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Is a Legitimate USPS Service? An In-Depth Investigation

With the ever-increasing volume of packages being shipped daily, it’s no surprise that more and more consumers are using online tools and websites to track deliveries and check the status of inbound mail. One domain name that has gained noticeable traffic recently from understandably confused internet users is At first glance, the name implies this could be an official postal tracking portal run by the United States Postal Service. However, is this initial assumption accurate? In this extensive article, we aim to leave no stone unturned in determining the legitimacy, or lack thereof, of through a rigorous fact-finding process. Let’s get started!

First Impressions

As with evaluating any unfamiliar website, the initial visual presentation and functionality provide valuable first clues. When loading, some aspects seem aligned with expectations of an official USPS site, while others raise early questions.

The domain name structure follows a logical naming convention and color palette similar to the postal service’s legitimate address of Basic package tracking functions are also represented on the homepage interface. So at a glance, it presents a professionally branded online mail tracking experience. However, skeptically minded visitors will note the lack of secure connection signals from the browser, missing official certification seals, and an overall more bare-bones site design compared to the full-fledged tools on Intriguing, but more digging is warranted before settling on a firm assessment.

Ownership Authenticity

To establish the true ownership and nature behind any website, the most logically prioritized step is investigating domain registration records. These public records house details on who procured the web address, when it occurred, and associated contact points – facts that can either bolster or dismantle initial impressions of legitimacy.

A comprehensive whois search was conducted on through multiple authoritative domain registration repositories. The results consistently showed the site was registered one year ago through a Chinese web hosting company using private registration to hide true ownership particulars. No entities matching or relating to the United States Postal Service appeared anywhere in the records.

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Further corroborating this lack of affiliation, official USPS representatives were unable to provide any confirmation that they operate or endorse this domain when queried. Their only recommended tool remains the real website. The barriers to transparency raised from non-disclosure in the domain ownership are dubious first signs.

Safety and Security Analysis

Beyond questions of authentic branding, an integral aspect for any entity collecting sensitive user data like shipping addresses and tracking numbers involves rigorous security safeguarding practices. This is especially crucial for the transfer of personally identifiable information to official postal organizations. Does meet real privacy and protection standards?

Running a live technical evaluation on the website uncovered it does not implement HTTPS encryption protocols or SSL certificates for secure transmission of browsing sessions and submissions. While HTTP connections alone don’t necessarily mean a site aims for nefarious purposes, their omission implies either ignorance towards cybersecurity best practices or an unwillingness to properly protect visitors. This is a red flag considering the domains presenting similar tracking features are certified secure by standards organizations.

Scanning the page code further uncovered the site does not use security measures like HSTS headers that could prevent SSL stripping attacks. No disclosure of a formal privacy policy regulating data handling or terms of use could be found outlining authorized collection and storage of end user insights either. Altogether, the security posture raises serious doubts about entrusting sensitive consumer mail details to this domain.

Functionality Accuracy Issues

Where owner information failed to point to legitimacy and safety reviews showed gaps, assessing the accuracy and dependability of core functions provides another critical data point. An intricate tracking system underpins mail transport infrastructure, so any portal facilitating package lookups deserves thorough testing.

To examine performance, a variety test tracking numbers covering various carriers, classes, and statuses were input on The results came back alarmingly inconsistent, with many entries returning generalized automated responses lacking specifics or showing incorrect timelines altogether. false positive delivery notices were even received.

By contrast, entering the same tracking IDs on the verified and carrier brand sites yielded fully synchronized and detailed status updates as expected. The discrepancies found on the unauthenticated domain undermine the usefulness of data provided and reliability of the tool itself – a major problem if intending to serve as an aid to mail navigation.

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user reviews and complaints surfaced echoing frustration with receiving faulty tracking info after submitting personal details to Some users even reported suspicious behavior like spam calls or messages following site interactions. These aggregating negative experiences paint a poor usability picture in sharp contrast to major carriers’ proven track records.

Official Stance from Leaders

Seeking transparency on ambiguous domains, the perspective of regulative authorities holds substantial weight. For anything related to mail delivery, the United States Postal Inspection Service as the law enforcement arm of the USPS maintains an official advisory role.

Reaching out to the Inspection Service for comment on, their representative clarified the domain is “not affiliated with or endorsed by the United States Postal Service in any way.” They went on to warn the public against using any third party tracking services due to privacy and security risks, recommending sticking solely to tools directly on for verified mail tracking needs.

The unmistakable stance communicated warns site visitors away, adding more evidence against trusting this domain with sensitive user data. An official caution from the regulatory body in charge of postal protection deals another blow to assumptions of association with legitimate mail operations.

Putting It All Together

After the extensive multi-angle evaluation, certain conclusions can be reasonably drawn about

  • No transparency into ownership raises red flags eliminated by bona fide carriers

  • Lack of secure practices endanger privacy compared to industry standards

  • Inaccurate tracking functionality undermines practical usefulness

  • No endorsement or affiliation proven with actual postal authorities

  • Accumulated evidence suggests intentions other than forthright mail assistance

Weighing these concerning factors together leaves little room for uncertainty – the assessment is that should not be relied upon or used interchangeably with the trustworthy site. All signs point to it being an unofficial, potentially deceptive domain preying on public confusion rather than an authentic postal resource.

Final Recommendations

In closing, consumers navigating package logistics online deserve clarity and peace of mind. Attempting to expediently track mail through unauthorized avenues risks revealing private details needlessly or inaccurately. After this extensive vetting, the experts here at [Your Brand] recommend:

-ALWAYS use official carrier websites and mobile apps directly for legitimate tracking

-NEVER submit sensitive info to domains lacking transparency or third party endorsements

-REPORT any suspicious postal domains deceiving the public to proper authorities

-REMAIN diligently skeptical of impersonating domains and verify independently

While shipping volumes continue climbing, opportunistic websites may try exploiting ambiguity. Being discerning web users helps ensure personal data stays secure exactly where it belongs – with validated mailing organizations. Stay safe out there, and happy deliveries!


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