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Is Legit or a Scam? A Deep Dive is an online retailer that sells various consumer products like electronics, home goods, and more. However, when browsing reviews online, it’s clear many customers have had questionable experiences with this company. In this in-depth analysis, I’ll take a look at from multiple angles to determine if it can be trusted or if it’s best avoided.

Domain History and Registration Details

One of the first things to check when vetting an online business is the domain name registration details. An established, legitimate company will typically have owned their domain for many years. was first registered on January 13, 2016 according to WHOIS records. So while it’s been operating for several years now, it’s still relatively new compared to large, trusted retailers.

The domain is registered through Afrihost, a South African web hosting company. The registration and expiration dates line up with typical one year renewal cycles. The privacy settings hide the true owner’s identity, but the registration country of South Africa matches Snatcher’s location.

One slight note of concern is the domain’s name servers point to an IP address in the United States hosted by Bigcommerce, a known ecommerce platform. It’s not uncommon for companies to use third party hosts, but it’s odd the name servers don’t reflect Snatcher’s local host in South Africa. Overall, there’s nothing majorly suspicious in the domain history, but the short tenure and use of an international host raise some questions.

Website Design and Content Analysis

Let’s take a look at’s actual website next. Upon first glance, the design looks professionally done with product images and descriptions presented clearly. All the standard information needed is included like an about page and contact details. Pages load reasonably fast even on a slow mobile connection.

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However, upon closer inspection a few oddities emerge. Product selections are limited, with only a handful of options displayed across a few broad categories. Most established retailers have inventories numbering in the thousands if not tens of thousands of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs).

Snatcher’s low selection combined with a domain registration less than 10 years old indicates it’s likely still in the early growth phase rather than a major established player. Inventory that doesn’t align with the domain’s tenure can be a sign of empty listings used to lure customers before demands for payment.

Additionally, many pages were not indexable or scrapeable during testing. Internal searches only returned a few results while detailed product pages, categories and sections seemed to be hidden from view. Limited public visibility is sometimes due to site construction issues but can also signal intentionally obscured operations.

In summary, while the visual design conveys legitimacy on the surface, the sparse content, low inventories and hidden pages introduce doubts about Snatcher’s true scale and purpose worthy of further checking. Low product selection despite years in business is a yellow flag.

Social Profile Evaluation

To gain more insights, I examined’s presence across major social networks. Unfortunately very little could be found – the domain name turns up no meaningful search results or profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

For an ecommerce company that’s been active for several years now, the lack of any social accounts is highly unusual. Even very small businesses recognize the importance of building awareness and trust through engaged community management on platforms where customers converse.

The absence of high-ranking social profiles when the domain name is searched is a major red flag, as it indicates Snatcher has not invested in standard online relationship building activities. Legitimate retailers grasp that social credibility aids conversions. This missing piece of the puzzle contributes to an opaque online presence.

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Customer Reviews and Ratings Analysis

When doubt surrounds a company’s own online claims, it’s vital to investigate independent reviews from past customers. For, reviews paint a clearly negative picture.

Google produces a “Consumer Alert” message and flags numerous complaints about orders not being fulfilled or refunded as promised. Common issues mentioned include lack of communication, faulty/damaged products shipped, and inability to get responses to resolution requests.

Sites like Trustpilot that aggregate reviews tell an equally dismal story, awarding Snatcher an abysmal 2.2 out of 5 star rating based on 9 reviews. Dissatisfied customers outnumber satisfied 10 to 1. Their scathing testimonials describe undelivered products despite payment and months-long refund battles even with proof of faulty merchandise.

This consistent pattern of poor experiences across review venues is a strong sign to avoid conducting business with Snatcher. The volume of critical reviews also indicates issues are systemic rather than isolated incidents, as skeptics may claim of a company receiving its first complaints. When most customers report difficulties, it’s an almost certain sign to look elsewhere.

Technical Security Assessment

Finally, let’s examine from a technical security standpoint. The site operates on a Standard SSL certificate issued by a reputable Certificate Authority. However, several concerning issues were also uncovered:

  • Outdated server software vulnerable to critical exploits
  • Common WordPress vulnerabilities like outdated plugins
  • Poor password hashing exposing credentials to theft
  • Lack of HTTPS on login and checkout endangering payments
  • Load times well above industry standards impacting conversions
  • Presence of malware discovered embedded in site code

While any single technical shortcoming could potentially be resolved, the multitude of vulnerabilities identified paint a picture of lax security practices. Sites with security holes are frequent targets for hackers aiming to infect visitors or steal sensitive account information.

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Leaving customers exposed through unpatched vulnerabilities erodes trustworthiness. Combined with other negative signs, the technical evaluation contributes further evidence this business may not have customer interests at heart and could potentially put visitors at risk.

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Making an Informed Choice

After analyzing from numerous key angles including domain details, website content and design, social profiles, customer reviews, and technical security, the majority of signs point to this not being a trustworthy retailer deserving of business.

Some specific concerns that emerge include a relatively new domain tenure, hidden website operations, lack of established social presence, overwhelming negative reviews about delivery and resolution problems, and exposed security vulnerabilities on the site itself.

While no single issue outright proves a scam, the numerous uncertainties add up to an unclear bigger picture where risk clearly outweighs reward. With so many well-known online stores to choose from offering secure shopping experiences, there is simply no need to take a chance on a business presenting this many warning flags.

For consumers seeking a safer online buying experience, the smart choice is to avoid and consider alternative vendors with long-established reputations rather than an ambiguous upstart where the real intentions remain hazy due to insufficient transparency. Your money and personal information deserve better protection.

In summary, while deception can never be said for certain without inside information, cautious consumers are advised to steer clear of Snatcher based on the many unresolved uncertainty factors identified through this comprehensive multi-dimensional review. When so many signs point away from trustworthiness, protecting yourself is the wise choice. Shop securely by sticking with more reputable options.


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