Is sugoola legit or scam? reviews 2024


Sugoola is a brand that offers various wellness and beauty products that claim to provide benefits such as weight loss, breast enhancement, height increase, and more. However, there seem to be concerns about whether the company and its products can be trusted. In this post, we will take an in-depth look at Sugoola reviews and reports to determine the legitimacy of this brand and help readers make informed purchasing decisions.

Sugoola Product Claims and Offerings

Sugoola markets a variety of different products on its website including:

  • Natural SizeUp Keratopeptide Protein Patch – Claims to promote breast enhancement and lifting through keratopeptide proteins.

  • Far Infrared Schorl Titanium Ion Heightening Booster – Claims to help increase height through infrared heat and titanium ions.

  • Ion Energy Vest – Promotes weight loss and fat burning through infrared therapy and ion emission.

  • CurvaLift Electric Chest Massager – Provides breast massage for lifting and firming effects.

  • Far Infrared Titanium Ion Heightening Knee Guard – Treats unequal leg lengths and promotes height growth.

All of Sugoola’s products leverage various technologies like infrared heat, negative ions, proteins, and massage to provide their purported benefits. However, it’s important to validate whether these claims have scientific backing or not.

Sugoola Reviews and User Reports

Let’s take a look at what actual customers who have purchased and used Sugoola products are saying:

  • Amazon reviews for the Natural SizeUp Keratopeptide patches are mixed. While some report noticing firmer breasts, others saw no effects. Several mentioned rashes or skin irritation.

  • On TikTok, videos promoting the Far Infrared Schorl Titanium Ion Heightening Booster have very few likes or comments, indicating lack of interest or proven results.

  • Reddit threads discussing Sugoola products raise doubts about the brand’s trustworthiness with no solid evidence the items work as advertised.

  • Independent review sites like Scam Detector give a low trust ranking of 2.9 out of 5 based on the website’s youth and lack of transparency.

Overall, there doesn’t seem to be widespread positive reviews or case studies to substantiate Sugoola’s product claims from real users. Most feedback ranges from no effects noticed to questionable side effects reported. More research would be needed to confirm benefits.

Scientific Evidence for Sugoola Product Technologies

Do the key techniques and ingredients Sugoola uses in their formulations like infrared heat, negative ions, proteins etc. actually provide the advertised effects? Let’s examine the scientific consensus:

  • Infrared heat: Some studies link infrared saunas to fat loss and muscle recovery but no evidence it alone promotes weight loss or height increases as claimed.

  • Negative ions: Limited research suggests negative ions may reduce stress and boost mood but no proof they shape or contour the body.

  • Keratoproteins: No medical data supporting topical keratopeptide patches can permanently enlarge or lift breasts over time as advertised.

  • Titanium ions: No scientific basis found that wearing titanium ion emitting items not FDA approved can alter bone growth patterns and increase height long-term.

In summary, while some ingredients may provide minor wellness support, there is a lack of clinical studies to back Sugoola’s specific product promises. More rigorous research would be needed first before customers can feel confident in the claims.

Other Concerns Regarding Sugoola

Beyond questionable efficacy, there are some other red flags surrounding Sugoola:

  • New company: was registered in late 2022, so it has not yet established long-term brand trustworthiness.

  • Overpromising effects: By promising dramatic physical transformations without proof, Sugoola raises scam suspicions.

  • Lack of clinical trials: Absence of any referenced trials or studies demonstrating products work as promoted.

  • Money-back guarantees: Unclear refund policy makes purchasing risky without safety net if items don’t deliver.

  • Discrepancies found: claims a US address but WHOIS data shows it’s based in China where oversight may differ.

All things considered – the newness, lofty promises without data, uncertainty, and other inconsistencies contribute to reduced confidence in Sugoola’s reputation among both experts and customers thus far.

Consumer Recommendations

Based on available Sugoola reviews and analysis of product technologies and claims, here are suggestions for consumers:

  • Proceed with caution due to unverified wellness allegations that could mislead buyers.

  • Consult doctors before trying any product making serious medical or surgical implications.

  • Consider independent reviews, brand reputation, return policy fully before commitment to purchase.

  • Stick to scientifically-backed items first if health, aesthetics are primary goals over untested remedies.

  • Test minor wellness aids yourself watching for adverse effects and confirm working as intended.

  • Further research or clinical evidence would help substantiate any of Sugoola’s remarkable advertisements.

Overall, while some items seem lower risk wellness supports, higher expectations require more research given concerns raised. Individual analytical assessment of any opportunity is prudent.


In summary, Sugoola offers a line of wellness and beauty products leveraging various technologies but promising dramatic physical changes without apparent scientific validation to back the claims being made. Customer reviews and analysis of the scientific literature surrounding key ingredients casts doubts about the brand’s trustworthiness and whether their products truly work as advertised. More research, transparent testing, consideration of consumer safety, and establishment of brand reputation over time will be important for Sugoola to gain widespread confidence and trust moving forward. Individual assessment remains advised given uncertainty. Continued third party analysis can help establish more clarity on Sugoola’s true value or lack thereof.

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