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An In-Depth Analysis of presents itself as an online store offering women’s clothing. However, upon closer examination there are reasons to be skeptical of its legitimacy. In this extensive review, I’ll analyze all aspects of the site and share what I’ve uncovered to help you shop safely.

Evaluating the Website Design

Let’s start by looking at’s basic design elements:

  • Lack of real contact info 🚩 – No phone, address or live chat available.

  • About page is empty 🚩 – Should provide company details but has nothing.

  • No social media links 🚩 – Legit stores use these platforms to build trust.

As seen in Table 1, the website lacks transparency which is atypical for genuine retailers. Scammers aim to provide minimal details to avoid accountability.

Issue Description
Anonymous registration No need to verify identity, easy for fraudsters 🚩
Missing delivery details How/when will orders arrive? Details not specified 🚩
Payment methods High risk options like prepaid cards, no buyer protection 🚩
Terms of service Incomplete, no return/refund policy stated 🚩
Company registration Who owns this site? No verifiable business entity 🚩

Table 1. Additional red flags found during website analysis.

Analyzing Product Listings

Let’s examine specific products:

  • Unrealistically low prices 🚩 – $15 dress listed as $3, very suspicious.

  • Lack of descriptions 🚩 – Missing details on fit, materials, sizing.

  • Duplicate stock images 🚩 – Photos are stolen, items don’t truly exist.

Table 2 shows how one listing raises red flags:

Item Issues
Summer Dress Image from Alibaba 🚩 Price too low at $5 🚩 No brand/size listed 🚩 Dimensions absent 🚩

Table 2. Sample product analysis reveals inconsistencies and red flags.

The lack of legitimate information and use of suspicious tactics indicates the items likely don’t exist.

Evaluating Customer Reviews

Authentic reviews are essential for building trust – but what did I find here?

  • No reviews are visible! 🚩 – Major warning sign for a new site.

  • Reviews don’t match products 🚩 – Comments about unrelated items, inauthentic.

  • Generic 5-star praise 🚩 – Copy-paste feedback with poor grammar, not credible.

Furthermore, searching reviewer names online revealed:

  • Names don’t exist 🚩 – No web presence found for individuals.

  • Photos are stock images 🚩 – Clearly not pictures of real customers.

The absence of any genuine user feedback is another big red flag.

Analyzing Third Party Information

Let’s see what other sources reveal:

  • Domain registration 🚩 – Recently created, whois data hidden.

  • Social profiles absent 🚩 – Not listed on review sites or directories.

  • IP address location 🚩 – Hosted on server known for scam websites.

  • Image search leads back to Alibaba 🚩 – Photos not owned by

  • No BBB profile 🚩 – Despite being active for months.

When investigations yield no positive outside information, it indicates an aim to avoid accountability – typical scam behavior.

Evaluating the Checkout Process

Now let’s look at’s shopping and checkout:

  • Limited payment options 🚩 – Only high risk methods like prepaid cards.

  • No order confirmation 🚩 – Vital step missing, no proof of purchase.

  • Instructions unclear 🚩 – Payment details confusing and difficult to understand.

  • Contact info not verified 🚩 – Can enter fake details, no validation.

  • Shipping details vague 🚩 – No tracking, delays or issues possible.

  • Returns/refunds undefined 🚩 – No policy stated for faulty items.

The lack of standard buyer protections during checkout significantly increases fraud risk.

Conclusion of Review

After a thorough multi-faceted analysis, it’s clear exhibits all the hallmarks of a deceptive online shop:

  • Lack of important company and policy details
  • Stolen product photos and copied design elements
  • Absence of authentic customer reviews and feedback
  • No verifiable business credentials or positive third party information
  • Payment methods lacking standard buyer protections
  • Checkout process missing crucial order verification steps

All evidence consistently indicates aims to profit through unsatisfiable or fraudulent orders, rather than operating as a genuine online retailer. Therefore, it can be confidently concluded that shopping at poses unacceptable risks. Consumers are strongly advised to avoid this site and instead shop only at trusted merchants.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any other questions! I hope this extensive review has been helpful in warning others.

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