almost impossible to dispute.

How To Easily Spot a Scam Website

  • Check the Domain Age – How old is the website? (You can do so by visiting who.is)
  • Physical Location – Does The website provide return address? If Yes (Copy the address and paste on your browser. Google map would show if it is a real warehouse address or a residential address)
  • Check Reviews – Are there customer reviews online? (It is advised that you sit it out if there are no customer reviews of the store. However, if you’re not patient enough to wait, you can send a mail to us to verify if the store is legit)
  • Social Media Presence – Do the social media icons work? (A lot of fraudulent websites provide social media buttons that don’t work. It is advised that you check if the buttons really take you to the store’s social media page)
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Julfk.com, located at Julfk.com, is a viral scam online store that lures customers with its cheap items. It is crucial not to let the discount offer trick you. The store has failed our authenticity test, and as such, we do not recommend it.

If you have been scammed, it is advised to take the necessary steps to protect yourself. This includes filing complaints with your bank and requesting a new credit (debit) card. If you used PayPal as a method of payment, document the transactions for future purposes.

Online shopping has made life easier, but it’s important to be cautious. When ordering online, consider factors such as the age of the website, the availability of a return address, customer reviews, and the functionality of social media links. These steps will help ensure a safer and more satisfactory online shopping experience.


In the realm of online shopping, it’s crucial to exercise caution and discernment when exploring new stores. Julfk.com, an online store claiming to offer a variety of items such as two-piece sets, shoes, tops, and dresses at reduced prices, has garnered attention recently for its discounts on household items like grills, raised garden beds, and self-watering planters. However, it’s important to note that the offers on this site are not genuine, and our investigations have uncovered several concerning aspects that should not be overlooked.

First and foremost, it’s essential to consider the ownership and reputation of an online store. Julfk.com is owned and operated by Sayhi International Ltd, a company with a questionable reputation that is associated with numerous untrustworthy online stores. It’s worth mentioning that many people mistakenly believe that any store claiming to be located in the UK is automatically legitimate. However, the truth is that it’s relatively easy to register a company in the UK, and a mere registration does not guarantee trustworthiness. In the case of Julfk.com, despite the claims, the products actually originate from China, not England.

Another crucial factor in assessing the legitimacy of an online store is the availability of reliable customer support. Unfortunately, Julfk.com falls short in this area. The provided email address, julfk@canenne.com, does not function, and no phone number is provided for customer inquiries. Customers’ attempts to contact the store’s customer service have been met with frustration and disappointment, raising concerns about the store’s commitment to addressing customer concerns and issues.

One of the red flags with Julfk.com is the unrealistic discounts and incredibly low prices. Legitimate stores generally offer reasonable and competitive prices, whereas Julfk.com uses exceptionally low prices to entice buyers. Such steep discounts are often a sign of fraudulent practices, as no legitimate store can sustainably offer items at such unrealistically low prices.

Security is a critical aspect of any online store, as customers need assurance that their personal and financial information is protected. Unfortunately, Julfk.com lacks adequate security measures. The website does not have certifications from trusted security providers like McAfee or Norton, leaving it vulnerable to potential hacking attempts. This puts customers at risk of having their sensitive information compromised.

From our findings, it is evident that Julfk.com is not a legitimate or trustworthy online store. The numerous drawbacks, including the questionable ownership, lack of customer support, unrealistic discounts, and security concerns, clearly indicate that Julfk.com operates with fraudulent intentions. Engaging in transactions with this store puts customers at risk of receiving inferior or different items, encountering overcharged fees, or even not receiving anything at all.

It is strongly advised to refrain from making purchases from Julfk.com. If you have already been affected by this store, it is recommended to file complaints with your bank or credit card provider and request a new card. For those who used PayPal, documenting the transactions through screenshots can be useful for potential disputes.

When shopping online, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and consider various factors, such as the age of the website, the availability of a return address, customer reviews, and the functionality of social media links. These steps will help ensure a safer and more satisfactory online shopping experience.


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