is snuppee legit or scam? reviews and complaints 2024


What is Snuppee?

Snuppee is an e-commerce site based in Malaysia that allows users to shop for a wide range of products at discounts. The site claims to offer flash deals and snap-up promotions on items from tech gadgets to home appliances.

Some key facts about Snuppee:

  • Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Carries over 10,000 products across dozens of categories
  • New deals are added daily with limited stock availability
  • Customers can purchase directly on the site or via the Snuppee mobile app
  • Payment methods accepted include credit/debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers

While Snuppee promises big discounts, some customer reviews have raised doubts about the legitimacy of the site. In this in-depth review, we analyze Snuppee from multiple angles to help you assess if it’s reliable 🧐

Snuppee Reviews – What Do Customers Say?

Let’s take a look at what actual customers are saying about their experiences with Snuppee in online reviews and discussion forums:

Trustpilot Ratings

On Trustpilot, Snuppee has a very poor 1.1/5 star rating based on over 300 reviews. Many complain about orders not being fulfilled or delivered as promised:

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Customers fault Snuppee for slow or no responses to issues, difficulty getting refunds, and deceptive promotional techniques. Communication and customer service seem to be major pain points.

Reddit Discussions

On Malaysian subreddit threads about Snuppee, a recurring theme is orders being canceled without notice or reasons given. Customers share frustrations with the inability to reach anyone by phone or email for help.

Others claim Snuppee changed payment and shipping terms after placing orders. The general consensus is cautious buyers should use a credit card to protect themselves.

Facebook & Twitter

Social media is also full of unhappy Snuppee customers. Many complain that after paying, items shown as “out of stock” and orders were canceled without refunds. Requests for help frequently go unanswered by Snuppee.

Overall, the vast majority of user reviews paint Snuppee in a very negative light regarding order fulfillment, customer service quality, and communication transparency. Trust seems to be the biggest issue.

Snuppee Scam Accusations

Given the overwhelming negative customer feedback, it’s understandable why some consider Snuppee a scam site. Let’s examine the common scam accusations:

Bait and Switch Tactics

Critics argue Snuppee lures customers with hefty discounts on trending products that are never really in stock or fulfillable. This allows them to collect payments without delivering goods.

False Promotions and Advertising

Complaints that Snuppee promotes “deals” that are either not available or the discounted prices are misleading. Terms and conditions also change unexpectedly after orders.

No Real Inventory

An argument is Snuppee has no inventory to fulfill orders from and is simply collecting payments without intent to ship products as promoted.

Poor Refund Policies

Buyers struggle to get refunds for orders that were canceled or items never received as promised. Refund requests are often ignored or denied.

Absence of Contact Details

Until recently, Snuppee provided minimal contact details like physical address and phone number, fueling illegitimacy claims.

While scam accusations can’t be definitively proven, the pervasiveness and consistency of negative feedback raise legitimate doubts about Snuppee’s credibility and trustworthiness. Proceed with extreme caution if purchasing from Snuppee.

Is Snuppee Legit or Not?

To get a clearer picture of Snuppee’s legitimacy, let’s examine additional factors beyond just customer reviews:

Company Registration

Snuppee is registered in Malaysia as Snuppee Sdn Bhd with address and company details verifiable online, establishing it as a legally registered business entity.

Payment Processors

Big payment platforms and processors like PayPal and credit cards are accepted payment options on Snuppee, giving customers some protection if orders go wrong.

Social Media Presence

Snuppee maintains active Facebook and Instagram pages, and recently launched a mobile app, showing attempts at establishing a real online presence beyond just the website.

Product Photos

High resolution photos of items for sale look professionally shot and match descriptions, appearing like real products versus stock images used by outright scammers.

Marketing Efforts

Snuppee invests heavily in Facebook promotions, YouTuber sponsorships, and vendor partnerships to drive traffic, consistent with a company trying to legitimately grow sales volume.

So in conclusion, while very questionable based on reviews, Snuppee does demonstrate attributes of operating as a real business versus an outright fraudulent scheme. Whether it can uphold standards expected by customers remains to be seen. Proceed carefully until trust is rebuilt through improved performance.

Snuppee Alternatives For Malaysians

If still hesitant to shop with Snuppee due to trust concerns, here are some alternative Malaysian e-commerce sites worth considering:

Lazada Malaysia

As Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce platform, Lazada offers vast selection, multiple payment options, good customer support, and strong seller ratings. Widely considered Malaysia’s most reliable online mall.

Shopee Malaysia

Shopee is another major player with huge assortment, buyer protection programs, frequent promos/vouchers, and overall positive reviews. Safest if sticking to Top Sellers.

Zalora Malaysia

Specialized fashion/beauty retailer with authentic branded items, easy returns, various payment gateways, and responsive 24/7 live chat assistance.

11street Malaysia

A trustworthy local competitor focused on electronics, home/kitchen appliances, and computers/accessories with many major brand-authorized retailers. Buyer guarantee and 3-day returns.

Hermo Malaysia

Great niche site for men’s apparel and footwear carrying globally recognized labels via authorized distributors. Same/next day delivery and free returns.

EGG Malaysia

Reliable electronics supermarket with offline stores providing backup service and warranty support. Competitive prices, COD option, fast dispatch/shipping times.

Sticking to well-established platforms is recommended for safer, hassle-free online shopping in Malaysia until Snuppee improves reliability through better customer satisfaction.

Final Thoughts on Snuppee Reviews

In summary, while Snuppee appears to operate as a registered company with real online presence, overwhelmingly negative experiences reported by hundreds of customers raise serious doubts about order fulfillment reliability and trustworthiness.

Issues around lack of inventory, ineffective communication, poor after-sales support and difficulty getting refunds dominate Snuppee reviews. The combination of inconsistent customer treatment and inability to verify stock levels breed suspicion of being a scam site.

However, it’s worth noting some positive reviews also exist, and as a relatively new player, Snuppee may still be learning customer service best practices. Major improvements are clearly needed before regaining public confidence.

For Malaysian shoppers wanting to avoid potential risks and frustrations, more established local and regional e-commerce giants with proven track records are safer alternatives for the time being. Approaching Snuppee with extreme caution and buyer protection is advisable if still curious to try.

In the end, only time, greater transparency and significantly improved performance will tell if Snuppee can restore credibility and trust as a legitimate Malaysian online shopping destination. But based on present reviews, buyer beware. Let me know if any part of this analysis requires further clarity!

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