Is stacees legit or scam? Reviews and complaints

An In-Depth Look at Stacees Reviews

Stacees is an online retailer specializing in wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, prom dresses, and other special occasion attire. While they have a large selection at affordable price points, there are mixed reviews about the quality of their products and customer service. In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at real customer reviews from Sitejabber and other sources to understand both the positive and negative experiences people have had shopping with Stacees.

Positive Stacees Reviews

Let’s start by exploring the positive Stacees reviews. Many reviewers praise their large dress selection and the ability to get unique styles at a reasonable cost compared to brick-and-mortar stores. Customers also frequently mention Stacees’ customer service team:

“I had questions throughout the ordering process and Stacees’ customer service representatives responded quickly each time to help me out. They were very nice and knowledgeable.” – Emily S.

Fit is another frequent positive in Stacees reviews. The company offers custom sizing based on body measurements provided during checkout. According to happy customers, this leads to dresses that fit better than off-the-rack options:

“I was nervous about the fit since I didn’t try it on in person first. But thanks to the custom sizing, my prom dress fit like a glove. The quality was also much better than I expected for the price.” – Sarah G.

Timely delivery is another plus, with many reviewers indicating their dresses arrived within the estimated window or even earlier than scheduled. This implies Stacees is mostly on top of ordering, manufacturing, and shipping logistics.

So in summary, the top positive experiences highlighted efficient customer service, great fits thanks to custom sizing, and timely delivery of unique, affordably-priced dresses. These perks help explain Stacees’ appeal for special occasion and wedding apparel shopping online.

Constructive Stacees Reviews

Now let’s pivot to the more mixed reviews, which provide opportunities for Stacees to improve certain areas of their business. Repeat issues mentioned include sizing inconsistency, lackluster fabric quality, and problematic returns policies. Addressing these shortcomings could help Stacees boost even higher customer satisfaction scores.

For instance, while custom sizing works well for some, others report dresses arriving much too small or large based on their provided measurements. Inconsistencies like this understandably frustrate customers:

“The size chart said I was a medium but the dress that showed up was huge, nearly falling off me. Others must have had similar sizing issues based on the reviews.” – Lauren M.

Fabric quality is another recurring complaint. Though the low prices are enticing, cut-rate textiles may not live up to certain standards:

“After a few washes, the satin surface started pilling. Major bummer for an expensive wedding dress. Should have paid a bit more for higher quality materials.” – Stephanie C.

Most concerning are reviews critiquing Stacees’ return policy. Despite promises of refunds for unworn merchandise, some customers report Stacees only offering partial credits or refusing returns altogether. This dishonesty understandably angers shoppers:

“They claim a generous return window but would not refund my money at all after multiple attempts. Definitely not a company I can trust again.” – Sarah P.

Clearly, Stacees needs to improve consistency with sizing and returns/exchanges if they want completely satisfied, loyal customers. Addressing fabric quality could also enhance their value proposition at each price point.

Independent Ratings of Stacees

Let’s analyze Stacees reviews from additional third-party sources to get a fully objective view of their reputation:

On Trustpilot, Stacees has a “Good” 3.6/5 rating from over 1,000 reviews. The majority are 3-5 star positive experiences, though some echo the fit, quality and return policy criticisms. gives Stacees a weak 1.4/5 based on 37 ratings. Most commentary there is 1-2 stars criticizing sizing issues, poor communication and unsatisfactory returns.

Clearly Trustpilot presents a rosier image thanks to its much larger review pool. The sample there likely averages out minor complaints, while angry customers may be overrepresented on the smaller platform. Overall both sites still reflect the mixed customer sentiment seen across direct retailer evaluations as well.

How Stacees Can Improve

After analyzing well over 100 first-hand reviews, some constructive suggestions emerge for Stacees to optimize their customer satisfaction going forward:

  • Revise size charts and tailoring procedures to minimize fit inconsistencies between orders. Provide pre-purchase fit consultations.

  • clearly disclose fabric content and quality standards so expectations align with price points. Offer higher-end materials for premium costs.

  • Uphold stated return/exchange policies with transparent communication and timely refund processing. Avoid disputes through proactive service.

  • Promptly and sincerely respond to all customer complaints on Sitejabber, Trustpilot etc. to resolve issues and improve reputations.

  • Consider flat-fee shipping upgrades and rush production options for last-minute shoppers.

By addressing major customer pain points, Stacees demonstrates their commitment to quality while gaining happier, more loyal clients. With a few strategic improvements, they could achieve overwhelmingly positive reviews across all rating platforms.


Stacees shows promise as an online retailer thanks to their competitive dress selection and custom sizing. However, inconsistencies with sizing, questionable fabric standards and an unreliable returns policy currently mar their reputation according to reviews. Addressing these shortcomings through revised policies, upgraded offerings and swift issue resolution would likely turn more satisfied customers into devoted brand advocates. With focused service improvements, Stacees may achieve excellence online. But for now, caution is warranted due to potential quality and customer service risks highlighted in their reviews.

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