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Is Legit or a Scam? An In-Depth Investigation seems like it has great deals on outdoor gear and cycling equipment, but is it actually a scam? In this detailed investigation, I’ll break down all the signs that point to being fraudulent so you can avoid getting ripped off.

Background and Domain History

Let’s start by taking a look at some background information on the domain. A domain’s registration and hosting history can often reveal red flags about a site’s legitimacy. was registered on January 15th, 2022 which is a huge red flag on its own. Legitimate stores don’t just pop up overnight – it takes time to build inventory, organize a website, establish company information, etc. The fact that this domain was registered so recently shows it was likely setup specifically for a scam.

When you look up the WHOIS information, you’ll also see that the registrant’s contact details were purposely obscured using a privacy protection service. Scammers do this so their true identity remains anonymous and they can’t be tracked down.

Finally, checking the IP address reveals is hosted on a cloud hosting provider known for hosting numerous scam and phishing sites. Legitimate online retailers would use reputable hosting without these types of connections to fraudulent activity.

All of these domain details point to being operated by scammers looking to quickly setup shop, take money, and disappear without a trace. Professional, trustworthy online stores don’t fly under the radar like this. 🚩

Website Design and Content

Now let’s examine the actual website. As the old saying goes – if something looks too good to be true, it probably is!

The site design is very basic HTML/CSS with placeholder images and stock photos slapped together. There’s no branding, company info, real customer testimonials or reviews displayed anywhere. Legitimate online retailers spend time and money developing polished, professional websites. 😕

They also claim to have over 30 years of experience in the cycling industry – yet their “About Us” page is completely empty with no details to back up this claim. Real companies proudly share their history and leadership team.

Scrolling through their products, everything seemed heavily discounted between 50-90% off MSRP. While deals happen, discounts this big across all items is simply unrealistic for a profitable business. It’s a classic red flag used by scammers to lure customers in with the promise of huge savings. 🧐

Finally, upon closer look the product images were clearly just stock photos taken from manufacturer websites – not actual inventory shots. Reputable retailers photograph the items in their own warehouse. 📸

All of these website issues reveal this was a slapdash job by scammers – not a real online bike shop. No time or effort was put into building legitimacy. They just caring about pulling people in to steal money. 🚩🚩

Contact and Payment Info

Contact details and accepted payment methods are another area that exposes as fraudulent.

Despite claiming to be an established company, there is zero visible contact info listed anywhere on their site. No phone number, address, customer support email or live chat option provided. 📞

This is a tactic commonly used by scammers because they have no intention of actually assisting customers. Real retailers want buyers to reach out if issues arise.

They also only accept direct bank transfers as a payment method. Now bank transfers are becoming more commonly used for online purchases these days, but it’s very suspicious when it’s the sole payment option, especially for a “new” company. 🏦

Bank transfers provide no buyer protection like credit cards do, allowing scammers to easily grab the money and disappear without a trace. No legitimate major online bicycle store restricts payments this way.

Social Profiles and Reviews

Another important indicator is how much legitimate online presence and reviews a company has built across social media platforms.

And for They have zero social profiles or customer reviews found anywhere online. Not on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Trustpilot or even scam tracking databases. 🤐

This is yet another major red flag. Established e-commerce companies actively promote across websites to build trust and market to potential buyers. Positive reviews also reassure customers the business can be trusted.

The fact has left no trace on the public internet except for their scam-filled website confirms there is no real company behind it. Just scammers looking to disappear after ripping people off. 🙅‍♂️


After this thorough investigation into and all the signs pointing to being illegitimate, I hope it’s clear this is a fraudulent website that should be avoided at all costs.

In summary:
– Recently registered domain with privacy protection
– Hosted on a provider known for scams
– Basic, unprofessional website design
– No company details or leadership provided
– Over exaggerated discounts on all items
– Stock photos posing as inventory
– Zero contact details listed
– Restricted to untraceable payment method
– No online presence or customer reviews

All of these red flags combined reveal has no real inventory or intention of fulfilling orders. The sole purpose was to steal people’s money before shutting down.

Don’tbecomeoneoftheir victims! Alwaysresearchwebsites thoroughly beforemakinganypurchases. Sticktowell-known,trustworthyretailersthathaveexcellentreputationsandreviews. Your 💰 and personal information will be much safer that way.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed

Since website scams are so common, it’s important to know the signs of a fraudulent online store and how to protect yourself. Here are some tips:

Check Domain History and WHOIS Records

Newly registered domains with hidden ownership are sketchy. Look up details to check for red flags.

Verify Contact Info and Physical Address

Real businesses will openly display phone numbers, emails, locations on their website and in Google Maps.

Research The Company Name

Legit brands should have a web presence beyond just their site – like social profiles, reviews, articles written about them.

Carefully Examine Products and Pricing

Take a close look at item descriptions, photos. Huge perpetual discounts are unlikely to be real.

Only Pay With Traceable Methods

Avoid bank transfers which provide no protection. Credit cards offer chargeback rights if issues arise.

Compare to Reputable Retailers

See how a site’s offerings and policies compare to major established competitors in the same industry.

Check For Spelling/Grammar Errors

Sloppy or unprofessional language use could indicate a scam site rushed together. Pay attention to detail.

Follow Your Instincts

If something seems off or too good to be true during the buying process, it usually is. Don’t ignore your intuition.

Being an informed consumer is the best defense against website scams. Stick to reputable brands, research thoroughly, and know the signs of fraud to shop safely online.

Real Alternatives to Shimano-Outlet.Shop

Now that we’ve uncovered as a scam, where can cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts actually find good gear at fair prices? Here are some top legitimate retailer options to consider instead:


Huge selection of bikes, apparel, parts and accessories. Excellent customer service and generous return policy.

Competitive Cyclist

Top-notch specialty cycling shop known for great pricing, expert advice and fast shipping.


Massive outdoor store with membership discounts. Many locations offer gear demos, rental gear and workshops too.

Jenson USA

Family-owned bike specialist since 1979. Competitive prices on Shimano,SRAM,Fox and more.

Chain Reaction Cycles

International brand with low prices ships worldwide. Always running large promotions too.


Solid budget option for casual riders. Affordable house brand equipment available.

These reputable online stores have been serving customers for decades with reliable fulfillment, support and safe payment processing. You can buy with confidence from any of these retailers versus unknown scam sites.

Always remember to be diligent in verifying website legitimacy before handing over payment or personal info. Employing research best practices will help keep you and your wallet protected from fraudulent operations online. Happy and safe shopping!

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