is typewhizz legit or scam? reviews & complains 2023


Is TypeWhizz a Legitimate Work from Home Opportunity?

In the ever-evolving landscape of work-from-home opportunities, it’s essential to scrutinize each option thoroughly before committing time and effort. TypeWhizz, a platform that touts itself as a hub for professional transcriptionists, has garnered attention in this regard. However, beneath the glossy exterior, questions persist about the legitimacy of this work-from-home endeavor. This comprehensive review dives deep into TypeWhizz, dissecting its business model, examining user experiences, and endeavoring to establish whether it stands as a genuine avenue for employment.

How Does TypeWhizz Work?

At first glance, TypeWhizz portrays itself as an online training and certification program designed to equip aspiring transcriptionists with the skills needed for success in this profession. Prospective transcriptionists can enroll in TypeWhizz’s digital course to acquire essential transcription skills, including note-taking, speech comprehension, and typing speed.

Upon successful completion of the course, certified transcriptionists gain access to a catalog of transcription jobs posted by TypeWhizz clients. These jobs span across various industries, ranging from healthcare to law and media. The core task involves transforming audio files into written documents, an essential function in transcription.

Payment for transcription work is dispensed via monthly paychecks, with earnings determined by the number of completed jobs. On the surface, TypeWhizz’s model mirrors that of other established remote job platforms, but does it truly offer what it professes? Let’s delve further into the depths of this opportunity.

Verifying TypeWhizz’s Legitimacy

To assess the authenticity of TypeWhizz as a work-from-home opportunity, we must scrutinize various facets, including its online reputation, credibility indicators, and user reviews:

  • Trustpilot: An impressive collection of over 200 reviews paints a positive picture, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. However, certain reviews highlight issues related to inconsistent pay.
  • HelloPeter: This platform hosts 46 reviews, but the average rating of 3 out of 5 stars suggests a more mixed sentiment. The reviews express concerns about late or unfair pay, casting shadows on the user experience.
  • ScamAdviser: Assigning TypeWhizz a trust score of 67%, ScamAdviser rates it as low risk, indicating that the company is likely genuine.
  • Age & Credentials: TypeWhizz boasts a history dating back to 2013 and is registered in the UK. Nevertheless, publicly available information about its founders or management remains scant.
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In combining these indicators, a nuanced image emerges. TypeWhizz appears to have the trappings of legitimacy, but lingering doubts surround its compensation practices, prompting the need for deeper investigation.

User Experiences With TypeWhizz

For an unfiltered view of how users interact with TypeWhizz and what they have to say, it is essential to delve into genuine user experiences. Here are key insights from users themselves:

  • Reddit: The Reddit community offers a mixed bag of feedback on TypeWhizz. While many users share positive experiences, issues surrounding pay, a dearth of available work, and what appear to be deceptive tactics employed by TypeWhizz raise concern.
  • Glassdoor: Most reviews on Glassdoor award TypeWhizz a rating of 3 to 4 stars. However, these reviews point to problems such as unreliable pay, misrepresentations regarding income potential, and a dearth of available jobs that align with the income promises.
  • YouTube: A recurring theme in review videos on YouTube is the disconnect between the extravagant income promises made by TypeWhizz’s marketing and the reality of inconsistent pay and a lack of complete transparency regarding the platform’s model.

On the whole, user feedback paints a picture of a platform that delivers inconsistent compensation, makes grandiose income claims that it doesn’t substantiate, and fails to provide a significant volume of readily available work. These collective concerns cast a shadow of doubt over the legitimacy of TypeWhizz as a dependable source of primary income.

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Is TypeWhizz a Scam?

Having thoroughly evaluated TypeWhizz’s online presence, reputation signals, business profile, and, most importantly, the candid insights from actual users, it is possible to conclude that TypeWhizz does not meet the definition of a traditional scam.

Nevertheless, there exists a stark discrepancy between the platform’s marketing, which presents an alluring image of high and reliable income potential, and the actual experiences of users. Complaints related to inconsistent or absent pay suggest that TypeWhizz may not consistently adhere to ethical business practices.

While certification through TypeWhizz’s program is likely to offer valuable skills, it does not guarantee a stable income or an abundance of available transcription work, as extensively implied in the platform’s marketing. For serious career transcriptionists, relying solely on TypeWhizz poses a substantial risk.

In the grand scheme of legitimacy, TypeWhizz emerges as a shade of gray. It’s neither an outright fraud nor a transparent beacon of opportunity. The mixed signals, varying user reports, and concerns surrounding compensation practices all reinforce the need for a cautious approach when considering involvement with TypeWhizz. Its legitimacy remains a topic of debate, making it prudent to exercise due diligence.

Alternatives to TypeWhizz

For individuals seeking work-from-home opportunities free from the uncertainties that seem to shadow TypeWhizz, several alternative platforms offer clearer and more reliable prospects. Here are some worthy alternatives:

  • TranscribeMe: A well-reviewed platform in the transcription realm that provides transparent pay rates and an array of robust client projects.
  • Rev: A popular choice among transcriptionists, Rev offers competitive pay and the flexibility to set your own working hours.
  • GoTranscript: With its professional transcription training and a steady stream of clients offering regularly posted jobs, GoTranscript is an option that inspires more confidence.
  • Upwork: This vast freelancing marketplace enables new transcriptionists to build their experience and reviews over time. It offers a diverse array of opportunities beyond transcription as well.
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These alternatives furnish a higher degree of certainty regarding the availability of work and the consistency of compensation. When seeking legitimate remote job platforms, these alternatives stand as brighter beacons of opportunity, free from the shadows of ambiguity that sometimes obscure TypeWhizz.


In summary, while TypeWhizz does not fit the mold of a traditional scam, its credibility as a dependable career solution faces a series of challenges. The platform’s overly promotional marketing, inconsistent practices related to pay, and the absence of complete transparency serve to tarnish its image as a trustworthy source of employment. Furthermore, unresolved questions regarding the platform’s management compound the cloud of uncertainty that looms over its legitimacy.

For those in pursuit of legitimate work-from-home opportunities as transcriptionists, the wiser path may involve exploring alternative platforms. These alternatives offer transcription work without the attendant uncertainties that accompany TypeWhizz. For those committed to the pursuit of reliable remote transcription work, the best course of action may involve seeking opportunities that provide clearer pathways to success and a stronger sense of accountability. Indeed, when considering involvement with TypeWhizz, the age-old adage of caveat emptor, or “let the buyer beware,” rings true.


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