Is Legit or a Scam? Reviews and complaints


Is Legit or a Scam? Unveiling The Truth, an online sports retailer, has recently garnered mixed reviews regarding their delivery service and customer support. With an average rating of 2.0, the company has faced criticism from customers due to various issues.

Delivery Problems

Mishandled Packages

One of the most common complaints from customers revolves around delivery problems. Many customers have reported receiving packages that were mishandled during transit. Packages have arrived torn and left in unfavorable conditions, leading to wet contents and damaged products. Such incidents have resulted in frustration and dissatisfaction among customers who expected their orders to arrive in pristine condition.

Delayed Deliveries

Customers have also faced significant delays in receiving their orders. Slow delivery times have caused inconvenience and disappointment for customers eagerly awaiting their purchases. The lack of timely delivery has led to inconvenience, especially for those who were counting on the products for specific events or activities.

Customer Service Complaints

Unresponsive Support

Moreover, customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the customer service provided by Instances of receiving previously used shoes without labels and damaged packaging, coupled with inadequate compensation, have left customers feeling unsatisfied. Some customers have reported unresponsive customer service representatives, making it difficult for them to address their issues or seek solutions.

Inadequate Compensation

In cases where customers received faulty or unsatisfactory products, the compensation provided by the company has been lacking. Some customers have reported receiving replacement products instead of refunds, even when they were entitled to a full refund. This lack of flexibility and fairness in the compensation process has left customers feeling frustrated and unsatisfied.

Refund Process Challenges

Lengthy Refund Process

Additionally, the refund process has been reported as problematic, leading to frustration among customers. Some customers have faced difficulties in obtaining refunds for faulty or unsatisfactory products. Lengthy processing times for refunds have caused further inconvenience and dissatisfaction.

Lack of Communication

In some instances, customers have faced challenges in communicating with the company’s customer support team regarding refund requests. Delayed responses and unaddressed refund inquiries have added to customer frustration.

International Delivery Issues

Hefty Fees without Tracking

International delivery has not been exempt from issues either, as customers have been charged hefty fees without receiving tracking numbers. The lack of transparency in international shipping costs and the absence of a tracking number have caused uncertainty and inconvenience for customers, especially those overseas.

Delivery Company Problems

Customers have reported issues with the delivery company used by for international shipments. Lost packages, damaged goods, and poor communication from the delivery company have resulted in negative experiences for customers, who have had to endure the inconvenience of delayed or missing orders.

Product Range and Sizing Advice

Positive Aspects

Despite some positive feedback regarding sizing advice and product range, ongoing problems such as lost packages and unaddressed refund requests persist. Customers have appreciated the availability of various products for their sporting needs and the helpful sizing advice provided by the company’s representatives.

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Is Legit or a Scam?

In evaluating the legitimacy of an online store, it is crucial to consider customer feedback and reviews. While has received both positive and negative reviews, the recurring complaints about delivery problems, customer service issues, and refund challenges raise concerns about its legitimacy.

Customers have reported significant problems with the delivery service, including damaged packages and unresponsive delivery companies. The lack of transparency in shipping costs and tracking for international orders also raises doubts about the company’s reliability.

Furthermore, unsatisfactory customer service experiences, delays in the refund process, and difficulty in obtaining proper compensation for faulty products have led to a decrease in customer trust and satisfaction.


In conclusion, has received mixed reviews from customers, with many expressing dissatisfaction with their delivery service and customer support. Issues such as mishandled packages, delayed deliveries, unresponsive customer service, and problematic refund processes have impacted customer satisfaction and trust in the company.

Moreover, problems with product accuracy, faulty items, and international delivery challenges have further raised concerns about’s legitimacy and reliability as an online sports retailer.

While there have been some improvements in service and efforts to address transparency and customer feedback, the company still has work to do to regain customer trust and ensure a smoother and more satisfactory shopping experience for all customers.

As a customer, it is essential to exercise caution when dealing with any online retailer and thoroughly research reviews and feedback before making a purchase. Being aware of potential issues can help you make informed decisions and avoid falling victim to scams or unsatisfactory experiences. Remember to prioritize online security, use secure payment methods, and report any suspicious activities to relevant authorities.


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