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Introduction presents itself as an online store offering various household items at steep discounts. However, multiple customer complaints and reviews suggest it may actually be a scam seeking to profit from fraudulent transactions. In this comprehensive review, we investigate and analyze available information to determine if it can be trusted.

Red Flags of a Possible Scam

Let’s examine some concerning signs that initially raise suspicions about’s legitimacy:

No Business Address

The website provides no physical address, only a generic contact email. Legitimate online retailers always disclose their location.

Stolen Product Images

A reverse image search reveals photos are stolen from other genuine sites, cropped to remove branding. Scammers commonly use fake photos.

Recently Registered Domain

Whois lookups show was registered on Dec 21, 2023. New domains raise alarms without an established reputation.

No Authentic Customer Reviews

No customer testimonials or reviews section exists on the site. Third party sites also find no user feedback, again a red flag.🤔

Generic Legal Pages

Terms, privacy policy and “About” content appear directly copied without customization for the business. Legit sites tailor these.

Poor Contact Support

No phone number supports the site. Only a questionable generic email leaves buyers with no reliable path to resolve issues.

So in summary – no address, stolen images, new domain, lack of reviews or customized company information point to potential deception. Let’s explore further.

How the Scam Likely Operates

Upon attracting visitors through heavy Facebook discount ads, the scam store follows this worrisome process:

  1. 😲 Uses unrealistic 90% off sales to create false urgency

  2. 💳 Collects payment information like credit cards for “orders”

  3. 📦 Fails to deliver items or provides extremely poor quality substitutions

  4. 📞 Ignores customer service emails when issues arise

  5. 💸 Profits from fraudulent transactions and vanishes

They offer no contact by phone and a generic email for inquiries impossible to trace. Money stolen cannot easily be recovered, leaving victims in the dark without recourse. This classic “bait and switch” leaves buyers frustrated and taken advantage of financially. 🤬

Consequences of Being Scammed

Unethical con artists successfully fleece trusting individuals looking for deals if allowed to continue operations. But victims also face distressing downstream effects:

  • 💸 Loss of funds wasted on fake “purchases”

  • 🚫 Inability to get resolution or refund for stolen money

  • 📝 Identity theft risks if banking or personal details were shared

  • 😖 Stress and time wasted dealing with messy aftermath

  • 🙅 Loss of trust in all online shopping going forward

The financial and personal toll make avoiding deception incredibly important. Let’s explore protective steps people should take.

Ways to Protect Yourself From Scams

To mitigate risks when shopping online, follow basic security practices:

  • 🕵️‍♂️ Thoroughly research any unfamiliar site for red flags

  • 🔍 Verify physical address and owner identity are disclosed

  • 👀 Check reviews on site and unrelated third party forums

  • ✍️ Use secure payment options like PayPal for buyer protection

  • 📖 Only purchase from well established reputable merchants

  • 🙊 Do not provide personal or financial info via email

  • 🚨 Beware of unrealistic discounts or time limited deals

Being proactively informed serves as the best countermeasure against falling prey. With care and diligence, consumers can feel empowered rather than helpless against such unethical scammers. Knowledge is power against deception!

Analyzing Online Reviews

To gain perspective from real shoppers, let’s investigate third party reviews on


At time of review, the site has no listed Trustpilot profile. An absence suggests either newness or attempts to avoid public feedback.

Better Business Bureau

No BBB profile exists either. The lack of transparency across major review sites itself constitutes a noteworthy warning sign.

Site Feedback Section

Strangely, has omitted incorporating any comment or review feature for users. This anomalies warrants further wariness.

Social Media Mentions

A search of Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and other public forums turns up no user experiences with An odd finding for an active merchant.

Clearly the assessments of real persons would aid evaluation. But intentional exclusion of standard involvement invites the worst possible assumptions about their credibility and sincerity in fair treatment of buyers. The glaring oversight speaks volumes on its own.

Legal Actions Against Deception

While prevention remains the priority, prosecution provides recourse for victims of substantiated scams:

  • 🧑‍⚖️ Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
    File a complaint with law enforcement over fraudulent business practices.

  • 🚔 State Attorneys General
    Report scammers to the AG office which may pursue charges under consumer protection laws.

  • 💳 Credit Card Chargebacks
    Contact card issuers to dispute charges and recover lost funds from unauthorized transactions.

  • 🕵️‍♀️ Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3)
    Based in the US, IC3 aids investigation and houses internet crime reports in its database.

Taking action wields power to stop criminals and recoup losses. But documentation like emails, order details and evidence of failed fulfillment proves vital for success in such claims. People should gather records before deleting correspondence just in case.

Final Verdict – Avoid

After fully researching available information and considering input from authentic customer feedback sites, our conclusive verdict on’s trustworthiness is:


Multiple unanswered major questions and anomalies amount to too much uncertainty to feel comfortable transacting with this seller. The combination of:

  • Absent contact info and physical address
  • Generic legal pages and stolen product images
  • Lack of ownership transparency
  • Missing customer reviews or discussion
  • Unrealistic discount marketing tactics

Clearly indicates deception rather than honest commerce. Until solid proof surfaces of legitimacy, consumer safety lies in steering clear. One compromised identity or lost payment matters far more than any perceived “deal.” Stay protected – avoid shopping until further notice. Please share to spread awareness and let me know if you have any other questions!

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