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Is a Legitimate Travel Booking Site? is one of the largest online travel agencies in the world, but is it a trustworthy site to book your next vacation? In this comprehensive review, we’ll take an in-depth look at’s reputation, services offered, consumer reviews and more to determine whether or not it’s a legitimate option for planning your travels. Company Background and Offerings

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Singapore, operates as an online travel agency providing flight, hotel and package booking services. The company is publicly traded and has grown to be a global leader in the travel industry, employing over 30,000 people worldwide. owns and operates several other travel brands including Skyscanner for flight searches and Ctrip for the Chinese market. This wide portfolio of travel companies under the corporate umbrella allows the site to offer competitive rates and a large inventory of travel options to customers.

Through’s website and mobile app, users can explore over 1.2 million hotel listings in more than 200 countries and book air travel on over 2 million flight routes connecting more than 5,000 cities globally. The site also provides car rentals, tours, activities and train tickets. Additional membership perks like the Trip Rewards loyalty program can unlock even better travel deals over time.

Is Legitimate and Safe to Use?

As one of the largest online travel agencies in operation for over two decades, is most certainly a legitimate business. Some key indicators that can be trusted include:

  • Publicly traded on stock exchanges and subject to regulatory compliance standards.

  • Uses encryption technology and adheres to privacy best practices to securely handle personal and financial details.

  • Over 30,000 employees worldwide and several major brands under its umbrella create stability.

  • Serves millions of customers annually with a sizable online reputation to protect.

So in summary – yes, is a real and legitimate travel booking portal. The multi-billion dollar company has strong motivations and safeguards in place to operate safely and legally. Users can feel secure in knowing their data and transactions are protected on’s websites.

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Is Reliable for Accurate Bookings?’s reputation for reliability stems from being a large, long-established player in the online travel agency space. Here are some indicators that point to delivering on accurate bookings:

  • Over 20 years of experience facilitating millions of travel reservations with few reported issues.

  • Stockholder accountability and public scrutiny discourage business practices that undermine trust or reliability.

  • Integration with major airline, hotel and rental car providers ensures accurate availability and booking confirmations.

  • 24/7 multilingual customer support is available to help solveproblems that do arise.

While occasional mix-ups or external disruptions are possible with any booking site,’s scale, track record and partnerships provide confidence in booking reliable travel on the portal. Users can feel assured confirmed reservations will be honored as expected through

Why Are Prices Often Cheaper on

When shopping online to book travel, frequently undercuts competitors on price – but what allows them to offer lower rates? There are a few factors contributing to’s cost advantages:

  • Streamlined Cost Structure – Operating primarily online without bricks-and-mortar shops means lower overhead is passed to customers.

  • Volume Discounts – As one of the largest OTAs, wields massive bargaining power to negotiate better rates from suppliers.

  • Membership Perks – Loyalty programs like Trip Rewards entice frequent use, supporting frequent lower dynamic rates.

  • Efficiency Gains – Technological optimizations streamline the booking process for cost savings can share.

  • Aggregation Effect – One-stop access to millions of options gives leverage to distribute inventory optimally.

Consumers benefit directly from these efficiencies as frequently undercuts competitors on price while maintaining high service quality. It’s a go-to brand for travel deals.

How to Use Effectively

Now that we’ve established is legitimate and can provide a good booking experience, here are some tips for fully utilizing this travel agency effectively:

  • Flexible Dates – Input a range rather than specific dates to find better deals on flights and hotels.

  • Filter By Price – Quickly narrow listings based on a target maximum nightly rate or total budget.

  • Read Reviews – Third-party assessments prevent selecting subpar options you’d later regret.

  • Apps and Web – Seamlessly search on any device while also getting push alerts of deals.

  • Points Profile – Register your bookings to earn Trip Rewards you can redeem later.

  • Customer Support – Prompt 24/7 assistance is invaluable for addressing complications.

  • Weekly Promo Emails – Don’t miss time-sensitive discounted rates subscribed via email.

By employing these best practices, value-focused travelers can get the most out of’s offerings and booking experience.

What Do Customer Reviews Say About

To gain insight into real user experiences, it’s informative to browse reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Google. Some notable takeaways include:

Trustpilot Rating – holds an average 3.6/5 rating from over 25,000 Trustpilot reviews. While not perfect, this is comparable or better than competitors.

Positive Feedback – Approximately two-thirds of all reviewers left 4- or 5-star ratings, praising’s selection, ease-of-use and notable trip savings at times.

Top Complaints – Hotel booking issues, unexpected itinerary changes and hidden fees surface occasionally but seem addressed promptly by customer support according to reviewers.

Overall Sentiment – Despite inevitable qualms, the bulk of user commentary reflects satisfaction with’s value, performance and problem-solving efforts when issues have arisen.

So while no company placates every customer perfectly, appears well-regarded overall based on social proof from thousands weighing in online – lending confidence that needs are generally met or exceeded.

Are There Really Fake Hotel Reviews on

The concern of inauthentic user-generated reviews artificially boosting certain properties is understandable across travel booking platforms. However, has implemented safeguards intended to curb this problem:

  • User Identity Verification – Only submitting reviews once a bonafide guest verifies their first booking helps credibility.

  • Meaningful Incentives – Trip Rewards points for sharing feedback aim to align financial interests in honesty rather than sabotage.

  • Responsible Moderation – Flagged reviews undergo human screening to confirm trips align with commentary and adherence to policy.

  • Transparency Tools – Review analysis displays percentages recommending, warning and undaunted users about authenticity issues.

No system achieves perfect accuracy identifying deceptive commentary. Still,’s proactive efforts appear reasonably designed discouraging fabricated input while surfacing generally reliable assessments to inform decisions overall. Alternatives to Consider

While ranks among top choices for affordable booking options, competitive alternatives exist for comparison shopping deals or a change of scenery:

  • – Wider footprint of accommodations in smaller cities but poorer reviews of customer care.

  • Expedia – Vast inventory and consolidated doorway for supplementary services too yet more costly on average.

  • Hotwire – Limited selection visibility prior but great for undiscovered locale adventures if flexibility abounds.

  • HostelWorld – Filter-friendly resource maximizing social travel budgets without sacrificing quality stays.

  • Airbnb – Authentic local lodging and experiences when seeking immersion over sterile booking portals.

Do diligence reviewing each site suited for travel preferences. But holds its own among major OTAs, justifying consideration among top booking candidates.

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Final Analysis – Is Legitimate?

By assessing key factors encompassing’s background, offerings, trustworthiness indicators, user reception metrics and competitive options, the conclusion identifies this travel booking site as a fundamentally legitimate operation.

Operating safely and legally at scale for over two decades with consistent service reflects positive attributes like accountability, expertise and a vested interest upholding integrity. For most travelers, thereby stands a very viable OTA selection.

While not perfect to satisfy every customer inspecific situations,’s advantages in areas such as pricing power, reliability, customer care, fraud protections and review integrity correlate to a generally reputable travel booking experience. This keys broader recommendation of feeling secure exploring as a travel planning resource. may not emerge as the lone option suited for all travel profiles. However, objective analysis resolves this as an unquestionably legitimate online travel agency matching or exceeding industry standards with a track record underscoring trustworthiness. Value-driven wanderlusters needing travel booking assistance would be wise putting trust in

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