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In late 2023, reports emerged of a cryptocurrency scam targeting Gemini users through a website calling itself ““. The siteclaimed to offer users a way to withdraw their Gemini Earn balance, but appeared to just be phishing for personal and financial details. This post will examine complaints and analysis of to help identify if it’s a legitimate entity or fraudulent scheme. Details from sources like Reddit, scam watchdog sites, and crypto forums will be explored.

First Reports Surface on Reddit

One of the earliest mentions of appearing to con users came in a Reddit post on r/Gemini from mid-October 2023. The OP shared a screenshot of a text message received stating their “Gemini Earn balance is now available to withdraw” at the suspicious domain. Others in the comments section also reported getting the same SMS but avoided accessing the website due to suspicions. This helped alert the broader Gemini community of a potential new phishing threat.

Website Triggers Scam Warning Signs

Upon visiting, several major red flags emerged according to analysis sites. flagged it with a “very bad” trust score of just 3% after studying website elements. Specifically, the site used privacy protection on registration to hide ownership and had optimization solely for ranking in searches related to Gemini rather than actual trading. Other crypto scam databases like Scamwatcher also labeled it fraudulently impersonating a legitimate exchange.

Suspicious Activity Patterns Observed

Forums like BitcoinTalk saw residents warn others to stay clear of based on odd behavior like the website claiming to offer Gemini services without Gemini’s permission or affiliation. Discussions noted the site resorting to spamming users through SMS/emails despite Gemini not using those methods itself. The overall activity pattern matched classic phishing techniques seen in past cryptocurrency schemes according to cybersecurity experts weighing in.

Design Seems Targeted at Deception

A key objective of phishing websites is imitating authentic platforms through deception in design. mirrored Gemini’s blue color scheme and used their trademarked logo while burying any disclaimers of not being associated in fine print. Videos scrutinizing the site also found no actual functionality, just webpages prompting personal details to be inserted into non-secure forms. Such false branding aims to trick panicking users responding to “withdraw now” style phishing lures.

Common Scam Tactics at Play

Several scam tactics observed being employed include:

  • Impersonating a legitimate business through branding
  • Creating a false sense of urgency around “withdrawing balances”
  • Utilizing spam messages instead of approved company methods
  • Hiding ownership behind proxy privacy protection services
  • Lacking any actual trading interface or features beyond data harvesting
  • Relying on deception over transparency regarding true purpose

Such strategies are red flags consumers need awareness of to spot and avoid crypto-related phishing and investment schemes online.

How to Protect Yourself

To help circumvent phishing risks and differentiate real opportunities from frauds, some recommended precautions include:

  • Be skeptical of unsolicited contact via text/email regarding assets
  • Only engage official platforms throughbookmarks, not links in messages
  • Check an organization’s website directly for announcements
  • Ensure URLs match trademarks without typos or added keywords
  • Report suspicious activity through the FTC and SEC immediately
  • Educate others to spread awareness of changing scam techniques
  • Use security best practices like unique passwords and 2FA authentication

Staying vigilant against deception tactics can safeguard personal details while the cryptocurrency industry continues innovating. Proper caution serves protecting one’s investments and identity online.


Analysis of complaints and itself strongly suggests it constitutes a cryptocurrency phishing scheme preying on unsuspecting Gemini users. The website’s design, behavior patterns and activity all match textbook signs of fraudulent impersonation observed across past crypto scams. By understanding characteristics of these threats and applying recommended safety measures, the community stands in good position to circumvent related risks as new waves of deception emerge. Ongoing vigilance remains key to an innovative, yet secure industry.


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