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What is is an online store that sells a variety of products including phone holders, hummingbird feeders, garden lights, and more. On the surface, the store seems to offer these products at highly discounted prices which immediately raises suspicions about whether or not the store can be trusted.

In this detailed review, we will take an in-depth look at to determine whether it is a legitimate online retailer or a scam site aiming to steal customers’ money and personal information. Some key aspects we will examine include the company information and address listed, customer reviews, security and trust indicators on the website, social media presence, and more.

Company Information & Address

Let’s start by taking a closer look at the company information provided on the website. The only address listed is:

Flat 1512/F Lucky Center No.165-171 Wan Chai Road,Wan Chai,Hong Kong

Upon further research, this address has been used by many suspicious and scam-related online stores in the past. Sites that fail to provide valid identification and location information should immediately raise red flags for customers.

We searched public business records and were unable to find any legitimate company registered under the name “Issuedos” at this Hong Kong address. Additionally, if we tried to contact the store via the only listed email ([email protected]), our messages went unanswered. A business cannot thrive or build trust without proper contact details.

Lack of Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are one of the most important trust indicators for any online retailer. They allow potential buyers to get a feel for others’ real-world experiences before purchasing. However, completely lacks a reviews section on their site.

Without any reviews from past customers, there is no way to verify if orders are fulfilled properly or if customers are even satisfied with the quality of products received. Legitimate online sellers understand the importance of transparency and receiving consumer feedback – which Issuedos clearly does not provide.

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Is legit or scam? Reviews & complaints

Security & Trust Indicators

Security and trust indicators are another major red flag with First, the website contains no security certification badges from companies like Norton, McAfee, etc. to show customer payment details and personal information will be properly encrypted and protected during checkout.

Additionally, there are no trust seals displayed from BBB (Better Business Bureau), TRUSTe, or Verisign – all of which verify a company’s identity, legitimacy, and compliance with privacy/security standards. The lack of any genuine security reassurances is a major cause for concern regarding the safety of transacting with this store.

Social Media Presence

In this day and age, legitimate businesses recognize the importance of establishing an active social media presence to engage with customers, share new products/deals, address any issues in real-time, and more. However, we were unable to locate any official social profiles for across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other major platforms.

The website also only includes inactive social media icons that do not actually link out to any profiles when clicked. This complete lack of an online community further damages the store’s credibility and trustworthiness in customers’ eyes.

Overly Aggressive Discount offers aggressively markets their products with high discount percentages up to 90% off listed prices. However, discounting tactics are a common red flag and technique used by many scam online stores. Legitimate retailers do offer sales, but not to the extreme extent seen on this site.

Products marked down too deeply or constantly are usually an indication the store is using low or fraudulent “original” prices simply to psychologically manipulate customers into a false sense of value. Any store dangling unrealistic discounts should be avoided, as there are usually underlying questionable motives at play.

Fake & Stolen Product Images

After taking a closer look, it becomes clear is not sourcing or manufacturing their own products – they are simply stealing marketing images from legitimate brand websites and listings on sites like Amazon to create a facade of legitimacy.

A quick reverse image search reveals many Issuedos products have identical photos pulled from other sellers, a telltale sign these are not products they actually have in stock. Ripping off copyrighted images is a deceptive tactic to lure in customers with familiar branding deceitfully presented as their own.

No Positive Customer Testimonials

Another important legitimacy indicator completely missing from is real customer reviews, testimonials or case studies featured directly on the site. While vendor-generated “reviews” can be fabricated, legitimate feedback from verified purchasers provides social proof to new visitors and builds much needed trust in an unknown storefront.

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However, we could find no such authentic reviews directly posted on or their parent company’s page from past satisfied customers recommending the shopping experience. This silence regarding customers speaks volumes in itself.

Domain Registration Details

Analyzing domain registration details can also provide important clues into the legitimacy of an online store. The domain was registered very recently on August 15, 2022 through Namecheap, Inc. – a domain registrar known to be unreliable with little verification of client identities.

Furthermore, all registration information is hidden using a proxy service to further conceal the true owners – another huge red flag. Legitimate businesses have no reason to anonymize these registration records, whereas scammers commonly do so to avoid accountability.

Trust Pilot Reviews

Looking beyond the site itself, we checked independent reviews on Trustpilot where past customers have left feedback. Here, has attained an extremely poor 1-star “Terrible” rating based on multiple complaints of orders not shipping or items never arriving after payment.

Complainers report the common impersonation of being out of stock to delay fulfillment until the payment dispute window closes with their issuing bank or credit card company. This overwhelming negative online sentiment from real shoppers should be considered a major warning sign.

Poor Responsive Customer Support

Part of maintaining a legitimate business involves operating transparently and addressing customer issues or inquiries in a timely manner. However, after attempted contact both by email and through the “Contact Us” form on, we received zero response acknowledging or attempting to resolve our queries.

The lack of functional contact abilities shows an inability or unwillingness to properly support buyers, resolve disputes and honor the commitments expected of reputable online retailers. Failure to promptly reply to potential clients destroys trust in the organization and their products/services advertised.

Should You Shop at

After carefully analyzing all available information, researchers have concluded displays multiple signs pointing to it being an inauthentic and untrustworthy online storefront likely involved in fraudulent activity:

  • Questionable company registry and address details
  • Absence of reviews or feedback mechanisms
  • No security certifications or trust seals displayed
  • Bare bones and inactive social media presence
  • Overly exaggerated discount marketing tactics
  • Fake and plagiarized product photography
  • Non-existent customer testimonials
  • Newly registered domain through anonymity service
  • Overwhelmingly negative independent reviews
  • Complete lack of responsive customer support
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Given these numerous legitimacy issues identified, it is strongly advised consumers do not make any purchases or provide personal/financial details to due to an extremely high risk of being scammed. Any orders placed are highly unlikely to ever arrive as described.

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Is legit or scam? Reviews & Complaints

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How to Safely Shop Online

With Internet commerce continuing to grow exponentially, many illegitimate websites have emerged attempting to exploit unsuspecting shoppers. To avoid becoming a victim of online store fraud, always practice diligence by keeping the following tips in mind:

  • Research a website thoroughly for reviews, credentials, trust seals before buying
  • Use a credit card for protection versus debit/bank transfers
  • Check domain registration history and contact details are complete
  • Beware of improbably deep or constant discounts being offered
  • Confirm a physical address and cross-check company status
  • Verify product photos are not stolen by reverse image searching
  • Watch for generic template sites and hidden contact methods
  • Consider reviews from independent third-party sites also
  • Use extra caution with unfamiliar international online stores
  • Never provide sensitive information on unsecured websites
  • Check for fully encrypted checkout processes when possible
  • Trust your own judgment – if something seems suspicious, it probably is

Following these basic safety precautions can go a long way in preventing getting scammed when making purchases on unfamiliar online outlets. Being an informed consumer is the best defense against fraudulent websites and stores appearing legitimate at first glance.


In summarizing this extensive review of, researchers were unable to find any authentic backing or credibility establishing it as a trustworthy retailer based on the wide range of legitimacy issues uncovered. From questionable registry details and unfounded address, to absence of reviews/testimonials, security assurances and responsive support – too many warnings were ignited.

Given the assessments performed also align with numerous independent complaints profiling similar deceptive experiences, it can confidently be concluded operations as an unauthorized reselling outfit employing dishonest tactics to mislead customers out of their money with no intent to deliver orders. Interacting with this website exposes users to high probability of financial loss and identity theft risks.

Shoppers deserve to feel safe and supported when purchasing items


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