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Exposing the Scam: – A Fake USPS Tracking Website


In today’s digital age, scammers are constantly finding new ways to deceive unsuspecting individuals and steal their personal and financial information. One such scam that has recently emerged involves a fake United States Parcel Service (USPS) tracking website known as In this blog post, we will uncover the truth behind this fraudulent website and provide essential information to help you protect yourself from falling victim to such scams.

The Deceptive Tactics

Fake USPS Text Messages

Scammers operating the scam have been sending fake USPS text messages to potential victims. These messages typically inform recipients that they have a package to be delivered and provide a link to track their shipment. Unsuspecting individuals who click on the link are directed to the website, where the scam unfolds.

The Phony Website

Upon reaching the website, visitors are prompted to enter their personal and financial information. This includes sensitive data such as names, addresses, credit card details, and social security numbers. The scammers behind this operation use deceptive tactics to trick users into believing that they are providing their information to the legitimate USPS website.

False Sense of Urgency

Scammers often create a sense of urgency to pressure individuals into taking immediate action. In the case of the scam, victims are led to believe that failure to provide their personal and financial information will result in a delay or cancellation of their package delivery. This tactic aims to bypass rational thinking and coerce victims into divulging sensitive information without questioning the legitimacy of the website.

Recognizing the Red Flags

Poorly Designed Website

A key red flag to watch out for is the design and overall appearance of the website. Scammers often create fake websites that mimic the layout and branding of legitimate companies, but upon closer inspection, you may notice inconsistencies, poor graphics, or grammatical errors. Trust your instincts and be cautious if anything about the website seems off or unprofessional.

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Requests for Personal and Financial Information

Legitimate shipping companies like USPS typically do not require customers to provide personal or financial information on their tracking websites. If you are asked to enter sensitive data such as credit card details or social security numbers, it is a clear indication of a scam. Always be wary of any website or platform that requests such information, especially if it is unsolicited.

Suspicious URLs

Pay close attention to the URL of the website you are visiting. In the case of the scam, the website address itself is a clear indicator of its fraudulent nature. Legitimate USPS websites will typically have a consistent URL structure and use the official USPS domain. Scammers often employ slight variations or completely different domain names to deceive users. Double-check the URL and ensure it matches the legitimate company’s official website.

Lack of Secure Connection

Another red flag to consider is the absence of a secure connection on the website. Legitimate websites, especially those involving the submission of personal and financial information, utilize secure connections to protect users’ data. Look for the padlock icon in the browser’s address bar, indicating a secure HTTPS connection. If the website lacks this security feature, it is best to avoid entering any sensitive information.

Taking Action

If You’ve Been Scammed

If you have already fallen victim to the scam and disclosed your financial information, it is crucial to act swiftly. Contact your bank or financial institution immediately to report the incident and seek guidance on how to protect your accounts. They can assist in monitoring your accounts for any suspicious activity and may be able to reverse any unauthorized transactions.

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Reporting the Scam

It is essential to report scams like to the appropriate authorities. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) through their online reporting system. Additionally, notify the USPS directly of the scam by contacting their customer service or reporting it through their official website. By reporting the scam, you contribute to ongoing efforts to track and shut down fraudulent operations.

Stay Vigilant and Spread Awareness

Prevention is key when it comes to avoiding scams. Stay vigilant and educate yourself about common scams and red flags to watch out for. Share this information with family, friends, and colleagues to help them stay safe online. By spreading awareness and remaining cautious, we can collectively minimize the impact of scams and protect ourselves and our communities.

Strengthening Your Online Security

To further protect yourself from online scams, consider implementing additional security measures. Use strong, unique passwords for each of your online accounts and enable two-factor authentication whenever possible. Regularly update your devices and software to ensure you have the latest security patches. Invest in reputable antivirus software and be cautious when clicking on links or downloading attachments from unknown sources.


The scam, posing as a fake USPS tracking website, is a prime example of the lengths scammers will go to deceive unsuspecting individuals. By understanding the tactics employed by these fraudsters and recognizing the red flags, you can protect yourself from falling victim to such scams. Always verify the legitimacy of websites, avoid sharing personal and financial information on suspicious platforms, and report any suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities. Stay informed, stay cautious, and stay safe in your online interactions. Remember, it is through knowledge and vigilance that we can combat these fraudulent schemes and safeguard ourselves and our online community.

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