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With the rise of remote work opportunities online, evaluating website authenticity is crucial to avoid scams targeting job seekers. One such platform garnering attention is, which promises lucrative “mystery shopper” assignments. However, is this opportunity truly legitimate? This comprehensive review examines across several parameters to determine its authenticity.

What is presents itself as a portal connecting individuals to paid “mystery shopping” tasks for brands like Shein. It claims assignments pay up to $750 for reviewing online stores. While enticing, one must validate any platform’s credibility before applying or providing sensitive data.

Domain Registration

Analyzing domain records reveals was created recently in September 2022. Fresh domains are not necessarily scams, but anonymity via proxy registration lacks transparency. Established companies disclose ownership information publicly.

Company Details

No information profiles the owners/founders or provides legal business registration documents. Authentic businesses prove legitimacy through transparent founder backgrounds and compliance with regulations.

Address & Contact Verification

The “Contact” page omits a physical address, only listing an online form. Legitimate enterprises disclose headquarters to build trust in their real-world existence.

Job Posting Depth

Browsing listings finds sparse, vague descriptions lacking standard details like role requirements, payment processes and employer information. Authentic work platforms demonstrate job validity.

Review Benchmarking

Cross-checking Trustpilot, Sitejabber and other sites unearths zero verified reviews for The absence of any customer/worker feedback is peculiar for a major job portal.

Social Profiles

Examining Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter shows no brand mentions or profiles for Established companies develop online communities to engage with clients.

Competitor Analysis uses Shein’s name and logo without permission on what appears to be a copycat domain. Reputable mystery shopping platforms partner directly with businesses.

Technical Security Audit

Security evaluations reveal the site lacks standard HTTPS encryption and has vulnerabilities exploitable for malware/phishing attacks. Legit sites prioritize buyers’ protection.

Payment Processing

No bank, escrow or third-party payment processor details exist to guarantee financial transactions’ safety as seen on respected job boards and marketplaces.

Refund Policy

Vague terms govern refunds and dispute resolution in case of undelivered work contrary to consumer trust-building best practices of industry leaders.

Expert Recommendations

Prudent web users should heed advice to verify:
– Public ownership & business registration
– Physical address matches claimed location
– Varied positive reviews from real people
– Security certifications & safe technical infrastructure
– Transparent payment methods & buyer protections


After diligent multi-dimensional analysis, exhibits all hallmarks of an illegitimate operation: anonymous registration, lack of reviews/profiles, omitting standard business/security practices. Interacting with the site likely invites unacceptable risks.

We advise all readers and potential users to avoid and instead search reputable established job platforms demonstrating proven legitimacy, authentication processes and buyer safeguards above enticing but dubious newly-formed websites.


In conclusion, excessive red flags and unresolved questions around’s authenticity and trustworthiness necessitate strongly advising all individuals to steer clear of this website. Pursue employment opportunities only on thoroughly vetted platforms prioritizing users’ security and well-being.

reputable job platforms that I can use instead of

Here are some reputable and legitimate job/career platforms that you could consider using instead of

  • – One of the largest and most well-known job search sites worldwide. It has listings for many types of full-time, part-time, temporary and contract jobs.

  • LinkedIn Jobs – Great platform for professional/white collar jobs. Allows you to build your professional profile and network. Companies regularly post new opportunities.

  • ZipRecruiter – User-friendly site that streams jobs directly to you from their database of postings. You can actively search or set up job alerts.

  • Glassdoor – In addition to jobs, provides salary info, reviews of companies and insights. Good employers have profiles detailing their culture.

  • AngelList – Focuses on startup jobs and has remote-friendly companies. You can discover opportunities and make direct connections with hiring managers.

  • FlexJobs – Vetted site only displaying legitimate 100% remote job listings so you can cut through scams/MLM. Requires paid membership.

  • Monster – Large database of full-time and part-time employment across many industries and locations. User profiles help with resume/profile optimization.

  • Craigslist – Less polished but craigslist actually has professional jobs mixed in local listings. Just beware of possible scams without employer pages.

I’d suggest spending time on, LinkedIn Jobs and ZipRecruiter to actively search listings from established companies you can easily research and verify independently.


While remote work expands opportunities, deceptive portals endanger prospects requiring heightened diligence. This assessment aims to protect the public through transparently exposing risks for fact-based decision making. Transparency remains essential in digital environments.

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