Is Spirit Airlines Safe Or not? Reviews and complaints


Is Spirit Airlines Safe & Secure In 2023?

Spirit Airlines, headquartered in Miramar, Florida, has come a long way since its inaugural flight between Orlando and Fort Lauderdale in Florida. Today, it stands as North America’s eighth-largest passenger airline, serving various destinations in the US, the Caribbean, and Latin America. But when it comes to safety, can you trust Spirit Airlines for your journey in 2023? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into Spirit Airlines’ safety record, its fleet, FAA approval, affordability, and the reasons behind its mixed reputation.

Spirit Airlines Safety Record

When you plan a trip, safety is undoubtedly a top priority. Fortunately, Spirit Airlines has an impressive safety record. Over the past decade, there have been no fatal accidents involving this airline. This statistic alone speaks volumes about the airline’s commitment to passenger safety.

In January 2022, Spirit Airlines achieved a significant milestone by successfully meeting the FAA’s new certification standards. This achievement further solidifies its dedication to maintaining safety in the skies.

Fleet Age: A Key Safety Benefit

One of the unsung heroes of Spirit Airlines’ safety is the age of its aircraft fleet. The average age of Spirit’s aircraft hovers around six to seven years. This relatively young fleet means that you’ll be flying on modern, well-maintained planes, reducing the risk associated with older aircraft.

Spirit Airlines Aircraft

To understand an airline’s safety, it’s essential to know the types of aircraft in its fleet. Spirit Airlines exclusively operates Airbus models starting in 2022. Here are the key Airbus models you might find on your Spirit flight:

Airbus A319-100

This aircraft boasts 145 seats, with 135 in economy class and 10 in business class. Spirit Airlines currently has 31 of these planes in service.

Airbus A320-200

Spirit Airlines operates 64 Airbus A320-200 planes, offering eight business class seats and 174 economy seats, totaling 182 passengers on each aircraft.

Airbus A320neo

With 56 of these aircraft in its fleet, Spirit Airlines’ A320neo models provide 174 economy seats and eight business class seats, accommodating a total of 182 passengers. Notably, Spirit has an additional 81 of these aircraft on order.

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Airbus A321-200

Spirit Airlines rounds out its fleet with 30 Airbus A321-200 planes. These aircraft feature 220 economy seats and eight business class seats, with a total capacity of 228 passengers.

FAA Approval: The Gold Standard

In the United States, any commercial air carrier must obtain FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) approval to operate. Regardless of an airline’s size or business model, all must meet the same stringent certification standards. Spirit Airlines proudly holds FAA approval, affirming its commitment to safety.

It’s worth noting that the FAA also offers an additional certification called the IATA Operational Safety Audit Certification (IOSA). While some airlines opt for this added layer of certification, Spirit Airlines has chosen not to pursue IOSA certification due to its significant cost. This decision isn’t unique; other budget airlines like Peach Aviation and Ryanair have made similar choices.

Affordability: The Spirit Way

One question that often arises about Spirit Airlines is, “How can they offer such low fares and maintain safety?” The answer lies in cost management. Spirit Airlines trims down costs in various ways:

  • Limited complimentary services: Unlike some other airlines, Spirit charges for amenities like in-flight meals and beverages, contributing to lower ticket prices.
  • Ancillary fees: Spirit generates revenue through fees for services like carry-on and checked bags, in-person check-ins, and other add-ons that other carriers may offer for free.
  • Fleet uniformity: Spirit Airlines operates a single model of aircraft in its fleet, reducing training and certification costs for aircrews and streamlining maintenance.

Has Spirit Airlines Had Many Crashes?

A crucial aspect of assessing an airline’s safety is its crash history. As of the time of writing, Spirit Airlines has never experienced a fatal crash or aircraft disaster in its more than 30 years of operation. This remarkable safety record is a testament to the airline’s commitment to passenger safety.

However, it’s essential to note that Spirit Airlines, like any other carrier, has faced non-fatal incidents and emergency landings due to various factors. These can include equipment failures, bird strikes, unidentified odors or smoke on board, or severe weather turbulence.

Do I Need to Be Afraid to Fly Spirit?

Based on its strong safety record, FAA approval, and operational history, there’s no need to fear flying with Spirit Airlines. This airline has consistently ranked among the safest carriers globally, and millions of passengers trust it each year. In 2019 alone, Spirit Airlines carried more than 33 million passengers and flew over 27 billion miles without any crashes.

The Mixed Reputation

While Spirit Airlines excels in safety, it’s also known for having a polarizing reputation among travelers. Many factors contribute to this mixed sentiment:

Positive Reviews for Spirit Airlines

  • Low cost is good: Travelers seeking affordable fares appreciate Spirit Airlines’ competitive pricing, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious flyers.
  • Customer service is exceptional: Some passengers commend Spirit Airlines’ ground staff and flight crews for going the extra mile to ensure a positive experience.
  • Effective and practical: Passengers often highlight the airline’s efficient operation and straightforward ticketing, appealing to those who don’t need many frills.
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Negative Reviews of Spirit Airlines

  • The Fee Schedule: Many travelers accustomed to traditional airlines’ services find Spirit’s fee structure surprising and sometimes frustrating.
  • Communications: Complaints occasionally arise regarding the airline’s communication, particularly when dealing with flight changes or delays.
  • Respect and Courtesy: Some passengers report a lack of friendliness or professionalism among Spirit Airlines staff, from ticket agents to flight attendants.

Is Spirit Airlines Sketchy?

Whether you consider Spirit Airlines sketchy depends on your perspective. In terms of operational safety and adherence to industry standards, Spirit Airlines is far from sketchy. It has a robust track record for safety.

However, the sketchiness factor often comes from travelers who may not fully understand the airline’s business model. Spirit Airlines markets itself as a no-frills, ultra-low-cost carrier, offering the basics at a competitive price. Those who expect the same amenities as traditional airlines may find Spirit’s approach puzzling or unsatisfying.

Challenges Facing Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines does face some challenges, and these challenges often manifest in passenger complaints. According to the Department of Transportation, Spirit Airlines receives the most complaints, with issues related to refunds, baggage, reservations, and ticketing topping the list. Some of these issues are due to the airline’s unique reservation and booking process, which can have technical difficulties.

The airline also grapples with a perception problem, with some passengers viewing it as unreliable or unsafe due to poor marketing and customer outreach.

Flying with Spirit Airlines: Is It Safe in 2023?

To summarize, Spirit Airlines is indeed a safe airline for your travel needs in 2023. It maintains high safety standards, adheres to FAA regulations, and boasts a fleet of relatively young aircraft. However, it’s crucial to understand its business model, including fees for services that other airlines offer for free.

Your experience with Spirit Airlines will largely depend on your priorities. If affordability is paramount and you don’t mind a no-frills experience, Spirit can provide excellent value. But if you expect a more traditional flying experience, you might find it less appealing.

Before booking with Spirit Airlines, consider your preferences and priorities. With the right expectations, Spirit can be an excellent choice for cost-conscious travelers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spirit an unsafe airline?

No, Spirit Airlines is not an unsafe airline. It boasts a strong safety record, with no fatal accidents in the past decade. It consistently ranks as one of the safest low-cost airlines globally.

Is Spirit a sketchy airline?

Spirit Airlines is not a sketchy airline in terms of operational safety. However, some passengers may find its business model, which focuses on ultra-low fares and charges for extras, to be unconventional compared to traditional airlines.

What problems does Spirit Airlines have?

Spirit Airlines faces challenges related to customer complaints, with issues like refunds, baggage, reservations, and ticketing being common sources of frustration. Additionally, it deals with a perception problem due to its unique business model.

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Why is Spirit Airlines so cheap?

Spirit Airlines offers affordable fares by minimizing costs across various aspects of its operations. It charges for many services that other airlines provide for free, which helps keep base ticket prices low. Its fleet uniformity and operational efficiency also contribute to cost savings.

I’ve heard that Spirit Airlines is famous for its fees. Is this true?

Yes, it’s true that Spirit Airlines charges fees for services that other airlines may offer for free. This fee structure is a fundamental part of its business model, allowing it to keep base ticket prices competitive.

Is it safe to fly on Spirit Airlines?

Yes, it is safe to fly on Spirit Airlines. The airline has a strong safety record and complies with FAA regulations. While there may be occasional delays or issues, Spirit Airlines makes efforts to minimize disruptions to passenger travel.


Spirit Airlines, as of 2023, is a safe and secure choice for travelers. It maintains a stellar safety record, adheres to FAA standards, and boasts a modern fleet of aircraft. However, it’s important to understand its no-frills, cost-conscious business model, including fees for various services.

Your experience with Spirit Airlines will largely depend on your priorities. If you value affordability and don’t mind a straightforward flying experience, it can be an excellent option. However, if you expect a more traditional airline experience with complimentary services, you may find Spirit’s approach less appealing.

Before booking with Spirit Airlines, consider your preferences and what you’re looking for in a flight experience. With the right expectations, Spirit can offer excellent value for your travels in 2023.


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